the miraculous white supremacy

the miraculous white supremacy is a random off the wall word project with little to no meaning or context, much like white supremacy in the US and I needed a year long project just in case.

365 day of ideas and topics to deliberate, things to do and see, something to write home about or not.

defiantly dadaish.

got an idea to add, comment below, I’ll add it to the day with credit (if you want).

no cost to participate, a.k.a free.

started 082017

Day 1. winning the lottery could cure the mundane.

Day 2. go to the Trevi Fountain write about something there no one will ever read.

Day 3. people create things, write songs, make inventions and each inventor declares that some low income based family receive a chunk of the financial benefits of the creation.

Day 4.  in three words.

Day 5. 4327.18

a. national cherry popsicle day is fast approaching, stock up! (jasper)

Day 6. in America it’s every man for himself – in the US Corporations you’re an employee, prepare to die for the profits of Wall Street.

Day 7.


a. it’s all yours, tanks!

Day 8. do you ever suffer from hydro-oxi evapotranspiration?

Day 9.
“That which is falling must also be pushed.” -Nietzsche

“Having a high IQ only makes you clever it doesn’t make you smart” -ish

“…. he wasn’t much into fame or fortune, and though the death was tragic and sad, it was highly unusual. No one had ever drowned by eating too much watermelon before. He made it into the Guinness World Record Book. Death By Watermelon. Killed by a pink squash. You just couldn’t make that up.”

Day 10. “So like I ask God for help and he’s all like, “Okay, here, go pick up this shit up again!” And I’m like, “Wait a sec, let me check my numbers, and then I’m like thinkin’ what’s the point of living?””

The Nazi party died in 1944 – the tyrants today are behind all the wars and run all the banks. You’re angry and fighting an imagination put in your head by your masters, they control the media. Turn off your TV, your chains will turn to dust.

Are you awash in savings?

Day 11. every once in a while it’s good to ask, “Why are we here?”

Day 12. just how deep does my autist run? Today I read War and Peace, the Brothers Karamazov, listen to 41 Mozart symphonies, baked a crumb cake, cleaned out the junk drawer, touched up all my paintings and folded 5 grocery bags.

Day 13. epoh?
no response is a response

Day 14. swordfish

slowing I turn, step by step, inch by inch

Day 15. Normies are everywhere!
So this government person, Equifax and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar…

Day 16. why fee fie foo fum
has anyone ever actually died of embarrassment?

Day 17. there’s this old(er) gentleman in my building, he’s a little crazy, but I guess in a good way. He’s tall, least 6 feel +, white hair, wears a tweed cap, bent over a bit forward and he’s a heavy walker. He does mostly nice things, odd, but nice. Like he’ll buy candy or flowers, fruits or yogurt; I think for himself, or maybe it’s for someone else, not really sure, but he always seems to have a little extra of what ever he buys. Same with either a storage locker or maybe he goes to a thrift store… not really sure. I see him couple times a week and noticed he always ends up giving some, if not all, of the stuff he has with him away either to people in the building or people walking by. Today he gave me a scratch off lottery ticket. I won $100! How bout dat?

Day 18. just then

“… just then she realized he wanted her dead.”

“…just then the north wind blew through the prairie and cleared the land.”

“…just then a letter arrived.”

“… just then he found a strudel.”

“…just then ja ja ja.”

“… just then it was a cold and rainy night.”

“…just then she realized that she was stuck on number 18.”

“…just then…, just then…”

“…just then, it was time for bed.”

“…just then it was time to wake up.”

“…just then the coffee was ready to serve.”

“…just then the light flickered.”

“…just then the phone rang.”

“…just then he vanished.”

“…just then a letter arrived.”

“…just then he was rich!”

“…just then the glass glass fell.”

“…just then a child appeared out of no where.”

“…just then he lit up a smoke.”

“…just then his phone died.”


Day 19. Today is the ?? anniversary of discovering that I could toss kleenex into the toilet and not the garbage.

Day 20. George Orwell Elementary School.

Day 21. Later is always now.

what daemons took you?

Day 22. Fingale’s Cave Tours

I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.


