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alt-right alt-ready Almost September 2017 is at the bottom


flagcircleAs always I am inspired to write through what I read and document my perceptions, often they are topics that come up in the news that I have time to observe, research and digest. I’ll expand this entry later with more nuances as they occur, along with any corrections that need to be made upon receiving new information and of course I’ll add links for back up and clarity, eventually.

The topic of ANTI-FA and all that has gone down since Trumps inauguration has been a heated topic of late, from Marches to Milo, Pepe to Pepper Spray, Hitler to Stalin, Nazis to Commies, the alt-left v. the alt-right.

What got me going was an event again inspired by homeboy Jeremy Scahill. Just briefly Jeremy Scahill is one of the few who stood up against Obama and Hillary, Bush and Clinton and now Trump. I really shouldn’t say against them, more like exposing the rights and wrongs, uncovering the truth and what is really going on in the world, especially when it comes to US foreign and domestic policies.

To set the stage it is my belief that Trump is really a creation of the left. I’ll elaborate with more details on this topic later, but readers who are on top of current events already know why I would make such a statement. For now a quick summary: Over the last 8 years the left, save Code Pink, never stood up to Obama and as we now know they let the Democrats cheat Bernie Sanders. The streets during the DNC convention should have been packed when the DNC double-cross Bernie, especially when the DNC shut Bernie’s supporters down, both physically and by the use of technology at the convention. However, I suppose there’s some solace in the fact that due to wikileaks and the FBI Hillary didn’t win.

As a side note – The justification for a Sanders win would have been:
Those who voted for Hillary.
Those who voted for Trump because they wanted to shake the system up.
Those who hated Hillary.
Those who stayed home because they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she and the DNC cheated Bernie out of the nomination. <— this would have won the Office for Sanders and the DNC.

As another side note – If Bernie had won would he get anything through even a weak GOP Congress? Highly unlikely, however, he would have opened the door wide for a massive change in Congressional seats for the 2018 midterm election, and he may have put an end to all the wars in the Middle East. Had he approached and used the public half as much as Trump is now he could have pushed through a few other goodies as well. That fantasy aside, what we see now is Antifa using their aggressive tactic to destroy what is left of the left, of the DNC.

Regardless, better late than never, I guess.

antifa1A new twist to this plot has been surfacing out of the mouths of a number of Democratic Operatives declaring that Antifa is really a concoction of the alt-right. Antifas are really secret neo-Nazis out to destroy the peaceful protests of the democrats. This news, or as some have called it a conspiracy theory, has now alienated those who lean center-left, moving them to the center and the center over to the center-right, while pushing the center-right over more towards the right, all of which is in the process of creating exactly what George Soros desires, a Police State.

Further, Trump just sent the BATF into Chicago and in less than 24 hours Democratic Mayor Rahm E decided he wants even more ATF agents than Trump employed.

George Soror’s dream of The Police State (for profit of course)  has sadly begun.

What will happen? The heads of all the gangs will leave town and lay low. They will make their way over to Gary, Detroit, Milwaukee, St Louis, Oakland and LA, and while waiting for things to calm down they will  use this opportunity to set up some new ventures in the burgeoning field of mass thuggary.

Meanwhile, the ATF in Chicago will grab whatever low level gang soldiers are left for Props and PR while dissembling #BLM, and without much effort infiltrating #Antifa thus, setting a new precedent for the FEDs who will no doubt utilize both the Patriot Act and NDAA (say thank you Pres. Obama for that bit, all the tools needed to lock Americans up while de-funding the long and lengthy with gobs of red-tape legal system), the surveillance and physical abduction of any and all so-called radical groups in the US is about to begin, again.

Every Antifa member should have a sign on their back now that says either, “Kick Me!” or “Stock Certificate: Property of the US Private Prison System.”

All I can say is, nice going Antifa, your members are on their way to becoming the next commodity on the NY Stock Exchange. BOOHA!

Further, now that Trump is tossing out Dodd-Frank; as weak as it was, they can also become derivatives and piled into a new Synthetic CDO.

What shall we call them?
Anti-Fa-D O or just Fa D O?
Perhaps, do ra mi fa so la te do?
For the sophisticated crowd how about, CDO solfège or Solfège CDOs?



Further random thoughts on the issue:
02/12/17 – Trump has the military and law enforcement on his side – when he was campaigning that was not done by happenstance and little came about by default, Trump nurtured that with intent. Anyone paying attention to #OWS saw Jamie Dimon do it with money and later Scott Walker; a Union buster, commandeered that very tactic by preserving just the one Union – the police.What Scooter did was not a new idea, though very timely, many then were generously reminded of Nixon talking while cowering with Kissinger in fear. Reagan’s brilliant use of patriotism didn’t escape Bill Clinton and it fueled Bush43 from 9/11 onward. Obama on the other hand kept a low profile by keeping the bankers and war profiteers happy, mostly by not investigating their theft and corruption coupled of course by their disdain that he be martyred while in office. Trump didn’t let their lessons and techniques fall to the wayside, though thinned skinned and full of vanity, Trump is a lot like death and taxes, he is the very essence of a walking, living, breathing government, hard to get rid of and made mostly of red tape.

The hate toward Trump is palatable, but he is surrounded by a titanium wall that is self-healing forged by his haters. Though his enemies are not strong or even well-organized to actually see their desires through, in reality they are not meant to, their job is to feed the divide and keep that beast alive. Most of the energy that funds their food is tainted by even worse, George Soros, meanwhile their anger and rage blinds them from seeing that fact or they just don’t care.

then this happen, this will turn the tables




Almost September 2017

How deep is the FeD buried in antifa?

they have 1000’s of names, videos, audio, e-mails, home addresses, phone numbers, recorded calls, fb pages, tweets, reddit posts, the technology that’s being used is so advanced it seems like a waste to use it on so many of these hygienically challenged people.

the surveillance of this group is the most extensive in the history of mankind, they have FeDs inside the operations, people compromised and a long list of soon to be compromised. They’ve literally made the Stasi and Stalinists look like kindergarten teachers – irony, eh?

.the FeD is shaking the tree of radicalism and they are all falling into the net like Asian carp in a southern pond. Now that Congress overwhelmingly  voted to get rid of police search warrants if you weren’t already fucked, you soon will be.

so the three real questions are/were, #1. why didn’t antifa debate instead of riot, they were silent and rather peaceful under Obama? #2. has diversity actually made America better or more stupid?

these two questions will never be discussed within the MSM, and that’s the third question, why?
consider this



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All Things Donald Trump

Not really, but I love you all!

Democrats do not inspire me to vote at all – they have screwed progressive left and right for at least the last 20 years.

