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the nalts nalts aka boring nalts



the puck rocker “drummer for green day” nalts



the anime nalts aka for the nerds nalts



the yuppie nalts aka bit o the 90s



the usher nalts aka the albertbrooks



the afro nalts aka early michael jackson aka disco nalts



the paris hilton nalts aka before



the hooker nalts aka after


which rug, er… I mean dew, will push Nalts into the future?

Nalts Consulting

Instructions For Gallery:

When you click on the picture you can see the correct name in the URL.

have more doo ideas? send them this a way!

the evolving new and improved Nlats /w stache





13 responses to “nalts

  1. See I’m thinking hooker nalts is the winner. Maybe I can have these rotate on my homepage, based on the visitor’s psychographic profile.

    • the hard part was they all started to look pretty good on you and that wasn’t the intent – now if that original pic was a higher resolution AND in color we would have had a lot more fun! 😉

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  3. I guess I have to guess which is which but I could swear that one of those look like Albert Brooks.

  4. reubnick

    Yeah, how’s about “Black guy in a school video from the 80’s”? You could even give him the cheeta print glasses, it would be great.

  5. colleagueofnalts

    What no Trump style? You’re Fired! Oh wait, Kevin probably didn’t pay you huh?

  6. StalkerOfNalts

    Here are some color ones at a bit higher resolution. Enjoy!

    I’ve been planning on messing around with these a bit myself.

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