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Who is the hell is Lawrence Lessig?

UPDATE: Jauanry 2018 I disavow Lawrence Lessig, he is  an enabler of criminals

Mr. Lessig, let me remind you, that you backed and apparently are STILL backing a woman who is a war criminal, who cheated both you and Bernie out of the 2016 presidential race and was part of an Administration that drove Aaron Swartz to his death – you seem to be one of those people.

You’re about to find out.lvws

First, go here


Mr. Lessig is actually more than qualified to run for what we are still calling high office here in the good ol’ US of A, but his real goal is not all the accolades and power that come with the job.

This Is His Goal:
“We Need to Fix Our Democracy: Lawrence Lessig Weighs Presidential Run to Rid Money from Politics”

Are you even more impressed now?

With all of the excitement in the current presidential derby I was caught up in the whole Donald Trump escapade. I wasn’t going to bother voting until Trump stepped in when I thought, “What fun!”

Now, some might take that particular attitude as the words of an irresponsible, flippant, nay nihilistic 2nd class citizen, but with a dimes worth of difference between the two parties, the banks and corporations holding all the cards and money, we’re not living in a free society, a democracy or even a republic anymore, Trump at least shook things up. C’mon, he admitted paying politicians to do his will, the media should have been all over that statement like white on rice, but the media is owned by guys just like Trump; worse even, who buy and sell politicians for lunch. They aren’t going to talk about the puppet-masters on the corporate owned MSM news channels! Dictatorships never do. Thing is, we know what Trump said about buying politicians is true, we’ve known for a long time it’s all true, yet when one of their own says it out loud we can actually taste it, we can experience the truth behind his words physically, like a punch in the face.

So Freedom: what exactly is that? Here’s someone who can soundly explain the idea of what robust citizenry is supposed to look like.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Diebold Machines.
Yes, that HBO Documentary is dated, but it has only gotten worse and computers easier to hack by nefarious underlings, and Congress has done absolutely nothing to fix this.

Voting machines are rigging elections
Voting machines switching votes
Programmer testifies voting machines are rigging elections

So here’s my big question for Prof. Lessig, what do you fix first, money in politics or the voting machines?

Most of you already figured this out, but just to be clear… to get the money out all you got to do is win, but in order to win people have to vote for you and how are you ever going to win if the voting machines are rigged?

Anyway…  along comes Lawrence; I think some call him Larry; been following and watching this guy for over a decade now, anyway he comes up with this idea of how to take our government back.

Now I had already resigned myself in great part to secession. I figured after the next election the banks will own everything including us, it’s the next step in this taking-forever-unfolding-economic-collapse, but I rolled Lessig’s idea around in my nut and I thought, ‘Here is a secret magic door that could actually be a game changer!’ cause let’s face it, eventually we will have to come to our senses and do the right thing, right?

The Bottom Line: Give it a go, you got nothing to lose, seriously, unless you’re the 1% you have absolutely nothing left to lose and absolutely everything to gain. We have to get the money out of politics, you can’t change one thing until this happens first.

You’re in a boat in the middle of a lake, the boat is filling with water and a bucket won’t do, you got to fix the holes. As long as the money keeps pouring into our political system we’re going to sink and the hole is getting bigger and bigger with every election. There are too many people without a life jacket for the current system to continue.

Lessig is going to blow your mind, his campaign requires you to think differently about political campaigns. This is definitely not what you’re used to, but you have to be if you want to fix the boat and enjoy the lake.

Remember: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Lessigs approach will put an end to the insanity. The only question you have to ask is, are you tired of being insane?

Here are some more in-depth links I offer up for your exploration, do the research! I’ll add more as time goes on.

Check back for updates.

Lessig For President
Lessig’s Blog
Get Lessig in the Debates
Off the Grid
We The People
The Biggest Political Party In America Is NONE OF THE ABOVE!
Rules out third-party run
The system is rigged
Hacking the Presidential Race
Lessig Listens To Ferguson TYT
Serious About Reform
Democracy Now Video
Equal Citizens Video
Harvard Law Professor Announces He’s Running For President
Unchecked money
9 things to know
Lessig Interview TYT
Why does this Harvard law professor want to run for president?
Harvard’s Larry Lessig is exploring a presidential bid
Lawrence Lessig v. Citizens United
free culture


Announcement – Lessig Campaign Launch




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The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future

Interview Highlights
On Diminishing Corporate Influence in Politics
It’s so easy to turn it around. I mean, when you say to yourself, “Where should our country be going? Where should our community be going? How should workers be treated? How should consumers be treated? How should we get clean elections?” You don’t think you have a majority of people [supporting that]? You may have liberals and conservatives on that. And so the key issue is like, it’s a principle of physics. Where do you have the greatest leverage to turn the government around and put Wall Street in an accountable position and make these corporations our servants, not our masters? Congress. 535 men and women. And they all want your votes. But there is nothing organized out there, except a few single-interest groups.

