Sick and Tired in America

Unemployment Union

Tired of the banks ripping you off bulldoze your home.


note text

Wall Street Banks and Lobbyists in collusion with our Federal Officials are destroying the nation.

Pushed to the brink people are coming up with creative, albeit some dangerous ways, to strike back.

There’s no reason that the richest most modern and prosperous country in the world should be supporting the wealthy elite and leave average Americans homeless, jobless, health careless along with a larger than 50% drop out rate in urban areas, thus turning the clocks back to an uneducated populace.

Greed is the only thing driving these Wall Street elitist who say they are doing God’s work. Power over the masses through indentured-servitude seems to be their goal.

Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle

Some have stood up and said, Enough!

The Debtors Revolt

The Murder Of Democracy

End The Fed

Freedom is Participation in Power

Engineering Poverty

Utter Fraud

US Indentured Slavery

Public Citizen
Sick and Tired… in Oz

how it works

casino capitalism


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2 responses to “Sick and Tired in America

  1. Makes no sense. He should have bulldozed the bank.

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