yes, my attorney says “it’s all copy written,” unless it’s youtube or otherwise linked, but ask i’m reasonable.

Questions Comments?

I read.

see something wrong or incorrect on this blog?

tell me.



4 responses to “q&a

  1. melcly

    Hey I was searching around the forums to see if anyone knew how to post a jibjab video onto the wordpress.

    I read what you said about ripping the swf, converting it and uploading to youtube. How do you do that??

    The direct post to wordpress on jibjab doesn’t work – i kept getting the message “post failed – invalid content!”

    So, that’s pretty annoying. The youtube way is a convoluted route but it seems to be the only way. Mind sharing how you do that? Thanks!


  2. I have a ton of jibjabs floating around, converted and captured in several ways. what post are you referring to? got the URL?

  3. Craig Withers

    Just wanted you to know that I enjoy this blog…especially the politics part. I added it to my blogroll. Please check out my blog, if you get time, at http://wellsandwithers.wordpress.com/.

  4. thanks – checked it out – good stuff! — you get any help from Michael to run for office?

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