198 Countries

Project #1

I am working with a friend who is starting a new project. The idea is to collect 4 tablespoons of soil from every recognized country in the world. The total amount of soil collected would be roughly 3 gallons.

The soil will then be divide into 2 tightly sealed containers until all the samples are collected.

If you wish to participate it is asked that you dig a little deep into the ground at least 6″ before you scoop up the 4 tablespoons and then shovel the soil into the bag. It is also asked that you do not dig near sites that could be poisoned. If there is an area nearby that has been untouched for a while that would be best.

The soil should be placed in a small zip-lock type bag, wrapped well and sealed tight.

Every envelop and postmark will be saved with the intention of creating a colleague to be framed later.

When all the samples are collected seeds will be planted in the soil – at this time it is uncertain what seeds will be planted so that part of the project is open to suggestion.


Project #2

Same as the above, but only in the U.S. 50 states and only 2 tablespoons , which amounts to roughly 1.5 Quarts worth of soil and 50 envelops.



If you would like more information or would like to be part of either project or know anyone who would  please, contact me here or on twitter for mailing information.

Thank you.




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4 responses to “198 Countries

  1. The world is built on ideas. Good luck on your project.

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