Bernie Sanders who is supposed to be the beacon of a socialist progressive movement built nothing in his 30 years other than a soapbox which he stood on taking the opportunity to utter some choice, but empty words on the floor of the House and Senate all the while collecting a pretty hefty government paycheck for that privilege – $175k a year, plus benefits and a spectacular pension. 30 years as a progressive socialist democrat and what coalition did he build? Nothing. But, he has stood by the funding of every war and proxy-war under Clinton, Bush and Obama and he stands with Israel on everything even as they slaughtered over 600 innocent children in Gaza last summer. Actually, Bernie’s actions appear to be more pro-Israel than pro-American.

It’s next to impossible for a progressive to even think of voting for the GOP, however, Ron Paul was outside the GOP box, he was anti-war and anti-bank bailout, he gained plenty of points with progressives on the moral high ground. However, when he ran for president in 2012 the MSM and the GOP kept fudging the numbers even though he actually won the early primaries. Further, during the party nomination the GOP changed the rules at the last minute preventing Ron Paul from making a statement, so of course the GOP can’t be trusted.

trumppomWhich brings us to Donald Trump -The Donald- already the GOP is trying to give him a hard time because he’s not beholden to their corporate master and corporate contributors like the rest of the party, and with his rhetoric he’s spilling the beans on all the corruption within the system; both parties, something he admits to being very well versed in and has taken full and whole advantage of.

This in turn makes Trump the anti-candidate’s candidate, which broadens his appeal to a citizenry of those fed-up with the two parties and those refusing to even show up to the polls in 2016. Trump is gathering little r republicans as well as little d democrats and everyone around and in-between.

Along with buying and playing-the-system for decades he’s a tough guy to like on a number of personal levels. The question is then, do you need to love or like the guy who gets the job done? Do you like everyone at work or everyone in your neighborhood? Trump is not beholden to a party or big business and though there are more than a few topics we wouldn’t see eye-to-eye on I see no other candidate who has the rare opportunity to disrupt this corrupt crony capitalist two party war mongering bank bail outing dictatorship.

Do you?

– – Let me just stop here for a brief moment and point out how un-astonished you are that the wealthy own our system of government and that in the back of your mind you know they aren’t supposed to, but you feel helpless to change it. – –

In some ways the hopeful and hard working American People are taking a gamble, who side is Donald Trump on? Does he really believe what he says about making America great again, or is his run for the Presidency of the United States of America pure ego, legacy leaving, or worse, an elaborate vulture capitalist plot to sell the country off piece by piece in a leveraged buy-out?

Trump uses the word “killer” when it comes to making or cutting a deal, he says that because these people, these corporations, these lobbyist, these foreign leaders and all these politicians behind the scenes are all killers and that being a practicing killer in finance himself he knows what makes these people tick and how to deal with them.

I know I’m tired of being killed, and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to hire a killer to kill the killers.
So I ask this question, could Donald Trump be America’s Harry Tuttle?



Can you trust him?
What else ya got?


Update 08/29/15
Is The Donald starting to lose that new car smell, already?
ut-oh! #1

This was fun to read
Bill Still -Prez Candidate Roundup
Is Donald Trump art?

The Easy Way

Chewbacca Postmodernism

The Pledge: I just want to point out that during “The Pledge” Press Conference Trump also used the word counter-punch – remember that if the GOP tries to screw him over like they did Ron Paul.

Hugh Hewitt Interview

As the new car now gets its first scratch.
RE: Hugh Hewitt Aftermath
I don’t know why Trump put this guy down (third-rate radio show announce). The interview was actually very good and substantive. Ton of great questions to make ready for the next debates. Actually, Trump did way better than Bush43 would have and better than I expected – so that’s something. For Trump to be so defensive about historical and current events (heck, even I had to wiki the Quds) and later insult the host; who actually not only asked some very meaningful questions, but was rather pleasant throughout, actually says more about Trump as a person and as a potential leader. Trump is basically old school ‘if you don’t know everything the smart kids know you must be a weak-minded person.’ These days we call that thinned skinned. Also, anyone listening would have thought the host said Kurds too, but The Donald didn’t have to drive that mishap into the ground; which he is pron to do. This behavior is very unattractive in any person, especially a presidential candidate. It demonstrates anxiety under stress and confirms insecurity in a very public way.

One thing I thought Trump should have known was our relationship to the Kurds. Let me take you back to the 90’s, I remember how Bush41 left these poor people high and dry at the end of the first Gulf War (GWI). That pesky Truman Doctrine sullied our relationship with the Kurds right off the bat, which I agree was a great shame and was a marked event for all the little people throughout the world who no longer felt they could trust or count on the USA to do the right thing, and we keep messing that up even now (see Palestine and Yemen).

One little caveat: Had Saddam stayed in power; no Bush43 take down, hanging, and massive clusterf… in the Middle East, IOW no GWII, as Trump and myself and Bernie Sanders had wished, the Kurds would still have been under Saddam’s tortuous rule. Now they are fighting ISIS and there’s little we can do to really help them because of that damn Truman Doctrine! Course Turkeye is miffed at the US over a few other things, but that’s another story. ITMT there’s Chalabi… whoa, hang on, can’t we just stop warring and killing innocent people in far away lands for the crazy Israelis and brutal Saudis? Just give it all to the EU, they like creating and playing with conflict. Kinda why the US had a Revolution and kicked the British/Hanover (a.k.a. ze Germans) Empire (or the banks if you will) out of this country in the first place, yeah?

Let’s be the nation that extends our hand and lifts people up, not the one that reaches out and then bombs them senseless. Please.

I was just thinking, maybe this guy is our Harry Tuttle?

Well played Mr. Trump

Trump defies political gravity
“Maybe we need a warrior instead of a politician. People compare Mr.
Trump to Putin. There’s something to be said about the man, who takes
care of the Russian people.”


A new marker is being set in the US – a pre and a post Trump world.

Lessig announced his bid for the White House here.
In short his campaign is about getting big evil money out of politics – which is well and good. His claim, in short, and I agree, that until that happens we do not have a democracy. All fine and good, however, let’s say the American People can wrap their heads around the concept, what he’s trying to do; which I admit is a little tough cause it’s mostly political junkies who watch the debates and corporations own the big media so the talking heads who get paid by those big corporations aren’t going to encourage the merits of the idea and the banter – but let’s just say he gets the idea out there and people want to vote for it, the big question to ask is who’s owns the machines and who is watching them? Something Trump is going to want to be aware of too.

Still, after the first DNC debates it’s going to be really interesting to see the poll numbers.

I have this economic idea – paradigm really, I call it the Wealth and Achievement Index. Details soon to come… I want it to sounds fancy and official so I’m working on the verbiage. If you’d like to help make it sound super official please let me know.

This is the question I had for Bernie Sanders – 30 year in Congress, what did he ever build besides a soap box to stand on and a nice pension along with $175K a year salary plus benefits? Bernie “Shake your fist and fund the wars!” Sanders – where’s the beef? Where’s the grassroots organization? Where’s the self-sustaining village you built with the tax payer money and influence? Where are the role models?

