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  1. D. Gibbons

    Hank Paulson
    George Soros
    Jamie Dimon
    John Maynard Keynes

    Financial terrorist nominees

  2. Will

    MICHAEL JENSON & DICK CHENEY : THE JOKER, or A Knave of Clubs, MICHEAL JENSON. Frequent note is made of how Harvard’s Teflon Titans (now in the White House!) assisted in the meltdown, however, there is one Harvard buffoon that is getting scant rebuke, the ubiquitous Prof Michael Jenson, granddaddy of a shift in executive compensation practices, that were largely responsible for crooked bookkeeping, spurious share manipulation, maniacal risk taking, and above all else, slaughter of middle class balance sheets. Two plus decades of Jensen folly have given America a Gini co-efficient of a banana republic and an ageing population without any savings.

    QUEEN OF CLUBS(clubbing actually..).That Odious Dick “Deficits Don’t Matter” Cheney, In Drag!

  3. Aldo

    Lawrence Summers
    Robert Rubin
    Hank Paulson

    George W. Bush
    Obama (No Change from Bush)

    Jamie Dimon
    Anthony Mozilo
    Dick Fuld
    Lloyd Blankfein
    Mitch McConnell (Unabashed WS Apologist)

    Repeal of Glass Steagall:
    Phil Gramm

    The Clintons

  4. Jake

    I think some of the CNBS journalist belong in there.

    maria bartiromo, Liesman, etc. Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch deserve a card in the 2-8s to represent the complicit business media.

    Replace Reagan with Obama, as Reagan is no longer with us.

    You need James Baker III and Bob Rubin in the Jacks category.

    Also, you need the “Fabulous Fab” and some of the lower level scammers in the 2-8 category.

    • thanks!

      the CNBC crew is on my list, but I don’t understand why you think Michael Bloomberg should be as well? Bloomberg News has been reporting the scandals pretty consistently.

      Obama’s getting a special card 😉

      You’ll need to help me justify Baker.
      Rubin is one of my Queens.

      The only FF I know is Tourre and finding a picture of him or any of them is tough. I’m going to add buildings too so perhaps, I could design a Logo for the group?

      • Jake

        Business Insider has some pics of Tourre. Evidently he likes to Heli-ski

        Baker was Treasury Secretary under 41 and did significant dirty work under Reagan.

        Bloomberg reports the scandals and gives cover, ever read a report on a bad economic indicator from that group, totally useless happy information that is anecdotal and has nothing to do with the bad indicator they are reporting, not as bad as CNBS or WSJ but close.

        • hmmm I always thought of Baker’s dealing with war et al – not the economy.

          What did he do that effected the economy today?

          This is why I listed the presidents, responsible for everyone in their admin. till pretty much Bush.

          let’s admit it – Bush was absent – his own words were ‘let the private sector run the place I got me brush to clear.

  5. JC

    Too many names to mention, unfortunately, but be sure to put together a “marked” version of this deck. If and when you decide to market these I’ll buy a marked dech for sure – “The U.S. Rigged Market Capitalist Deck of Cards – Marked, Of Course”


  6. Obama ! Pretty major player for obvious reasons. Better KoC than Bush 41.

  7. will

    Queen Update : I’ve Already suggested Cheney as Queen of Clubs, Now for the remaining three drags: Bob Diamond, as ….. no not Queen of Diamonds, but queer of Spades, he was a prime mover in globalisation of spurious financial product. (Diamond as Barclays president unapololgetically raked in several times more than their chief executive; Varley! At the time he said: “Ten years ago I don’t think the UK WAS MATURE ENOUGH TO ACCEPT PERFORMANCE RELATED PAY!!!!Barclays now third biggest dealer of credit default swaps). Then there is Hank Paulson as queen of diamonds, and finally bulgy old Larry Summers gets the hearts spot. If there really has to be a chick in the mix what about Laura Tyson? How does one cardify disgraceful agencies Moodys, Standard & Poor, and Fitch?, how too to cardify Goldman stooge and sometime insurance institution AIG? The list could not be complete without a sub prime sod or two on a three or four.