On How Bird Watchers Can Save Government
Look, there are 15 million bird watchers. Some of them are incredibly intense and dedicated. Up in the morning in the marshes, regardless of the weather, with all the equipment. You know, connecting with one another. And they do connect with one another in terms of how many birds they watch. And, why can’t we have “Congress watchers?” It’s such a simple idea. There are people who work overtime on hobbies, complex hobbies, not just stamp collecting, coin collecting, matchbox collecting. There are people who every day do things far more difficult than organizing Congress watchdog groups in every congressional district, like raising children.

On Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss the Wealthy and How They Can Be Part of the Solution
The danger of a stereotype is 100 percent. You never want to stereotype. Even if you have an unfair stereotype. Do not stereotype 100 percent. There’s always the 1 or 2 percent. And justice needs money. A lot of these solutions could be accomplished very rapidly if thousands of organizers were fielded to work every day in congressional districts mobilizing people with a laser beam focus on their senators and representatives. You’d be surprised how fast the legislature and Congress will turn around.

On Military Force
Defense. An attack on our country or an imminent attack on our country. That is the only legitimate international law support for going to war.
On Inequality in America

Every empire in the history of the world has devoured its own people. Every empire when it’s fallen, has devoured itself. And we have so impoverished our country with the diversion of money for the empire, that we’ve got half of the people in this country who are really poor. Half of the people in this country. We are an advanced third world country. We’ve got modern computers. Modern military. Science. But the livelihood of more and more people is disgracefully shameful. And that’s what the 99 percent people were talking about.

On the Source of His Passion for Justice
I had a good choice of parents. As a child, you know, Michael, I couldn’t stand bullies. I actually got red and flushed in the face when a fourth grader would beat up a second grader. So, you grow up that way. And, I wanted to be a lawyer. To me a lawyer meant fighting for justice. It didn’t mean working in the Wall Street canyons for corporate behemoths like Goldman Sachs or Citigroup.

On Civic Engagement
You know the question I ask people? It’s a little facetious. You know, Congress affects you in every way. Good or bad. It can send your children off to war. It can allow companies to rip you off. It can raise your taxes. It can lower your taxes. It spends 22 percent of your income. I say, “Do you spend more time looking at the mirror in a period of a year? Or do you spend more time looking at your congress?”



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Three Words Radio


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The US Is An Enron Economy

Allow me to tell you why the US is going to break up – Balkanize – into separate states/regions.

1. You can not run a civilization or a society on an Enron Economy – and the USA is an Enron Economy.

2. An Enron Economy is build on sucking the life force out of everything it touches leaving it for dead.

3. Those who run or are involved IN the Enron Economy can not stop or change its trajectory, even if you punish and send those in charge to prison – it will find others to replace them. An Enron Economy is always doomed to fail, it lives and strives for failure.

4. You can not change the system from inside, it is completely and utterly corrupt, rotten to the core. You must bury it in a concrete silo and start over. If you do not, those within its purview and anyone it touches must become a slave to maintain it.

So like the mafia, which is basically what an Enron Economy is, you will always have a kingpin(s) and that is anti-democracy; as is in the end, unregulated capitalism.

The modern human being needs seven things to survive:
Clean Food and Water
Health Care
Productive Purposeful Work

There is no reason to compete any longer for resources – just work to maintain, clean up the current mess and make the world a better place to live.

Finally, a little perspective: You are on a big rock hurling through space with no particular place to go, and the universe is indifferent to your needs – stop worshiping a book – get along, at least don’t go out of your way to hurt another, build a fence if you have to.


The Two Latest Enron Economy Kingpins


Can’t keep doing this shit
The Poison Beneath Us
Terror Drones
War Is A Racket
Blog That!
Why The US Empire Must End


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Look To Greece


Look To Spain
Mondragon Corporation

all kinds of currencies

Examples of alternative currencies

Barter clubs or corporate barter organizations are an example of alternative currency systems.
Calgary Dollars
Community Exchange System (CES) global exchange network
Electronic money
Fourth Corner Exchange
Ithaca Hours, Ithaca, NY
Kelantan dinar (gold) and dirham (silver) in Malaysia
Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), an example of mutual credit, is a type of local currency used in a number of small communities worldwide.
Liberty Dollar is a private currency backed by silver, designed to be a nationwide alternative currency in the United States.
Ripple monetary system
Stroud Pound
Time Dollar is a state-sponsored alternative currency in the U.S, designed to encourage the independence and productivity of welfare recipients.
Toronto Dollar is another example of a backed local currency.
Valun System proposed by E.C. Riegel
Ven is a social currency used in Hub Culture, a private social network that operates a network of Pavilions which accept the currency for products and services. Ven is traded among members and is one of the most advanced alternative currencies in existence, with live market pricing derived from a basket of commodities and currencies that make up the value of Ven.[1]
WIR Bank – One of the oldest and most successful complementary currencies, founded in 1934, oriented towards small and mid-sized corporations, with 62,000 members.
Alternative Currency

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