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We Are At War – ALT M

altmI have an idea that could be useful to all those in the alt-media who wish to join forces and beat the onslaught of the corporate owned control freaks in the MSM.

To develop an alternative media clearinghouse that is based on Current News Topics submitted only by those in the alt-media who wish to support and participate in the clearinghouse.

The website for this outlet should be simple, text based.

Traffic will be topic driven. Members can choose what topics they believe are High Level, Medium Level and a Constant Level Alert in order to fulfill the desired effects of getting the information to the public while letting the public know that alt-media exists and is a vital part of the public’s discourse and welfare.

Members have complete creative control regarding how they approach each topic. The only part necessary to agree upon is the topic level, more about that in a bit.

It doesn’t matter how you approach a particular topic as long as it is titled and labeled either fact based or opinion driven.

All contributions submitted should be short, in summary form, with a link to a longer piece if needed or desired.

If a High Level Alert is perceived to last longer than the 24 hour news cycle it is hoped members will continue to push the current high level narrative even if it is just a reminder to your viewers or readers of your work or the work of others in order to be mindful of the current situation. Keeping the topic in the forefront of the public’s mind is paramount. As they says,  it’s all in the timing.

What Constitutes alt-media?
1. Nothing MSM.
2. A thoughtful and very informed individual/citizen.
3. A small news outlet or fact based citizen journalist with a constant presence on the net.
4. A dedication to diminishing the corporate owned MSM.

How It Works:
All members of the alt-media are welcomed to subscribe to the Alt-M.tba website and agree to do at least one story in concert within 12 hours under the topic of a high level alert

Three Levels of Alerts:
High, Medium and Constant.

Incorporating the memetics paradigm is highly encouraged.

High Level Alerts:
Are topics that appear to be catching on, like a festering wound, but are not based in fact, sourced or a questionable narrative that is receiving incalculable amounts of spin by MSM. Under a high level alert it is expected that all members will produce some sort of story/video combating that alert over a 12 hour period. All members must participate, even if that means you are already working on something and waiting for more information, still, let your viewers know the topic exists and that your report is coming soon. The alt-media topic is what matters most and that there are others outside the MSM working on the subject as well. “Be calm facts are coming.”

Examples of High Level Alert: SOPA, war, a whistle-blower coming forward, terror attack, weapon’s deals, government worker or agency lying – something that will either be confirmed with facts or works to counter or question the spin coming from the MSM. High Level can also be a bi-yearly or monthly concerted effort to inform the public that there are alt-media sites available to them at all times.

Medium Level Alert:
This would be something less urgent, but enough concern that people come together to produce topic based stories in concert. This level would be important information that could lead to further conflict or danger, it is a very watchful eye. If the perception is that all facts are not being released, or the MSM is leading up to a particular misguided narrative, this level would be akin to the town crier.

Medium Level topics are ongoing until they become High Level or they are resolved and archived.

Medium Level topics might be something you wish to pontificate upon over the course of a week, a month or years. It’s always in wait or at dead rest. It can open the door to more information from your readers or other alt-media members, perhaps even provide an outlet for whistle-blowers.

Constant Level Alert:
A piece produced by alt-media members at will, reminding the public how the MSM gets it wrong, or out right lies. This level provides an opportunity to report and shine a light on the spin and lies of the MSM and their over paid and elbow rubbing cohorts.

It is recommended that all members document their observations whenever possible using tags, dates, times and a document the particular medium. A good example would be, Chris Cuomo stating that it is only legal for the MSM to look at the DNC hacked e-mails produced by wikileaks. 10/16/16, 10AM, EST. CNN (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DcATG9Qy_A).

Everything else is up to the writer, and as a reminder you are always free to approach any topic in your own creative way and from your own personal perspective, as long as you state to the viewer or reader you are talking about facts (which you can back up) or this is your educated opinion.

Your suggestions for topics are also a good way to share and be inspired by others. Think about giving props to another alt-media news site or author if you are inspired to write or bring a particular topic to the attention of your subscribers.

Depending on the sophistication of the system to distribute this idea can become rather complicated – but I encourage the development of this system to be simple and easy to access.

4 Pages:
Front Page – Topics and Alert Level displayed.
Page 2 – List of News Outlet and archived updates.
Page 3 – List of Individuals Reporters and links to their site.
Page 4 – Member’s Page Access.

The front page, outlet and individual reporters pages will be open to the public and have a direct link to your site or channel.

The Member’s Page is only open to members. Here members are allowed to set topics and vote on the levels of any particular subject, it is also a place to commit to writing or recording with others alt-media members about different subjects, perhaps even a vbulletin forum.

There should also be an e-mail and text alert system once a topic becomes high level. It is further thought that any topic reaching a high level alert should be decided by at least 5 trusted members who agree unanimously to alert members through the texting and e-mailing system.

