US Indentured Slavery

More of God’s Work?
Goldman Sachs robs widows and orphans

How Goldman Sachs Screwed Ghana
Former Goldman Sachs clients are coming out of the woodwork with complaints that the notorious bank bet against them too. Including the country of Ghana — or rather its former largest company, Ashanti Gold (via Credit Writedowns) ghanaweb


Looting Main Street
Matt Taibbi
How the nation’s biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece.


Whistleblower Exposes JP Morgan’s Silver Manipulation Scheme
On March 23, 2010, GATA Director Adrian Douglas was contacted by a whistleblower by the name of Andrew Maguire. Maguire is a metals trader in London. He has been told first-hand by traders working for JPMorganChase that JPMorganChase manipulates the precious metals markets, and they have bragged to how they make money doing so. more…
summary of case

utter fraud



Financial Genocide – Max Keiser

Goldman Sachs- Indentured Slavery – Max Keiser
office space

G8 – Max Keiser


Goldman – The Great American Bubble Machine
Full Text
Matt Taibbi Interview PT1PT2PT3PT4

Goldman Sache 666

Goldman – How Goldman Sachs Took Over The World


Goldman – Life Sucking Albatross

Goldman – REP Stearns – Bait and Switch! – No Credibility – Recuse!

Goldman  – The Joy of Sachs

Goldman –  On Huffpo

Goldman Sachs Are Scum!

Goldman Sachs Are Crooks pt 2

Goldman – Executives Sold $700M Stock- Most During Bailout

Goldman – Barack Obama’s Largest Contributor In The 2008 Election Was Goldman Sachs Receiving $994,795.00

Goldman – Follow The Money

Goldman – A Doctors Named Goldman Who Squeezes Your Sach?

Goldman – Geithner Grilled On Sachs

Goldman – Too Big To Fail

Goldman – Socialism For Banks

Goldman – Goldman Larceny

Goldman –  Government, Media and Corporate Influence

Goldman – A.I.G. Chief Owns Significant Stake in Goldman

Goldman – CBS: Goldman’s Influence

Goldman – Hires Law Firm To Shut Blogger’s Site

Goldman – CEO Lloyd Blankfein Addresses House Financial Services Committee watch for the Bloomberg bio

Marcus Goldman
Samuel Sachs
Goldman Sachs Group
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Morgan Stanley aka Salomon Brothers aka Saloman Smith Barneyaka Traveler aka Citi

BOA Merrill Lynch aka Credit Suisse aka Union Bank of Switzerland aka First Boston

Besides Manipulating And Skimming The Stock Market With Computer Codes Goldman Sachs Took The US Tax Payer TARP Money And Gave Us All Their Worthless Junk and hen awarded themselves $14Billion in Bonuses.

As The British Were To Us Before 4 July 1776 So Is Goldman Sachs Now.

Goldman THEFT! Are They Rigging The System?

REP CummingsGoldman Awarded AIG Bailout Money, Why?

Ex-Worker Said To Steal Goldman Code

Ex-Goldman Programmer Described Code Downloads to FBI

Goldman Employee Out On $750,000 Bail

Web Manager Won’t Say If Others Saw Goldman Code

In-Depth Look – Stealing Secrets from Goldman Sachs – Bloomberg
– “What is Goldman Sachs doing with this trading code that could manipulate the markets?”

– “And Goldman got on the phone to the Justice Department and got them so fast to nail this guy, it’s almost – you wonder if they have a red line to the government.”

– “It is amazing within one day of Goldman calling they had FBI agents at his driveway doing surveillance. The next day they arrested him…”

– “It’s interesting that the prosecutor from the testimony that I’ve read, it almost sounds as if he’s working at Goldman Sachs.”

“The bank has raised the possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate markets in unfair ways.”

Goldman Sachs Loses Grip On Its Doomsday Machine

Law Suit
Time For A $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit
How Goldman Sachs Does It

Dick Durbin: Banks “Frankly They Own The Place”


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