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President Trump Passes Universal Health Care, Usurps Democrats!

President Trump Passes Universal Health Care, Usurps Democrats and Destroys Neocon Never Trumpsters.


How Will He Do It?
Well, he could just pass U-Care with a 15% VAT, control medical prices and procedures, and cap profits.*


He could roll this out and call it a bi-partisan deal.

On Medicaid: Raise limit to $23k, full coverage with profit caps that are fair, these will be tax deductible for hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors and nurses. Add small co-pays from $24k up to $28k.

From $29k open up the free market across state lines.

On Medicare: For a recipient with no other insurance, lower the age to 55 based on income; same formula as above on income levels until age 65 and making under $250k. Yes, if you earn more than $250k a year in retirement you had and are still having a very nice, safe and free life in this country, you can give a little back in co-pays.


If President Trump can get close to this he’ll win the 2020 election in a landslide and perhaps be even more loved than Reagan, Kennedy and FDR.


Note: This plan for US Universal Health Care Would Be For American Citizens Only. You will need notarized documents as proof in order to be eligible. Also, States along with a Federal Government Oversight Board can negotiate prices and procedural costs with hospitals and doctors, using a simple one page form.


Further: For non US citizens cash up front or a payment plan can be arranged, this may include Administrative fees.

If payment is not made within 90 days the country of origin will be billed the full price of the medical care with fees. If destitute, private charities can step in or pro-bono work can be provided from a medical institution or college.

For those who are US Citizens, but have lost all records, a grant to replace official documents will be provided if proven indigent.

In the rare case that someone who was born in the US without any documentation, and is under the age of 65, those persons will have to go before a board of governors, provide proof of past employment, care or marriage, along with testimony and witnesses, otherwise they will need to buy private insurance or seek help from a charity clinic. Unfortunately, something like this could take a great deal of time in the very beginning. Anyone caught lying or falsifying documents will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and denied U-Care.  Any falsification by foreigners will mean confiscation of all property and possessions and instant deportation. Any falsification of income made by US citizens will mean a 5 year denial of U-Care, including Medicare. You will have to rely on Private Insurance or Charity Clinics for those 5 years.

It’s a start, eh?


Eventually those who do come to the US on a Green Card will be covered providing the systems can afford any additional stress.

Further: If Trump’s proposal for a solar wall generates a surplus of energy those funds should be diverted to provide solar energy conversion for the rest of the nation. Once that has been accomplished and the excess energy is sold outside of the US that wealth can then be transferred to the health care system in order to fund more medical R&D, which can then be shared with the world for a small fee.

Another source to look at is US foreign AID, 2/3 of this money goes to Israel alone. The US needs to end all Foreign Aid outside emergency medical and food. It should also be required that American Companies in foreign lands pay at least a 10% profit fee to operate in those nations. These funds can be placed in escrow for any emergency need that arises. As a nation our reputation is important and US companies who have benefited greatly by developing in the US should work to maintain that good reputation.


If you have any questions,  better ideas or plans put your thoughts in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. In the mean time I will continue to add thoughts and ideas to this proposal so that all Americans have access to health care, clean energy, clean food and water, safe neighborhoods and clean housing.

If you find my ideas interesting please look at the model community I have also proposed, also feel free to support me on Patreon, be the first 😉

*FYI: Most medical innovations, R&D and the like are done on the tax payer dollar through universities, more and more innovations are now coming from foreign schools and their government funded programs, we need to be champions again in this field.




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What’s Killing Us

Steven Brill – on the Daily Show


sweetly admit you’ve known for decades



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February 23, 2013 · 12:48 am

Logic and Reason Free Zone

All that stands in the way of Universal Health Care in America are the greed of the medical- industrial complex, the lies of right wing propaganda machine, and the gullibility of the voters who believe those lies.

Let’s not let volume beat reason.

Czars in the US

Crazy for God –  The Village Idiots 6:15


Congrats Ron Paul

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Democrats Put On Notice

It’s feet to the fire time for Democrats.

Pass a Single Payer Public Option and you have the White House and Congress for at least the next three terms.

Pass nothing or bits and pieces to please the Insurance Industry and expect to lose in 2010 and 2012.

If the latter, a majority of the people who mobilized in 2008 will either stay home or work for a third party.

I went to the Obama House Parties before and after and to the resent Health Care Meetings, the people at these meetings, across all economic classes, want a Pubic Option.

They don’t want any more confusion and lies from the Private Health Industry or their Government.

They want it simple and they want it now.

There were some very vocal people at the last few meetings and a lot of head shaking in agreement from familiar faces who gave a lot of time to the 2008 campaign.

These were the pavement pounders, the people who mobilize others to come out and vote and gathered the volunteers. If the Democrats do not pass a pubic options these people will stay home next time.

They want this for themselves and their children and they are willing to send a message if they don’t get what they feel was promised.

So crunch the numbers away Democrats, you woke and registered a sleeping giant and you connected them not only by community, city and state, but nation wide, now these folks feel empowered and will hold you to your words.

The first weapon of choice will be to mobilize a boycott during your campaign.


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President Obama – The Elitist

White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan

“Mr. Obama has pushed hard for a vigorous public option. But he has also said he won’t draw a “line in the sand” over this point.”

LibertyEqualityorDeathSo, President Obama wants the Democrats to lose Congress in 2010.

Sir, you can’t just keep bailing out the wealthy socialist elite and expect the common folk to roll over, again and AGAIN!

Let me remind you Mr. President that a disproportionate number of African Americans lack any Health Care.

Have the whores on Wall Street turned your head so far and fast? What are you afraid of? Has she made threats? Is it blackmail? Tell us, we’ll call Justice.

