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Cecil The Lion’s Legacy


I  understand the phenomenon happening now over the death of Cecil the Lion, but I think there’s a better approach to this problem, let’s create a legacy for Cecil by developing a mutual collaboration.

When it seems that war is looming let’s send in the animals and lots of streaming cameras!

The more rare and manageable the species the better.

The more live streaming cameras cast the more people around the world will connect with those on the verge of disaster.

Now it’s clear sending a lion into a village full of children wouldn’t be very practical; quite dangerous really, and putting such a noble creature into a cage in front of a school seems rather cruel and doesn’t really accomplish the empathic goals many of us would wish to achieve. So, how about we send…

Cute Wild Ponies!
OMG! No one would dream of dropping bombs on these little miniatures and what a wonderful wild pet for children to frolic around with.

Baby elephants!
What a sweety pie! maybe they can be breed to stay small or just given on loan from India. Such a wonderful animal for an older child to care for, very loyal and protective which children living under harsh and war torn conditions need most.

Rare butterflies…
Endless beauty to admire and look at in the garden the children will be tending, always teaching us to be graceful, gentle and kind.


Alpaca everything!
Not only endless cuteness, they bring with them food and clothing.

Peacocks –
Imagine walking down the street and this is one of your wild neighbors?

and of course lots and lots of cute kittens 🙂

These wonderful animals will protect the innocent people, the children who are being pushed into death and suffering over wars created by some very greedy people which is always for their own profit.

We saw how people were moved by the death of Cecil, the change and woo, all that energy they made in less than 24 hours.

Let’s start with the children of Gaza, Yemen,  Syria where ever there is war, send all the lovely wonderful rare and cute animals to bless and protect them, along with the people who will teach them how to care and love them.

How could something so wonderful be a bad thing?

Let this be Cecil’s Legacy –  don’t let him die in vain.

Convert your outrage over his death to direct action.

Let these powers know you will be heard if one of these animals and the children they surround are harmed.

If you have financial influence, or know a benevolent wealthy benefactors or person who could fund such a project, drop this tiny seed into their brain.  Do it for Cecil.



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