This is what I believe – anyone pulling in over $75k a year are fine with capitalism as is – in fact a good number of verbal-do-gooders these days make a nice living complaining about it, and still they’ve built nothing to lift up the working people eager to participate. These “wise” voices for the little people don’t have to be the role models – they don’t have to live like Gandhi – they just have to lend their name to a smart sounding website and tell the world what it already knows in a clever and concise way.

Meanwhile, Trump built the shit – and it is shitty shit – but he built this shit cause there was nothing out there to counter his brand. Even now as those who complain about the elite are still serving the elite while collecting a pay check siting on their hands building nothing. Maybe they think their words are so wise and so clever that the masses will spontaneously awaken all at once bringing good and justice back to the world, just… cause?

Trump, A Southern Yankee

Fender Bender
ut-oh! #2
Really, California?

– today’s word is, decimate.

An idea for the 9/16 CNN Debate:
Trump should wear his soft Trump Cap on stage or pull it out of his pocket at an opportune time; with a modicum of decorum of course, and while placing it on his head ask the audience, “Whose caps do these other candidates wear? Who do they really represent? Who owns them in this election? Whose money are they beholden to? Because I, Donald Trump am not beholden to any one, but the American People.”

If done well I would expect a roar of cheers from the audience, his numbers jumping through the roof, and for the most part locking up this side of the election.

Now this could be seen as a stunt by some; and it will by those who already hate the guy, and to some extent it is a stunt, but as a visual tool I can think of nothing that would drives this very important point home at this particular time in the election. In fact, I think he will gain the admiration of some of his descenters who will think, while smiling wryly, “What a brilliant political move!”

We have to admit Americans are a visual people and as a candidate running for office one has to find ways to grab their short attention span and leave them with a sagacious and indelible image.

Even if Trump doesn’t succeed in the end this will not only be fun for him, it’ll forever be referenced in this and every other election heretofore.

Like him or not, there are some very powerful and evil groups uniting against him now, and for all the things you may dislike about him everyone has to admit the guy’s got moxie and that is exactly the kind of enthusiasm needed to drive the American People to the polls on election day.

If I could, I would have the candidates wear stickers on their heads or jackets with all the corporate logos and names of the wealthy people who own them sewn in, cause anyone reading this knows they are owned. Since we are denied this truth what better way than Trump using his name, his brand, to drive the point home, in this case for the good rather than for profit.

-One little side note – even democrats are coming around with the candidacy of Lawrence Lessig jumping into the mix. Of course the DNC will do everything in their power to keep him out of the debate, but if he is able to make his way in; for his time in the running, he will be a constant reminder of the message he shares with Trump.

Debate Recap:
too long

Margaret Thatcher? Seriously?




WASHINGTON - JUNE 20: Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker listens during the 2011 Governors Summit of U.S. Chamber of Commerce June 20, 2011 in Washington, DC. The summit was to focus on policies that help states to attract businesses and to improve the economy. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Owned by Koch
Bush, Fiorina, Walker.

Owned by AIPAC
Bush, Carson, Clinton, Cristie, Cruz, Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, Sanders, Trump, Walker.

Owned by Banks
Clinton, Cristie, Cruz, Fiorina, Trump.


Up next, the little woman?

The GOP sure has come a long way from Pat Nixon’s respectable Republican cloth coat.

I think Trump knows Melania is a game changer, which is why he and his team keep putting off her long awaited debut in front of the crowds and cameras. I’d wager a Trump Tower he’d wait until the August 2016 nomination if he could.

-New Hampshire
17 September 2015
Campaign Trail
Day After The 2nd Debates
Audience Questions:

After taking a comment by a women who is having visions of Americans being poured into boxcars and a new Holocaust on the horizon…. a young girl asks,
“When will we meet your first lady?”
Trump replied, “That sounds good. Wow! That sounds so great. Thank you darling.”

A question or two later a man stood up and began reciting 1 Timothy 3

So what does it say about a 69 year old man marring a women 25 years his younger? Well, other than the standard answer, “Oh, nurse!” I think Trump sees the electorate in America as being part of a manly man’s world and women, although admired, are best kept like pets. At one point in the 2nd debate I thought he would walk over and pat Carly Fiorina on the head and say, “Good Girl!”

I also believe, outside the chiding and some off-the-wall hard core feminists the left will have an easier time with Mrs.Trump than the Christian Right, especially, all the nude and very provocative photos that are floating all over the net right now – something about dignity and modesty, gold-digging, trophy-wife and all the things that are traditionally associated with lose women.

Melania will be Trump’s ut-oh #3 and her past his downfall

You can see the other candidates now drooling at the mouth, not because they desire his sexy hot wife, well some perhaps; probably Clinton, Bill, but mostly over grabbing a chunk of Donald’s massive poll numbers. Right now it’s a matter of how long he can keep his number’s up while keeping his wife blurred in the background and how long his challengers can afford to stay in the race until he brings her out.

book face

So The Donald says he’s going to really really take care of the vets, this of course is great news – can’t go around tricking these young guys and then just dump them on the side of the road. So I asked him a question on his facebook entry – “Mr Trump this is who Bush and Cheney put in charge after they bombed the Taliban; who we now know were willing to negotiate. When President Mr Trump, please arrests Bush Cheney and Obama for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Actually that does sound more like a request than a question… hmmm… Well I’ll give him a few days to see if he brings the topic up and then turn this statement into a proper question.

Well, I didn’t think I’d be writing again so soon, but things have gotten weird. The attacks on Trump by members of the mostly neocons and neo-liberal media has grown vicious. I can’t tell if they are going out of their way to be such slime-balls in order to help Trump win the white house or if they are really that stupid? I’m going with stupid because I think they are beyond arrogant and trite. I’ll fill in all the details later (LoweryFOX – Southpark – MSNBC – Salon) – but for now it’s astounding how little they understand the American People.

1. Americans love an underdog. 2. Their foul mouths are making Trump more endearing to everyone around him and yes, to many liberals as well.

People can see Trump is Trump. This is the way he is, but the people attacking him come off so bitter and beastly I’m actually quite shocked.

In the South Park parody we all know it’s South Park – what’s new, eh? but these so called professional and adults journalists are taking to it like they were fantasizing about doing this horrible act to another human being themselves. Can you imagine if they portrayed Carly or Hillary as victims of a vicious rape and beaten to death? Perhaps, you can still say, oh well, this is South Park, free speech and all that, but would any of these so called professionals be reveling in it? Surely there would be a number of blogs demanding an apology and screaming, “Rape is not funny in any form!” Sop far, not a peep. Not even any condemnation from any of the other candidates and there are those in the media who are fine with that too.

I am truly frightened. Especially, for and from the left, and I voted Green in the last election.

I’ll add more to this as the day progresses.

btw my last unscientific poll of 18 year olds all knew who Trump was, none knew Biden, half knew Hillary and 1 knew Sanders, or thought she did. I’ll be doing another perhaps today.