    • I replied to your other post not sure why it doesn’t show…

      Jensen noted.

      I intend on including Cheney with Bush I see no other way to address his presidency

      you know after reading your comment I’m tempted to change the kings to jacks and move everyone up…

      I have Paulson as an Ace of Diamonds.
      thanks again for all your suggestions

  8. bud007

    why the fuck are you putting the good guys in there FOR like paul or schiff ???????

    i thought this is supposed to be a FINANCIAL TERRORIST LIST ?????? cause if those 2 are in there then you might as well put max and stacy….WTF ?????

  9. bud007

    oh sorry never mind, i didnt catch that those were the bonus cards !!!!!!

    • no prob – we need heros too not just the bad guys, but I made it clearer so no one else gets lost.

      btw I’m gonna delete your last comment too – haven’t the American People had enough of that done to them already?

  10. bud007

    can you make a card with erin burnett getting gangbanged by kramer, obama and liesman ? that’d be fun

  11. G



    Also (?):

    Rand Paul
    Jim Rogers
    Ross Perot
    David M. Walker (served as United States Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008)
    Gerald Celente
    Marc Faber
    Eric Sprott
    Henry Ford
    Andrew Jackson
    James Abram Garfield (assassinated)
    JFK (assassinated for executive order 11110)

    Louis T. McFadden (poisoned)
    -in 1933, McFadden introduced House Resolution No. 158, articles of impeachment for the Secretary of the Treasury, two assistant Secretaries of the Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and the officers and directors of its twelve regional banks.

  12. G

    Brian Mulroney- Canadian PM that brought in NAFTA and sold 99.5% of Canada’s gold reserves …..and the U.K. bitch about Gordon Brown’s bottom!

    Stephen Harper- current PM of Canada currently being investigated for concealing documents of tortured Afghan POW, George Bush’s lapdog, furthered along the SPP with George Bush, and the list goes on and on…

    Any and all Rockefellers and/or Rothschilds.

    Ex. Jay Rockefeller- Senator of West Virginia

    • we’re moving into the whole precious metals paper bubble – that’s deserving of it’s own deck. Will add Mulroney to the list.

      so much out there on Rockerfellers and Rothchilds already, less there some ‘hands-on, off to jail with you!’ I’m saving these for a conspiracy deck and if need be, in the future, heads watching the city gates…

  13. Marc

    Most of congress (Barney Frank, Obama) and ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, FOX etcetera, they cover it all up with Michael Jackson or Tiger Woods.

    Don’t forget McCain who endorsed the bailout also.. 😦

    • Oh Barny Frank is on my list – the only question right now is where…

      He was against the audit then for the audit against the audit and for it…
      He’ll be there somewhere

      I think we can say all the major media outlets have some burden to carry in this mess – let’s hope the deck inspires people to change course and listen to alternative forms of news.

      too many endorsed the bailout
      McCain… meh

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  15. Donald

    Although Greenspan was the top propagandist/point man for Wall Street his prodding of congress would have never succeeded without the cajoling (behind the scene) efforts of former Senator Phil Grammar (R) Texas. Gramm is most responsible for getting the infamous Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bill passed into law.
    Without the passage of Gramm-Leach-Bliley too-big-to-fail and the multi-trillion dollar sting operation against the U.S. taxpayer (and the world) would have never come into being.

    So, I think Phil Gramm was Wall Street’s Ace in the hole for the Wall Street Banksters and deserves an ACE position in the card deck. Gramm was the wheeler dealer who got the job done.

    Furthermore, all ACE card faces should be reserved for those most responsible for implementing the crime of the century.

    The Kings? Well, you know they are the ones most responsible for beheading of the people.

    Must read: http://www.opensecrets.org/news/2008/09/money-and-votes-aligned-in-con.html

    • yeah Gramm’s on the list – certainly ambitious, but not sure deserving of an Ace position.

