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The US Is An Enron Economy

Allow me to tell you why the US is going to break up – Balkanize – into separate states/regions.

1. You can not run a civilization or a society on an Enron Economy – and the USA is an Enron Economy.

2. An Enron Economy is build on sucking the life force out of everything it touches leaving it for dead.

3. Those who run or are involved IN the Enron Economy can not stop or change its trajectory, even if you punish and send those in charge to prison – it will find others to replace them. An Enron Economy is always doomed to fail, it lives and strives for failure.

4. You can not change the system from inside, it is completely and utterly corrupt, rotten to the core. You must bury it in a concrete silo and start over. If you do not, those within its purview and anyone it touches must become a slave to maintain it.

So like the mafia, which is basically what an Enron Economy is, you will always have a kingpin(s) and that is anti-democracy; as is in the end, unregulated capitalism.

The modern human being needs seven things to survive:
Clean Food and Water
Health Care
Productive Purposeful Work

There is no reason to compete any longer for resources – just work to maintain, clean up the current mess and make the world a better place to live.

Finally, a little perspective: You are on a big rock hurling through space with no particular place to go, and the universe is indifferent to your needs – stop worshiping a book – get along, at least don’t go out of your way to hurt another, build a fence if you have to.


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