We are at least 150 Million strong, 47 Million without any insurance, 96 Million under-insured, and 7 Million who believe it’s the night thing to do. Those are huge numbers, what’s the problem?

August 2007 MEMO – There are 18,000 deaths in the US alone due to lack of Health Care and those numbers are climbing – that’s SIX 9/11s – Sir, this is corporate terrorism.

Mr. President, are you willing to give up your Tax Payer Government Public Health Care Option for your entire family?

Sir, you and the Members in Congress have enough of you own funds and salaries not to burden the average citizen who is PAYING for you and your family’s care Before Their Own.

That is not only immoral it reeks of elitism.

Liberté – Egalité – Fraternity
No more La Mort

President Obama, Draw the line!

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The Health Care Cartel

Sen Sanders confirmed today that he will introduce a public option amendment during the health care bill reconciliation debate.

Bernie Sanders offers public option


The Grayson Medicare-For-All Bill
HR 4789 and the public option: the way forward

The GOP, Health Care and You


After 9/11 George W Bush took us to war in order to hunt down and kill the terrorists, holding extremists, who hoped to profit from death, accountable for 3000 victims.

By comparison each year more than 18,000 Americans die due to lack of Health Care. That is six 9/11s.

Insurance Companies are a FOR PROFIT Business, the CEO and Board are beholden only to their STOCK HOLDERS.

They make profits in great part by denying risk, their risks are human lives, American Citizens.

‘We are the only advance nation in the world that has chosen to leave health care at the mercy of a panoply of for profit businesses whose sole purpose it is to maximize income and not provide health.’ – Marcia Angel

By denying health care and life saving treatments their decisions condemn to death our fellow countrymen and women every day.

The Insurance Industry’s actions make it clear they hold no allegiance or loyalty to the United States nor any country, they wear no uniform.

Currently, they are lobbying hard in the Halls of Congress against Health Care coverage for 47 million uninsured Americans and to maintain a stronghold that denies over 100 million under-insured Americans life saving treatments.

We know that the Insurance Lobby has the Minority Republican Party in their pocket, but it is the Centrist Democrats who are now heavily courted by this Health Care Cartel. If successful their actions guarantee that more American Citizens will suffer and die through these intentional actions for profit.

What else can we call this industry, but terrorists.

Obama Open to Health-Care Compromise as Senators Balk
If this is true and he pulls a public option off the table the Democrats will lose their current majority in the House and Senate in 2010 and his election in 2012 will be more than tough.

Independent voters who pushed Obama over the top will stay home or vote third. There has never been nor will there be a better time than now to pass single payer.

If he takes this option on the table Obama will regret it like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

Obama will never been known as a great president if he doesn’t make sure that every American has health care coverage, he’ll be remembered only as the President after Bush who tried to clean a few things up.

I appreciate his level head and cool temper, but there comes a time when a leader has to stand up, be assertive and face some risks. Single Payer, a Public Option is an easy one, he has the moral high ground.

There are no excuses other than timidity.

Be aware that members of the Insurance Industry are sending out a survey covering all areas of your insurance needs, they are doing this to bolster their Public Relations. This is not for your benefit, but theirs.


Why We Need



Canada v. US


Real Canadians Talking Real Healthcare

Who’s really killing your grandparents?

Republican and Blue Dog Mange PT1



Single Payer Health Care

Health Care Now!

In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health

Single Payer Health Care Now

Universal Health Care

Health Care Reform Debate

Canadian Health Care: Fact vs. Fiction

The AMA Switch – Why Not?

Senate Bill S. 703

House Bill HR 676

House Bill HR 1200

Funny Or Die newne
Hollywood Speaks Out – Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Use It And Lose It

Kaptur On Health Care

Patient – Doctor – HMO

Lobbyists Battle Over Drug Sales

Dr. Dean

Not Everything Has to Make  a Profit

Obama’s Waterloo?

Give Away Little Get Much

How To Squash Health Care

Health Care Whistleblower

Democrats Hate Poor and Middle Class Americans

House Dems eye surtax on wealthy on health care

Dumping The Sick

Ex-insurance exec confesses health insurers dump sick people

What a Public Option Advocate Sounds Like

College Hospital to pay $1.6 million in skid row dumping case

Blue American Health – Commercial

Mary Landrieu Hates Sick People Loves Insurance Companies – Commercial

New Dem health plan has public option, lower cost

Stop the Filibuster

OP ED: Obama Needs a Shot of Reagan

War On Health Care

Stop the Single Payer Shut-out!

Obama’s A Bad Boyfriend

He’s Not Your Boyfriend!

Obama’s Doctor Knocks ObamaCare

Insurance Lobby

Health Care For Profit in the US

Daschle Has Ties To Private Health Care Industry While Urging Obama to Drop Public Health Care Plan

Senate Panel Hears of Health Insurers’ Wrongs

France Best, US Worst in Preventable Death Ranking

Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats

Sen. Landrieu Exposed – Death By Being Uninsured

Sen Nelsons Backroom Dealsbreaker


Lewis Black On Health Care

Congress Is More Equal

Congressional Health Care and Pension


Physicians for a National Health Program

The Citizens Alliance for National Health Insurance

November 5th

Single Payer Action

Obama Care


Single Payer Myths

Open Debate

Call Congress

CALL The White House 202.456.1414 or 202.456.2461

In 2003, Barack Obama Said He Was For Single Payer.

Q: What would it take to get single payer enacted?

A: “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program.” (applause) “I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that”s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that”s what I”d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”




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Single Payer Health Care

health care

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