Well, the end of the world didn’t happen.
Results on poll same as above save no one knew Sanders and one knew Biden.
Boehner quit. Why, really? Is something bad about to happen?
Donald said he believes in God, that he is a Christian – will he change our Darwinian financial system to reflect the teachings of Jesus? He also said he’s gonna bring back Christmas.

No one has united people who hate the MSM more – across the spectrum – like  Trump. The more the media bashes him the tighter and bigger this group gets.

Noticing that Right Wing Radio, especially after Trump’s Federal tax plan, are really hating The Donald. These are a group of people who have no problem with the bank bailouts, trillions of lost pentagon money and massive corporate subsidies. They believe that cutting taxes on the working poor will send a message that these poor people will no longer have a stake in America, and that they want everything for free – set aside all the taxes and fees on goods, roads and utilities everyone pays regardless of income – level things out just a bit and they believe we’re crating a dependent class. Under part of Trumps plan singles making less than $25k save $800 a year and married under $50k save up to $3400. No, you can’t give these folks a break – even though that pittance will actually give the economy a little boost, help some people get out of debt and help pay for healthcare and for some a higher education. No, no, no, these right wing arrogant fat heads want slaves. Let’s say it out loud – they are slavers and cheats! In order to join their ranks you must achieve success as they did by using people and cheating their way to an all too high income for what ever it is they do, which is very little. I’m going to start calling these assholes Walkers, because they are just like Scott Walker, bitter, brow beaten by their wives with the intellect of falling over the 70% IQ wall.

side note: when the Federal Income Tax was established in 1913, the burden of a Federal Tax fell on those who made over $5k a year – notice you still have to file if you make over $5k a year. Thing is, adjusted for inflation, that amount should be over $120k a year. Another reason to keep bankers far away from your government. We need to add an extra layer to the separation of church and state, a separation of banks and state. Don’t kid yourselves money is a god.

since – rinse wash repeat
boredom regarding in the political process has already set in…
gearing up for the feeling of the holidays
the sides have been chosen and only death can decide the outcome

kinda not buyin’ the super-fan (Hispanic women) – I don’t know exactly why, something about her seems rehearsed …

Post #DEMDEBATE – I see this as a precursor disaster for the Democrats.
1. Judas Goat Sanders – did it again, he tossed his supporters under the bus.
2. The DNC and MSM had to lie stating that Hillary won the debate and that the DNC is now standing behind Clinton.
3. They kept Lessig out of the debate.

NOW: Thinking more about the little women coming out during the campaign for her man, soon, someday, who knows when – Thanksgiving maybe? The daughter, Ivanka (from a previous marriage), will be joining her it seems on Women’s Health Issues. This was a brilliant move since Trump’s wife, Melania – no one knows her name, no one can pronounce her name properly, and she has a foreign accent – posed nude and she is 25 years younger than Trump, is going to presents a number of problems. The focus on Women’s Health Issues almost nullifies her past, will keep most woman in line with that cause, and deplete enough ammunition from the left and hard core feminists. Men of course will love it!

Back to the 3 ut-ohs
Ut-oh #1 Epstein – So far Hillary is the choice for the DNC, but to make this guy an issue they have to ask why Bill is in this guy’s phone book as well. Trump being a businessman and in real estate could dodge this one fairly easy – how can Bill? Ex-presidents have no business cavorting around with such characters for any length of time and they seem to be good pals – scary and creepy.
Ut-oh #2 Student Loans – Certainly this can be written off as poor management with plenty of others to blame.
Ut-oh #3 The little (nude) woman – Women’s Health Issues.

Looks like The Donald might be able to grow a Teflon coat after all.

No one currently running is Ralph Nader or even Eisenhower, and both parties have gone way beyond Nixon. Will Trump make a difference? Well, he’s not a Clinton or a Bush so that’s different…


Trump’s Plans:
1. economics/tariffs on US corporations? errrr… NAFTA
2. the wall = really should change the 1965 immigration law first, and I think most illegals fly in and overstay their welcome
3. Obamacare = Trumpcare? What is it besides, ya know, great?

Will everything have to be an executive order, King Trump?


Been a while since I added anything to this post –

The Donald’s polls are up, there was a whole Ben Carson thing – surprisingly the bashing by Donald didn’t hurt his numbers, course the Paris bombings certainly helped him.

The GOP elite still want to get rid of Trump, but Paris was a shot in the arm.

One of the ut-ohs (see:09/18/15 & 10/17/15) is coming up this week, the wife. We’ll see how that goes. As I predicted it happens just before the holiday; allowing enough time to forget, but get used to seeing her. Most men will drool, secular women will envy, but the religious right ain’t gonna like her and neither will the feminist. She’ll have to convince the jealous and xenophobes in the middle. I can’t see her helping his campaign, but it could hurt it – timing is everything, his numbers are high some say 42%, he can afford to lose a bit. Fate seems to be shinning on his campaign, albeit tragic events are helping to drive his numbers.



Thanksgiving update

“It’s the lie that gets ya”- Richard Nixon

DT doubling down on the Muslim dancing on the roof lie is very unattractive.

He said he saw them himself, but so far he can’t prove it. Okay fine, but let’s at least see some video – 1000 Muslims tailgating and dancing on roof tops in 2001…. should be some handicam footage out there somewhere, no?


Maybe Trump was confused… ya know, brown people

Thing is, what we do have are Israelis in New Jersey dancing and cheering and making cell calls and high fiving and confessing on TV… and no one will talk about that, least of all Trump. That’s how afraid people are of Netanyahu’s NZO. Even Trump.

Anyway, this one won’t go away, which is kinda odd cause I thought the student loan scam, his 15 year relationship with his pedophile friend or the naked wife would have done him in.

Should be interesting to note it’s his own big mouth that is sinking his ship. Not sure Americans will go for a bully who lies. That’s what he’s looking like right now.

I give up- from here on out it’s Trump in pictures


Trump Jumping the Shark

…life goes on
Can Trump generate more than just an audience, can he generate the vote?
Is Hillary the best women can do?
Is Sanders actually a closet war monger?

So this last week is when it happen – not sure it’s the polls in connection to Iowa, Cruz’s blunders or Hillary’s 5 minutes, but Right Wing Radio has made the switch to Trump. They are now more worried about Sanders winning.

Iowa has come and gone, New Hampshire’s on the horizon. Cruz and Hillary won – both by deception. However, both Sanders and Trump are slated to win NH. Seems the people aren’t falling for the elitist status quo. RWRadio is back to bashing Trump pushing Rubio now, rumors flying that Rubio is a coke head and in his youth gay- not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s still unknown if Sanders or Trump will make it. By Super Tuesday we should have a better idea. I had thought by now Trump would have faded and Hillary would have killed Sanders, but both are saying the right things and that are keeping the American People engaged, interested and on their side. Let’s hope they continue to live.

looking like he will make it all the way – unless some one takes him down physically.