      The power of the FED and Treasury now usurp the Congress and Exec Office – course in the final stages of this terrorism those sitting at the top may take a back seat to those spinning and ambitious fellows down a couple of rungs.

      as I mention to another person in the comments, I may push the presidents into the Jack position and move the other guys up – but Rubin, Summers, Blankfein, and Dimon as Queens seems fitting – gonna be tough.

  16. Mike H

    Jamie Dimon — Bad Guy

    Bill Moyers–Good Guy and Soul of America

  17. Will

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I’m a bridge player and we always use two packs.. Suggestions: One of Good Guys, One the Chamber of Horrors, or maybe one background in green for Greenspan and the poor old dollar, the other with a black background, for those that created this blackhole.
    How do we order!!!

  18. Mike H

    Has anyone mentioned Brooksley Born? She definately belongs on the hero list. I believe that Rubin should have Ace status and that Gramm should be elevated to at least K as well. If we could only lynch 1 person over this whole debacle it would be between Greenspan and Rubin. I would have to go with Rubin. He’s by far the most disgusting one of the bunch. He was the point man for Wall St. in the 90s then he goes to Citi, runs it in the ground while making a cool 110M doing nothing but giving bad advice.

    • Brooksley added.

      you’re right about Rubin, however, since Clinton he’s been relegated to toady status for the count – the problem is that in government Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson could have said stop at any time, Rubin doesn’t have that power or control regardless of his influence over matters and the expression of his deep dark black crust of a soul.

  19. Mike H

    Cramer as a Joker along with Madoff is perfect! What about sleezy Joe Cassano? Someone from AIG FP has to make the list.

    • the jokers were pretty easy.

      Cassano and Liddy are both on the list, their position in the deck is still up for grabs, perhaps they can make me an offer for preferred ranking 😉

  20. Aldo

    Another hero – Professor William K. Black author of THE BEST WAY TO ROB A BANK IS TO OWN ONE

    Black’s expertise is in white-collar crime – Specifically “control fraud”, public finance, regulation, and other topics in law and economics. Quote: “We now have psycopaths/sociopaths in control of our major financial institutions”

    See interview on Real News at http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=7&jumival=4920

  21. StalkerOfNalts

    Have you thought about the design that goes on the back of the cards?

  22. One of my favorites is Ann Minch who started the Debt Revolt in California with her youtube rant over the financial terrosist banks there. Here is a link to her website:


    She has been interviewed by Max Keiser in one of his programs.

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  24. StalkerOfNalts

    I was thinking…as much fun as it may be for you to hate on all these old farts and as cathartic as it may be to blame them for causing financial and economic crises (whether justified or not), I would submit that the term “terrorist” is unwarranted.

    I don’t know who half of these people are, but I’d be willing to bet most of them got on your list as a result of ignorance and greed as opposed to malicious attacks designed to inflict suffering upon the innocent for no reason other than hatred.

    Would you refer to people who drive while intoxicated as terrorists too due to their foolish, selfish, and reckless behavior which displays an appalling lack of concern for the wellbeing of others?

    Maybe “profligates” or simply “villains” or something along those lines would be more accurate.

    Anyway, just my two cents. I’m probably taking your hyperbole a bit too seriously, but then again, using the term “terrorist” is a serious accusation.

    • no, I’m quite serious and the only reason you find it hard to understand is because you are unaware of what has happen, what is happening and what is going to happen.

      These people’s actions have caused more damage than bin laden and the attacks on 911-

      This has been the biggest heist in World History – nothing short of Fraud, Larceny and Theft

      time to catch up!

      start with GS

      • StalkerOfNalts

        I’m not questioning the amount of damage done, but to some extent, that is irrelevant.

        You’re missing my point regarding motivation. Is any bad guy who causes a lot of damage necessarily a terrorist?

        Are you really saying these people set out to do whatever dastardly deeds with the sole intent to harm others?

        • Yes.

          Let me put it to you this way.

          Let’s put these guys on par with the 911 crew.

          You need at least three elements to be a terrorist.

          1. religious fervor
          2. a suicide mission
          3. death

          1. Blankfein said he’s just a banker ‘doing God’s work.’ These guys adhere to their scripture – the wealth of nations by Adam Smith – it’s their Bible – but they pick and choose only what they want and apply it thusly, just like a fundie with his King James bible.