A kickstarter and donation buttons, perhaps even a Patron page can be established

We need this because we are at war and could lose so much if not all. The abuse and power of MSM and the growth of the Independent Alternative Media has changed the information landscape, from Andrew Breitbart to wikileaks and the hosts of other investigative alternative news web sites whose priority is exposing the truth, not spinning the story for parties, lobbyist, banks and corporations. Love him or hate him Andrew Breitbart was correct, we are at war with the MSM, we need to jump in and lasso the narrative quick, and we need to take hold and use the memetics at every turn!

alt-media has to act and organize fast, it can’t be bothered by personal politics, religion, race, gender or philosophy – all the things use to divide us – right now it’s about securing the narrative and making sure there is always a chair at the table for the truth and your freedom to report and speak it. If we don’t organize now, we could lose our voices.

To Recap 
1. Incorporate memetics, video and written paradigms.
2. Where topics are driven by timing and the effect they have on the well being of the public to decide.
3. Using the concept that there is power in numbers and knowledge is power.

Calling out the MSM quickly and with force creates it’s own being or entity to contend with, alt-media thus becomes a bullhorn, grabbing more of the public’s attention in order to educate or at least giving the publics the notion to say, “Hold on, not so fast MSM,” in a bigger and more focused way.

What do you say, let’s light this candle!


update: 02/16/17
Just a quick note, the amazing response by the alt-media and the broader community to help and stand-up for pewdiepie was not only amazing, but demonstrates and proves the power we have as members and advocates for the alt-media, and as the people and citizen of many nations. I beg you to start organizing now before the MSM catches on and works to silence every voice that chooses to take the leap and step-up. Remember, they have endless funds, plenty of time, a ton of lawyers, own most of the politicians, along with having the deep state in their pockets.

TPP is back under a new name TISA.

Sorry folks, sadly Trump’s no friend to Net Neutrality.

As most of you know I am a big advocate for free speech, so whatever your bag I believe you have a right as a human being to express your thoughts. If you’re interested I outlined mine a bit in this article here, but to recap, watch the video linked to pewdiepie above, he made a really nice and sincere response. I can honestly say his channel didn’t interest me, but after his response I actually subscribed in order to support him, this man is very dynamic. I also realize he does a lot of silly caca, but if he decided to take on any issue as a vocation there’s no doubt in my mind he would be very successful because he is authentic, the real deal, a mensch.

There has also been a number of wonderful video responses made regarding what happen to pewdiepie; if anyone wants links leave a comment and I’ll pull them together and post them directly here.

In all honesty, I have to say this particular situation was really a clear shot across the bow, people need to come together and develop a small yet efficient system to remain vigilante. The MSM may not make the same mistake of picking on a very popular youtuber again, they will simply chip away and silence those who do not have the same exposure or numbers.

The reach needs to be broader than the local community as well. If pewdiepie didn’t have the number of subs he has (53 Million, YOW!) he would have been left to the wayside or relegated to the dust bin of history.

No matter, I have to admire pewdiepie, a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg  (BTW,  did you know Felix means happy, and isn’t that a wonderful name for this fellow? ), he could have taken his money and gone on to other things, but he didn’t, he stood up and not just for himself, but for humanity, for free speech; how often do you get to do something like that in your life and actually make a difference?!

Personally, I have a lot of dull and boring things on my plate, far too may filled with pointless stress and anxiety, trust me, I’d rather do something like the above than what I actually do to survive, wait, hold on, whilst I check my lottery ticket…..  As I was saying, if things turn around in one direction or the other I would love to be part of a project like the above, a movement or some mechanism that works to protects individual rights to speak rather than funding a small cabal of 6 media outlets that own 80% of the MSM we get now.

Please, keep me in mind, and feel free to ask. Remember, advice is always free and help is on the way!


update 02/19/17

Michael Moore is now using idea and the energy.


I don’t have an editor so, as always if you see any errors, inaccuracies or have suggestion let me know. Ran into a few template problems, if something doesn’t make sense it could be the tools, let me know so I can look into the errors.



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Brief: AT$T – Frozen Mice Clone

Frozen Mice Cloned – are woolly mammoths next?

Japanese scientists have cloned mice whose bodies were frozen for as long 16 years and said on Monday it may be possible to use the technique to resurrect mammoths and other extinct species.

Mouse cloning expert Teruhiko Wakayama and colleagues at the Center for Developmental Biology, at Japan’s RIKEN research institute in Yokohama, managed to clone the mice even though their cells had burst.

“Thus, nuclear transfer techniques could be used to ‘resurrect’ animals or maintain valuable genomic stocks from tissues frozen for prolonged periods without any cryopreservation,” they wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Wakayama’s team used the classic nuclear transfer technique to make their mouse clones. This involves taking the nucleus out of an egg cell and replacing it with the nucleus of an ordinary cell from the animal to be cloned.

When done with the right chemical or electric trigger, this starts the egg dividing as if it had been fertilized by a sperm.

“Cloning animals by nuclear transfer provides an opportunity to preserve endangered mammalian species,” they wrote.

“However, it has been suggested that the ‘resurrection’ of frozen extinct species (such as the woolly mammoth) is impracticable, as no live cells are available, and the genomic material that remains is inevitably degraded,” they said.


Wakayama’s team dug out some mice that had been kept frozen for years and whose cells were indisputably damaged. Freezing causes cells to burst and can damage the DNA inside. Chemicals called cryoprotectants can prevent this but they must be used before the cells are frozen.