Ted comes out swinging with Ut Oh #3; the little woman porn.

Trump has crushed the student loan scandal, for now.
The Epstein is still on the table for Cruz. Let’s see if he uses it.

I’ve pulled back: After Trumps speech at AIPAC where he demonstrated that he is more beholden and committed to Israel than to the United States and the American People and now seeing the list of who his foreign advisors are. I’ve come to conclusion that I can not support Trump. However, my vote would have only been cast if there were a tight race between Trump and Hillary, and if my vote could make a difference in my state. I do feel disappointed and let down by this new information and these revelations. I see no other choice than to push for a brokered convention with the hope that Trump and Sanders run as independent candidates and that we start to dismantle this two party dictatorship, or that states find it in their best interest to secede.

great argument



THE LIST OF REASONS WHY NOT – and the list is growing
Steven Mnuchin
Sheldon Adelson
Henry Kissinger
Shmuley Boteach
Ken Kurson
welp I thought we jumped the shark in December

apparently, I was wrong

July 25th
kind of gave up on this entry, but as we are now we are pretty much in the stretch impressions might be worthwhile.

Trump won the RNC nomination last week as expected.

The Democrats are a mess, but that never stopped a Clinton from lying and cheating. For Trump to win he will have to do everything in his power to stop Hillary. Most of all win big in key states, this can’t be a close election because it’s too easy for the DNC to rig the vote – and worse than they did against Bernie.

Trump will have to assure the real republicans and Reagan democrats show up in big numbers. The Neocons have moved over to Hillary. Jill Stein will have to work hard to get as many Bernie voters as she can.

If Bill Clinton was the first black president, then we’ve already had a first female president – Barack Obama.

Will Trump be good for the nation? We know what Hillary will do, she IS a war criminal. It is known.

Trump is a gamble… but if he ends the wars and the bank bailouts that will be a tremendous jump in the right direction. Hillary will keep us all struggling and worse bomb more people for money and power.


oh, btw, guess what?



shall I go on or start anew?





Donald J. Trump – The Genius


What Does Trump Stand For?
Two things I am certain that I never want to be in this life, a cop or a politician.

Red State Update: they’re baaaack!
Diamond & Silk: We Be Sisters
In The Now Media
We Are Change
Trump- The Secret Hidden Movie

Trump is the King of many Memes
yes, the horse and champagne pictures are photoshopped satire from the sopranos & Russian Pres. Valdimir Putin


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Someone Had To Do It…


what happen

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Barack O’Clinton

Thirty one out of forty seven people that Brarck Obama has named so far for transition or appointments have ties to the Clinton Administration.

“This isn’t lightly flavored with Clintons. This is all Clintons, all the time.”

And you thought you were getting change?

A who’s who guide to the people poised to shape Obama’s foreign policy here

“The American people understand the real gamble is having the same old folks doing things over and over and over again and somehow expecting a different result.” -Barack Obama

oh the politics of, “I told ya so”

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Open The Debates

Open the Debates – What are the DNC and RNC afraid of?

The Answers

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Sarah Palin Revealed

Nalts – Promoting Content

Those republicans, if not tap dancing in Minneapolis restrooms they’re undercover in drag.

McCain’s Roommates

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Democratic Convention

Brought To You By Your Current and Future Corporate Rulers At:

* Qwest

General business issues; rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act; Universal Service reform; video franchise relief; broadband deployment; protection of customer records; Networx.

* ForestCity

Military housing; completion of Southeast Federal Center Development under S.F.C. Public-Private Development Act of 2000; navigational servitude for Southeast Federal Center, Washington, D.C.; Transportation; federal funding for project; FEMA flood mapping issue; nuclear energy development; states use of eminent domain; funding of real estate development; project infrastructure.

* Union Pacific

Rail safety issues; rail homeland security issues; rail freight rate regulation and rail capacity issues; Rail Competition and Service Improvement Act; Freight Rail Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act; Surface Transportation and Rail Security Act; Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act.

* Xcel Energy

Climate change, renewable energy, related issues; Clean Energy Act of 2007; Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007; New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security and Consumer Protection Act; Energy Savings Act of 2007, including a clean energy portfolio standard; rail transportation of coal; solar investment tax credit; wind production tax credit; Climate Security Act; pole attachment and related electric utility issues; appropriations for carbon capture and storage research; Clean Energy Portfolio Standard proposals; Provisions in Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 to extend renewable energy production tax credit; Tax issues regarding uranium enrichment and renewable energy; The Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act; Electric Utility Cap and Trade Act of 2007; appropriations bills; Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act, including requirements for electric utility industry.


Contracting out of security guard functions by Federal Agencies; National Defense Authorization Act (extension of temporary authority for contract security guard functions in Department of Energy).

* Vail Resorts

No 2008 reports. (Most recent 2005, lobbying on Small Community Air Service program issues.)

* United Health Group

Medicare Modernization Act implementation; Health Savings Accounts; Medicare Part D; Healthcare IT; Mental health parity; Medicare Advantage; genetic non-discrimination; Health insurance issues; issues concerning federal payments to Medicare Advantage Plans; Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act; Legislation and regulation concerning industrial loan companies.

* Molson Coors (Filed as Coors Brewing Co.)

Tax policy; alcohol advertising and self regulation; beer industry’s advertising compliant resolution program, including scope of FTC inquiry into self regulatory compliance activities; exise tax on beer; The Clean Energy Act; Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act; Farm Bill Extension Act; Small Business Tax Reform legislation; ethanol production provisions;

* AT&T

Telecom issues, including implementation of The Telecommunications Act of 1996; congressional oversight and video franchise reform; FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Amendments Act; Improving Foreign Intelligence Surveillance to Defend the Nation and the Constitution Act; liability provisions re. federal authorization for acquisition of foreign intelligence information from or with the assistance of a communications service provider; network neutrality issues; cash balance issues in the Pension Protection Act; telecommunications competition; Defense appropriations for telecommunications; SAFE Act of 2007; Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2007; retiree health benefits (concerning prohibitions on companies reducing benefits under ERISA covered group plans); various health plan issues; arbitration issues in commercial contracts; the Cell Phone Tax Moratorium Act (supporting ban on new state taxes on cell phone services); Global Online Freedom Act of 2007; various telecommunications issues; billing and contract regulations in Cell Phone Consumer Empowerment Act of 2007; proposed importation ban on certain handsets; legislation allowing wireless competition on WMATA; broadband deployment issues; E-911 programs; Telephone Excise Tax Repeal Act of 2007; Internet Tax Freedom Act; Bellsouth merger issues; Video franchise reform; Truth in Caller Act; Universal Service Reform issues; International trade issues; FCC wireless spectrum rules; local telephone exchange issues; aviation telecommunications issues; federal communications spending (defense, homeland security, etc.) ; Air Traffic Control Modernization; company interests in Alaska; Rural Broadband Deployment Act; Internet tax issues; etc.