          2. Suicide bombers. They find ways to get access into your building, perhaps they work there or befriend someone then one day they show up and kaboom!

          These Bankers sell their products to you, tout that it’s a safe investment, then they turn around and secretly bet against their own products.

          It’s not unlike taking fire insurance out on your neighbor’s house then burning it down, they make money on the fees coming and going.

          Further, they’re so big they can use their size as a form of blackmail. Like suicide bomber on a mission they are also the ultimate bully.

          How is taking someone’s life savings and pension any different than flying a plane through a building? It destroyed lives and the sense of well being.

          You can say it’s only money, but its tentacles are long and go deep, to jobs, home, health-care and finally war.

          Would you say the people who worked at the WTC, a known target, should have known better?

          3. Death to the innocent aka collateral damage.

          They care not what effects their motives have on not only their stockholders, but anyone else near by or in the way, as long as they reach their goal or fervor.

          The religious fundie wants virgins, heaven or an abortion doctor dead, these guys want money and power, control over the wealth of nations making people their slaves.

          Religious fundies want to make you a slave to their religious laws and beliefs. Wall Street uses lobbyist and graft in the dead of night and behind closed doors to make you bend to their will.

          One group may do it with a burka or a cane the other indentured-servitude through endless debt.

          What’s the difference?
          a slave’s a slave

          Like a fundie these guys have a medieval mindset – Lords and Serfs, they hate the middle class.

          Read you Medieval History and you’ll understand how they think.

          It’s similar to manifest-destiny, they’ll justify anything, even death.

          Lastly, those who support them, knowing full well the damage they may cause or perhaps don’t care as long as they see their ideology or agenda fulfilled are complicit.

          They care not for the well-being of their fellow man or choose to make use of common sense.

          The above are the people who took direct action in the destruction or pave the way allowing the melt down to happen.

          There’s little doubt they had no idea the damage they would cause.

          There were scores of people waving flags and trying to get the attention of those in charge – THEY KNEW AND WERE WARNED – REPEATEDLY

          Take the story of Harry Markopolos, almost 10 years and those responsible to protect the public refused to listen because they were influenced and controlled by the people with their crazy ideology.

          How we resolves these problems are up for debate, but now through the results of their actions we all know.

          It’s time to lift the veil take off the burka, remove the blinder.

          Time for justice.

    • I bow down humbly in the presence of such grtseneas.

  25. StalkerOfNalts


    What facts are you picking and choosing to put every single president in the last quarter of a century in the same category as mass murderers? Do you realize how extremist / fundamentalist that make you sound?

    Insurance scams and blackmail = suicide bombings? I think I must have missed the suicide part.

    Collateral damage. No doubt. But for a terrorist, damage is intentional instead of collateral.

    While it is only a semantic difference and does nothing to exculpate those responsible, I still contend that there is a significant and important difference between those who selfishly seek profit at any cost to others and those who set out with the express purpose of destroying other people.

    Pragmatically, you are correct; it makes no difference. A slave is a slave.

    Pragmatically, what do you hope to gain by demonizing our country’s leaders. Is hateful rhetoric the best path to justice?

    • Facts:
      The boxes will have a list of actions that helped facilitate the lead-up to the financial crisis today.

      Keep in mind that bin Laden, as far as we know, has not physically murdered anyone, however, we’re pretty sure his feedback, decision and money helped in the destruction of a number of bombings.

      I picked the last four presidents, and I struggled hard with this choice, but I couldn’t find my way around them since they allowed the lobbying, appointed their advisers influence then signed the bills into law that allowed the crisis to happen. As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.“

      side note: see/listen to the most resent interview with Bill Clinton about what a mistake it was for him to listen to Rubin and Summers.

      Suicide Bombing:
      I said “Financial” Suicide Bombers; the destruction of our economy.