They tried using cells from several places and discovered that the brains worked best. This is a bit of a mystery, as no one has yet cloned any living mouse from a brain cell.

Many animals have been cloned, starting with sheep, and including pigs, cattle, mice and dogs. Livestock breeders want to use cloning to start elite herds of desirable animals, and doctors want to use cloning technology in human medicine.

“There is hope in bringing Ted Williams back, after all,” cloning and stem cell expert John Gearhart of the University of Pennsylvania said in an e-mail. The family of Williams, the Boston Red Sox hitter, had his body frozen by cryogenics firm Alcor after he died in 2002.

Gearhart was only half-joking and said the study “may now stimulate the small industry of freezing parts of us before we die to bring us back in the future.”

Mammoths may be the extinct animals that scientists would be most likely to try to clone, as many of the animals have been found preserved in ice.

In July 2007 Russian scientists discovered the body of a baby mammoth frozen in the Arctic Yamalo-Nenetsk region for as long as 40,000 years.

“It remains to be shown whether nuclei can be collected from whole bodies frozen without cryoprotectants and whether they will be viable for use in generating offspring following nuclear transfer,” Wakayama’s team wrote.

it starts

AT&T to try limits on monthly Internet traffic

AT&T Inc. (ATT), the country’s largest Internet service provider, is testing the idea of limiting the amount of data that subscribers can use each month.

AT&T will initially apply the limits in Reno, Nev., and see about extending the practice elsewhere.

Increasingly, Internet providers across the country are placing such limits on the amount of data users can upload and download each month, as a way to curb a small number of “bandwidth hogs” who use a lot of the network capacity. For instance, 5 percent of AT&T’s subscribers take up 50 percent of the capacity, spokesman Michael Coe said Tuesday.

But the restrictions that Internet providers are setting are tentative. And the companies differ on what limits to set and whether to charge users for going beyond the caps.

Starting in November, AT&T will limit downloads to 20 gigabytes per month for users of their slowest DSL service, at 768 kilobits per second. The limit increases with the speed of the plan, up to 150 gigabytes per month at the 10 megabits-per-second level.

To exceed the limits, subscribers would need to download constantly at maximum speeds for more than 42 hours, depending on the tier. In practice, use of e-mail and the Web wouldn’t take a subscriber anywhere near the limit, but streaming video services like the one Netflix Inc. (NFLX) offers could. For example, subscribers who get downloads of 3 megabits per second have a monthly cap of 60 gigabytes, which allows for the download of about 30 DVD-quality movies.

The limits will initially apply to new customers in the Reno area, AT&T said. Current users will be enrolled if they exceed 150 gigabytes in a month, regardless of their connection speed.

“This is a preliminary step to find the right model to address this trend,” Coe said. The company may add another market to the test before the end of the year, he said.

Customers will be able to track their usage on an AT&T Web site. The company will also contact people who reach 80 percent of their limit. After a grace period to get subscribers acquainted with the system, those who exceed their allotment will pay $1 per gigabyte, Coe said.

Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) (CMCSA), the nation’s second-largest Internet service provider and AT&T’s competitor in Reno, last month officially began a nationwide traffic limit of 250 gigabytes per subscriber. Comcast doesn’t charge people extra for going over the limit, but will cancel service after repeated warnings. Previously, it had a secret limit.

Two other ISPs, Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) (TWC) and FairPoint Communications Inc. (FRP) (FRP), are planning or testing traffic limits as low as 5 gigabytes per month, which is easily exceeded by watchers of DVD-quality online video.

Among the largest ISPs, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) is a holdout, and has said it does not plan to limit downloads.


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Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary

Synopsis: The internet has was designed to be an open platform where anyone can create a website and any information can pass through a connection. If big business starts to be selective about what can pass through it will be like when the FCC cracked down on early radio expression and it wasn’t long before only commercial radio existed. The internet needs to stay neutral and not give certain files preference. A 10 minute version of this feature length documentary has circulated over the past year getting half a million views and now more then ever the issue is heating up and threating the future of the net. Please help me raise the funds to get a full time editor to make the project complete. I’ve already proved my filmmaking abilities with Four Eyed Monsters and the 10 minute edit. And I know I can get this documentary seen if I can release it for free. So I want to get it funded in advance so I don’t have to sell it when it’s done. people will be able to just have it and become a part of the cause.


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net neutrality

Do You Want This To Happen To You?

Get Active Now!

they are real

you decide

Major telecommunications companies are spending millions lobbying the U.S. congress to make the Internet into a private network. In political lingo this mean abandoning what is called “Net Neutrality”. In common sense terms it’s about the government withdrawing our right to Internet Freedom. This V-Doc. (viral documentary) is about the current threat to Internet Freedom and how we can hold on to the open Internet and our right to communicate.

The only way the telecommunications companies will be successful is if we fail to raise awareness about this situation. If people find out about the fact that we are about to lose our Internet freedom there is no way they will allow congress to do this.

This congressional decision will set a monumental precedent, and thus, impact not just U.S. citizens, but citizens all over world.

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Net Neutrality



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