* Newmont

In support of Good Samaritan (mine cleanup) legislation; Interest in various mining law issues, Clean Water Act issues, public land issues, etc.; Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act (reform legislation).

* Hensel Phelps

Major construction company with federal contracts.

* AstraZeneca

Drug importation; foreign drug inspection program; medicaid drug rebates; drug safety; pediatric drug provisions; compounding issues; Children’s Health Insurance Program; Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Net of 2007; Medicare drug benefit; Medicaid drug rebate; drug price negotiation; FDA Revitalization Act; Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act; Physician Payments Sunshine Act; possible legislation re. increase in Medicaid base rebate rate; Medicare Part D amendments, includin “non-interference clause,” protected classes of drugs and MedicareAdvantage; various pharmaceutical legislation; Mental Health Parity Act of 2007; The Patent Reform Act of 2007, pharmaceutical patent protections; foreign drug inspection programs.

* Travelers

Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2007; Homeowners Defense Act of 2007; National Insurance Act of 2007; Nondiscriminatory Use of Consumer Reports and Consumer Information Act of 2008; Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension; Homeowers Insurance Protection Act of 2007; America’s Climate Change Security Act of 2007; licensing of insurance operations; the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007; asbestos-related legislation; bankruptcy transparency issues; various insurance-related bills; climate change issues; pandemic, avian or bird flu issues; Fairness in Asbestos Injury Act; National Insurance Act; data privacy issues; national catastrophe legislation; the Insurance Industry Antitrust Enforcement Act; Medicare Secondary Payer and Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreements Act of 2006; insurance issues related to 2005 hurricane claims.

* 3M

Emissions control and safety systems (auto industry); airline and baggage security issues; federal appropriations; “science-based decision making on water and air quality”; chemical regulations; Global Online Freedom Act of 2007; patent-reform legislation; military health issues and records management; Prep Act coverage for N95 Respirators; disaster preparedness issues; pandemic influenza policy and liability policies; electricity transmission policies; alternative energy technology; proposed asbestos bans; climate change legislation; food safety and microbial detection issues; State Department appropriations and embassy operations; the Physician Paymens Sunshine Act of 2007; the Drug and Medical Device Company Gift Disclosure Act of 2007; the Medicare Funding Warning Response Act of 2008; the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection Act of 2007; proposed tax credit for medical research; health care information technology and electronic records issues; Medicare Reform implementation; border control policy, secure immigration documents, border management technology and related federal spending; labor standards; mandatory standards to protect miners in emergencies; technology used in Medicare and Medicaid programs; pension programs; transportation worker safety issues; energy policy; communications technology; economic stimulus legislation; Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act legislation; tax reduction legislation; various legislation on research and development tax credits; broadband deployment issues; tort reform measures; highway planning and Highway Trust Fund issues; federal procurement regulations; trade issues related to the company’s products; various proposed free-trade agreements (Panama, Columbia and Korea), and trade sanctions reform; electronic records in veterans programs; patent reform issues.

* Merck

Support increased funding for National Immunization Program; funding for Food and Drug Administration; monitor patent reform legislation; oppose drug importation into United States other than by the drug’s manufacturer; support the Prescription Drug User Fee Act and the Better Pharmaceuticals for Children Act; oppose efforts to amend Medicare Modernization Act to impose government price controls on prescription drugs; support efforts to ensure appropriate access to vaccines under Medicare Part D; oppose expansion of, or increase in, Medicaid rebate; support intellectual property protections in trade negotiations; educate lawmakers, federal officials, on compulsory licenses required in Thailand and Brazil; patent reform; issues related to reauthorization of Prescription Drug User Fee Act; issues related to drug safety and pediatric drugs.

* Lennox

Energy legislation; climate change issues; trade issues.

* Allstate

Legislation related to “black box” recorders on new automobiles; the Cameron Gulbransen Kids and Cars Safety Act of 2007; the Damaged Vehicle Information Act; Passenger Vehicle Loss Disclosure Act;patent reform legislation; Catastrophic Disaster Recovery Improvements Act; Policyholder Disaster Protection Act of 2007; Catastrophic Savings Accounts Act of 2007; National Hurricane Research Initiative Act of 2007, and nearly two dozen pending, disaster-related bills; data security and identity theft legislation, including the Internet Spyware (I-SPY) Prevention Act of 2007 and the Counter Spy Act; homeowners’ insurance legislation; bills related to terrorism risk insurance; a proposed amendment to the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 to clarify the entities against which sanctions may be imposed; various other insurance-related legislation.

* Ball Corp.

National Defense Authorization Act, and provisions related to Air Force missile and aircraft programs, Navy missile, combat aircraft and ship building programs; research and development provisions for Air Force space, satellite, combat aircraf, space control, cruise missile, space sensors and defense meteorology projects; defense appropriations in Air Force and Navy programs; Intelligence Authorization Act legislation, and Department of Defense intelligence appropriations; appropriations for NASA astrophysics and earth science programs, and NOAA weather satellite programs; legislation that would establish an Office of Space Commerce.

* United Airlines

Various aviation issues; appropriations for the Federal Avaiation Administration; legislation “to improve air carrier passenger services;” legislation to reduce restrictions on flights around Ronald Reagan-Washington National Airport; war risk insurance issues; U.S. Postal Service mail carriage issues; airport congestion management; potential airline industry consolidation issues; federal spending on aviation issues; legislation related to employee pensions; proposed tax incentives for energy savings and renewable energy production; legislation creating a market-driven system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (via tradeable allowances); legislation clarifying airline crews’ eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993; funding for the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.

* Visa

Various legislation related to credit card issuer practices, such as the Stop Unfair Practices in Credit Cards Act of 2007, the Credit Card Fair Fee Act of 2008, or the Consumer Overdraft Protection Fair Practices Act; patent reform legislation; identity theft and personal data privacy and security legislation; the Privacy and Cybercrime Enforcement Act of 2007, including provisions related to tata breach notification and security requirements; legislation seeking to eliminate purchase card abuse and waste in government contracts; the Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2007; legislation related to withholding federal taxes from payments to government vendors; currency issues in the electronic payments industry.

* Wells Fargo

Credit card regulations, transaction fees, overdraft fees; legislation affecting home mortgages; proposed bankruptcy reforms affecting student loans or home mortgages; crop insurance programs; issues related to “autodialer” technology used to contact banking customers; patent reform; data security (Social Security number protection) legislation; federal student loan programs; various congressional actions on the subprime mortage issue; the Fair Labor Standards Act; proposed mortgage forgiveness legislation; proposed tax changes; various banking-related legislation, including the Federal Housing Finance Act and the Mortgage Reform and Predatory Reform Act.

* Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau


* Comcast

Issues related to digital television transition for broadcasters, including provisions regarding cable ownership limits, pole attachmets, leased access and cable regulations; requirements to carry C-SPAN and other public, governmental or educational programming; network management issues in the Internet Freedom Preservation Act; broadband issues; the Family and Consumer Choice Act of 2007; patent reform legislation; the State Video Tax Fairness Act of 2007; the Economic Stimulus Package of 2008; and various tax issues.

* Amgen

Issues related to drug safety, follow-on biologics; various legislation related to pharmaceuticals, including the Patient Protection and Innovative Biologics Medicines Act of 2007; Medicare coverage and reimbursement issues; Medicaid drug rebate programs; patent reform and intellectual property issues.

* Pepsi

Agriculture legislation affecting commodities like sugar, oats and sunflower; environmental sustainability issues; food safety issues and import safety issues, including pending legislation; Food and Drug Administration appropriations; patent reform; health issues; extension of research and development tax credits; exise taxes on Puerto Rico rum; incentives for use of hybrid heavy duty trucks, among other environmental incentives for businesses; tax reforms; the Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement; trade issues affecting sugar and other sweeteners; visa issues for foreign employees; greenhouse gas emission reduction programs; coinage issues, like legislation that could affect the weight and composition of coins used in vending machines.

* CoBank

Agriculture appropriations; the Farm Bill; Farm Credit Administration regulations, and proposed regulations; Farm Service Agency Lending issues; Rural Utility Service lending issues; funding for various farm support programs; issues related to biofuels, clean renewable energy bonds, clean coal bonds and rural renaissance bonds; farm lending programs; rural broadband programs; agricultural export issues.

* Target

Trade issues, including those involving China and Vietnam; draft legislation on “Organized Retail Crime”; the Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act; various legislation on credit card fees; the Universal Default Prohibition Act of 2007; renewable energy initiatives and tax credits for solar power; food safety legislation; legislation calling for implementing “unfinished recommendations” of the 9/11 Commission; anti-methamphetamine legislation; the Access to Community Pharmacy Preservation Act of 2007; retirement issues; business tax issues; sales tax issues; the Affordable Footwear Act of 2007; possible collaboration with government on education programs; trade and customs valuation issues.

* NAHB (National Association of Home Builders)

Proposed bankruptcy reforms to prevent foreclosures, such as the Helping Families Save their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2007 or the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008; proposed tax incentives for renewable energy or energy conservation; federal appropriations for major housing programs or job training programs; the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007; brownfields legislation; various legislation affecting incentives for “green” building; affordable housing programs, rural housing programs and related tax issues; mortgage reform and “anti-predatory lending” legislation; employer verification and other immigration-related issues; Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act; labor issues, including opposition to the Protecting American Workers Act, and other legislation; environmental legislation, including the Clean Water Restoration Act, the Combat Illegal Logging Act and the Ban Asbestos in America Act; America’s Climate Security Act of 2007; “Smart Growth” programs; arbitration issues in proposed tort reforms; the Expanding American Homeownership Act of 2007; transportation issues; small business concerns with the recent housing downturn.

* Lilly

Drug importation issues; Medicare and Medicaid coverage and reimbursement issues; pharmaceutical regulations; tax issues; patent issues; the Pathway for Biosimilars Act; the Access to Live-Saving Medicine Act; Patient Protection and Innovative Biologic Medicines Act of 2007; Affordable Biologics for Consumers Act; Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2007; comparative effectiveness provisions in the Enhanced Health Care Value for All Act of 2007; the Drug and Medical Device Company Gift Disclosure Act; opposition to increased Medicaid rebates in the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2008; legislation affecting Medicare Part D programs; patient safety legislation; patent reform; issues affecting dual-eligible Medicare program participants or prescription medications for mental health; the Sunshine in Litigation Act; FDA reform; SCHIP legislation; various other Medicare, Medicaid or pharmaceutical issues.

* Teletech

No 2008 lobbying reports. (Most recent report in 2007: monitoring VOIP regulatory issues, potential rewrite of Telecommunications Act of 1996; monitoring government contracts for telecommunications.)


Freight rail issues in general, including railroad rates, proposals affecting antitrust exemptions and the railroad; Rail Antitrust Enforcement Act, tax credits, rail capacity, rail infrastructure; Railroad Competition Improvement and Reauthorization Act, railroad safety legislation, and various Department of Transportation issues; railroad issues in America’s Climate Security Act; Farm Bill provisions affecting transportation of grain; energy issues concerning coal transportation; infrastructure tax credits; proposed re-regulation of the railroads; appropriations for rail freight security and safety; plans to transport high-level nuclear wastes to Yucca Mountain; trade issues; train control technology; employee background checks requirements; lobbied on Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2007, climate change legislation and a bill that would fully implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations; funding for technical assistance on rail corridor project in East Africa; equipment purchase provisions in economic stimulus package; asbestos litigation reform bill.

* Medtronic

Patent reform; dozens of health-care related bills, including legislation related to safety of advanced medical devices, pricing for medical devices, promotion of new health information technology systems, pain management programs, etc.; Farm Bill provisions allowing medical device sales representatives to train using live animals; Medicare reimbursement issues; sections of the Wounded Warrior Act related to improved treatment of pain; Physician Payment Sunshine Act of 2007; research and development tax credits; issues relating to FDA preemption of state medical device requirements.

* US Bank

Legislation reauthorizing New Markets Tax Credit.

* Xerox

U.S. policy on global warming, proposed cap and trade systems, Energy Star certification specifications for energy efficient appliances; manufacturing tax issues; research and development tax credits; Medicare and ERISA issues in health care; information technology issues related to foreign trade; SEC rulemaking issues; government contracting issues; issues involving foreign trade and the Information Technology Agreement of the European Union.

* ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company)

Farm Bill provisions, including all matters related to agriculture, food, feed and renewable energy and foreign trade; other legislation affecting renewable fuels; freight rail issues; appropriations.

* Lockheed Martin

Defense authorization and appropriations bills; defense spending on ship building, combat systems, sensors, radar systems, aircraft, trucks, Air Force and Navy aerospace programs, etc.; appropriations in Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection programs, Coast Guard and other agencies; supplemental appropriations for the war in Iraq; appropriations for military construction, information technology in various federal departments; airport security projects; environmental laws affecting the natural resource damages program, safe water legislation, etc.; U.S. government support for business opportunities in India; international taxation, export control and various foreign trade policies; research tax credits in economic stimulus legislation; bills affecting contracting rules, anti-fraud efforts and payments to vendors.

* Ford

Fuel efficiency issues, climate change issues; employee benefits, health care and pension issues; corporate governance and tax issues; arbitration rules; intellectual property rights and patent issues; legislation banning use of asbestos; fuel efficiency incentives in various legislation; environmental laws such as proposed caps on vehicle emissions; regulations on noise levels for new hybrid vehicles; the Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act of 2007; research tax credits; tax issues; Sunshine in Litigation Act of 2007; trade issues involving Japan and Korea.