      Now it could be argued that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Certainly, the titans on Wall Street would argue against my label, they love the personal financial gains. Bankers are receiving billions in bonuses, but at what cost to the nation? I argue that through their actions, not only immoral and unethical, but also illegal, they have cause the destruction of our economy. If you want a taste of what these financial terrorist wreaked upon the world watch what is happening in Greece and Iceland (Spain, Portugal Ireland to follow) and keep an eye on the law suit in Great Britain against Goldman Sachs.

      Collateral Damage:
      Losing one’s home or business by way of these phony financial and destructive instruments has had its effect. City, towns, and taxpayers have taken a direct hit, people have lost everything. Wall Street sold products in earnest to clients and then bet against them. They lobbied Congress hard to facilitate these scams. The comparison to buying insurance on your neighbors house, then setting it ablaze and collecting the insurance is exactly what they have done.

      [You did watch the testimony on CSPAN3
      “Senate Hearing on Goldman Sachs & the Financial Crisis”]

      There’s no doubt, as you can plainly see, it has had a ripple effect on our whole economy; through business failures and the loss of jobs, health care and now state and private pension funds. More and more citizens are becoming homeless and dying because of these losses. Darwin economics has it’s downside.

      But let’s say you were lucky enough to avoid the direct hit and the ripple effects of the fallout, you, as a citizen, are being forced to pay for their toxic waste, and unless the American tax payer agrees to do this they have threaten to destroy the entire economy; all the while collecting billions in bonuses. That’s not only blackmail, it is exactly what a terrorist does, ‘agree to my demands or I will destroy you!’

      Ignorance of the law, even a moral one is no excuse, but that’s the effects of any fervor, be it religious or secular.

      “Pragmatically, what do you hope to gain by demonizing our country’s leaders. Is hateful rhetoric the best path to justice?”

      The above statement is an uninformed opinion, a subjective one at best.

      None the less…

      I see it as my civic duty and under the guise of free speech. I hope to expose the crooks and liars, the unethical and immoral dirty wheelers and dealers. I hope out of this to gain better leaders and most of all educate the public in a creative way so that they finally demand the justice of which we have seen NONE since Congress, under the threat of Martial Law, was made manifest on October 3, 2008.

  26. Julio Fisk

    Muchos Gracias for your post.Much thanks again.

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  28. Cookeee57

    Fantastic! We can’t wait for these to be available! Please keep us in the loop when they are ready! We are trying to think of others to add.

    How about adding Rockefeller (david is an ah) or a Rothschild? Also may want to mention Jekyll Island, which is where the Fed Reserve was born.

    • thanks for your comment and suggestions.

      I could create several more decks if I added the history of scoundrels this nation has experienced. If this project takes off I’d love to do it!

      Right now my focus is to hold accountable those who haven’t plunged 6 feet under yet. I hope the deck makes it a little easy for those just starting to wake up to the mess.

      I appreciate your support, the deck is complete now just tying up a few lose ends and working on the physical production.

      Can I ask how you found this site, so I can thank the person who led you here and ask if they will notify their readers when these are made available to the public.

      thanks you again

      • Chris

        I found your link from max keiser’s site. Gotta love max.
        I hope you don’t mind, but I put a link to this on facebook as well.
        FYI, David Rockefeller is, unfortunately, still very much alive and one of the leaders pushing for one world order and currency. Thanks

        • Max is great!

          RE: fella

          When I see Rothschild, Rockefeller and Jekyll Island together I automatically think of the old man, who should really be up here too…

          Tell ya, got enough scoundrels for a whole other deck.

          • cookeee57

            Any idea on a timeframe for these cards to be released?

            • soon, the printing part is a process – leats if I want them too look nice.
              But t-shirts and the likes are in the works.
              I’ll try and keep both blogs updated on the process
              thanks for your support

  29. Hi there, great initiative. could you extend this idea (yeah, should do it myself…) and add home address and a printed map of the home?

    Would be fun to see how these powerful people will react 😀


  30. jigsaw

    I used to be more than happy to seek out this net-site.I wished to thanks in your time for this glorious learn!! I positively having fun with each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you weblog post.

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