* Anheuser-Busch

“All matters relating to the malt beverage industry, family entertainment and the regulation of marine mammals, endangered species and wildlife”; solid waste disposal issues and legislation affecting recycling deposits; commodity programs, conservation programs and agricultural policy; aviation issues; alcohol taxes; funding for alcohol abuse and driver safety programs; labeling requirements, advertising restrictions and others affecting alcohol marketing; trade and currency issues related to China; amusement park ride safety regulations, and consumer product safety legislation involving children’s products; labor law proposals, including the Employee Free Choice Act of 2007; agriculture and wayer issues; indecency legislation and regulation; restrictions on tax deductability of corporate advertising; under-age drinking programs.

* Colorado Ski Country USA


* Motorola

Telecommunications issues, such as wireless legislation, FCC regulations, and component materials for certain electronic devices; immigration reform and H-1B visas; appropriations for communications equipment, border security technology, automated license plate identification, port security, biometrics, inventory tracking, airport baggage tracking, radio frequency identification, interoperable emergency communications systems, health care information technology and other technologies; patent reform; China currency issues; issues affecting foreign sales; patent reform; legislation related to Iran and Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization; research tax credits.

* Western Union

Regulation of money transfers and remittances to foreign countries, and immigration reform in general; Homeland Security efforts to stop money laundering; use of Social Security numbers and tax identification numbers in background checks for money transfers; restrictions on remittances to Cuba; international affairs issues; legislation that would eliminate regulatory burdens on insured depository institutions and money services businesses.

* Coca-Cola

Health issues, including the Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act of 2007; visa issues (supporting an increase in H-B1 visas); agriculture issues related to sugar commodities and biofuels; water issues; patent reform; issues about nutrition and marketing to children; bottle recycling mandates on climate protection legislation; food safety issues; coinage issues (regarding weight and make-up of coins); supporting research into expanding the benefits of folic acid; tax issues related to foreign income; currency issues related to China exchange rates; Columbia Free Trade Agreement and related labor issues; Russia’s accession to World Trade Organization; seeking federal government help regarding taxes or regulationsin Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.


Major construction company with federal contracts.

* American Wind Energy Association

Department of Energy wind energy research and development programs; legislation regarding efforts to halt climate change (the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act) including allocation of allowances and distribution of auction revenue; federal regulations regarding energy transmission; production tax credits in various legislation; tax policies; renewable energy standards in energy legislation.

* Lehman Brothers

Various legislation related to financial services, including the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008, Emergency Loan Modification Act of 2008, CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2007, the Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2007, Industrial Bank Holding Company Act of 2007, and the Homeownership Preservation and Protection Act of 2007; tax issues related to prepaid derivative contracts; the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007; Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007; Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007; Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007; general tax issues.

* State Farm Insurance

Interests include legislation that would remove antitrust exemptions and subject insurance industry to Federal Trade Commission regulation, and various legislation related to natural disasters, including the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act, Multiple Peril Insurance Act of 2007, the Homeowners’ Defense Act of 2007 and Homeowners Insurance Protection Act of 2007; Also lobbies on patent issues, intellectual property; legislation permitting the use of repair parts not made by the original vehicle manufacturer; promote federal incentives for states to adopt statewide building safety codes; insurance regulation issues in the National Insurance Act of 2007; promotes creation of catastrophic savings accounts similar to tax-deferred health savings accounts; promote teen driver safety awareness efforts; monitor new rules requiring companies to give consumers notice and opt-out opportunity before consumer reports are shared with affiliates for marketing; privacy provisions of FTC and Office of Thrift Supervision; supported the Cameron Colbransen Kids Transportation Act of 2007 (now law), to address safety threats to young children in vehicle accidents.


No filings in 2008. (Most recent, 2007: advocating extension of solar investment tax credits.)

* United Launch Alliance

Interested in legislation concerning the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, including authorization and appropriations bills for NASA and the Department of Defense.

* Google

Regulation of online advertising; privacy issues; issues related to acquision of DoubleClick; patent and copyright reform legislation; fair use excemptions and treatment of “orphan” works; Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007; Pro IP Act; online consumer protection issues, including online child safety issues, privacy and data security; federal energy standards and incentives; provisions to accelerate the commercialization of plug-in vehicles; immigration issues including H-1B and employment-based visa reform; promoting scientific research and education funding in various bills; E-Government Reauthorization Act of 2007; Internet tax issues; net neutrality rules; FCC rules on broadband practices; spectrum allocation issues; varioius related legislation, including the Broadbad Data Improvement Act and Broadband Census Act; issues related to broadcast political advertising; freedom of expression and intellectual property rights in international trade agreements; spyware issues; openness and competition in the online services market.

* Kroger

Farm Bill provisions, including food labeling, nutrition issues, food stamp programs and other issues; fees for debit and credit card transactions; data security; restrictions on use of carbon monoxide in meat, poultry and seafood; food safety legislation; organized retail crime legislation; Medicaid drug reimbursement for retail pharmacies; the Dextromethorphan Distribution Act of 2007; regulations concerning tamper-resistant prescription pads; pension reforms; issues related to pet food safety and mandatory recalls.

* Southern Company

Utilities issues, including the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the Climate Stewardship Act of 2007, the Home Energy Generation Act; various environmental and climate change legislation; renewable portfolio standards; railroad competition and anti-trust enforcement legislation; tax issues involving depreciation of electricity distributio assets, and various tax incentives; Clean Air Act regulations and Clean Water Act requirements for electric utility industry facilities, like cooling water intake structures; funding issues for nuclear power, biorefinery systems, etc.; terrorism risk insurance issues; nuclear power plant safety legislation; Department of Energy carbon capture research and development; trade provisions related to the importation of uranium.

* PNM Resources

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program; clean coal technologies; climate change issues; energy efficiency programs; production or investment tax credits, collaborative energy research credits; incentives for energy efficiency; legislation promoting plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; proposed cap and trade emissions-reduction programs; Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection and Energy Efficiency Act of 2007; Global Warming Reduction Act of 2007; Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act; Railroad Competition and Services Improvement Act of 2007; collaborative energy research tax credits; renewable portfolio issues, eminent domain issues for energy corridors.

* Anthem

Less than $5,000 in lobbying reported in 2008; no topic specified.

* PCI (Property Casualty Insurers of America)

Monitoring climate change legislation and impact on insurance industry, including America’s Climate Security Act of 2007; Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007; the Multiple Peril Insurance Act of 2007; Flood Insurance Reform Modernization Act of 2007; Insurance Industry Cooperation Act of 2007.

* TW Telecom (formerly Time Warner Telecom)

Issues related to the 1996 Telecommunications Act and wireline regulation.


Contract issues with FEMA related to post-Hurricane Katrina cleanup in New Orleans, including environtmental issues, engineering, construction services in water, waste-water and environmental remediation.

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