Day 23.superseikendensetsu 3

benevolent emperor ~xadiem



Day 24.

Torches of Freedom


Day 25.
Embrace the Suck

Day 26. angry weather makes me angry!

-kicked in the groin, found it



Day 27. today

this too

and this

Day 28. nobody’s coming and you’re never going to win.

Day 29. right time, right place for everything, coming to a theatre soon.

Day 30. new tv ad – “dying is hard, dying alone sucks!”

be prepared – only $29.99


-People are given so many blessings in life. Of course they are not distributed evenly and many could argue even fairly, but there comes a time when you are certain the bowl is empty, you’ve used the spatula to it’s full extent and the bowl is all, but licked clean. The question now is, what do you do? We will talk about that issues and more tonight, right after the commercial break.

-does eczema really cause heartache?
is the heartbreak of psoriasis real or just another conspiracy theory?

Day 31.

Day 32. Good news for parents, 80% of you fail. That’s right your kids hate you like you hate your parents for mostly no good reasons. Find solace in that.

…and we’ll be back to descending on the path to nihilism and mediocrity right after these messages.

Day 33.

Day 34.
This is the water and this is the well, drink full and descend.
The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within -David Lynch
cDay 34.

wanted audience

Day 34.
time stopped

Day 37.
there comes a time when love turns to hate that turns to indifference that turns to art.

Day 38.

summer has ended… 
Day 39.

nihilist band names

irony escapes
civic failure
in passing
cheap shit
money hungry
defiant dadaist
here comes the apocalypse
satan’s love child
bad seed
i hate my job
infected finger
band width
fucking flash drive
i hate this computer
ms windows sucks (last good OS was WIN95)
the end

Day 40.
I met this incredible man, he said he could send me back to the beginning of my life and that I could relive it all over again, and if I go back soon I would remember everything I know now and could change all the bad things and relive all the good things over, even make them better. He said that I would still meet all the people I have known throughout my life so far.

Day 41.
falling into madness

Day 42.
“The leaf cries out in pain as it rakes you” -metokur

It’s that time of year again for, Little Death Words of Wisdom:
remember when you’re an utter failure you can cry all you want, no one will care. focus now on the moment when you won’t wake up – find solace and comfort in that, make it a little game now, cause, well later you’ll miss the moment. don’t be too hard on yourself, take it one day at a time, the end is inevitable and once you reach your goal, well… it won’t matter. namaste. don’t forget to treat yourself now, go ahead open that new box of band aids rather than use the last 2 old ones, YOLO! look around you, is this how you want them to find all your things, in such disarray? don’t worry, you’ll be dead. is it really worth going through all the books looking for that $20 you hid in one of them for a rainy day 10 years ago? prioritize. when the day comes, how will you be remembered? again, you’ll be dead, it won’t matter. work on those memory skills now. what happens to all the internet stuff when you die? have you thought of all the people who have typed in forums, on blogs, left comments, pictures, unfinished

Day 43.
today I went to the grocery store, picked up the usual, bread, milk, cheese, eggs, butter, cereal, coffee, leaches, lettuce, sleuth, and honey. when I arrived home and put the goods away at the bottom of one of the bags was a bottle of nail polish. xtreane nail polish #139. what is the meaning of this?

I read a poem today, or was it a short story or a dream story or poem? it was in spanish, in the story an old short man accosted another man, the old man was looking to create a bouquet of blue eyes for his lover. defiantly not neruda.



if I had a cafe…. I’d have Bunuel et al, Hitchcock and Fellini clips, my own work of course, along with all the other interesting finds on youtube, with permission, projected, running all day. Id have a side room for special no talking film events which included live piano or chamber music for silent films weekly, radio theater for the holidays and the best homemade cakes, stews and soups this side of the Mississippi all reasonably priced.


Day 44.
“…to live in fear is to be a slave.” Roy Batty, Bladerunner


fiat justitia ruat cælum

Day 45.

Day 46.

need to stop scaring the middle class with the poor


Day 47.
hurry, think of something quick!
Day 47.
into the blue again

must use this


Day 48.
you could have it all…

Day 49.

Day 50.
better, but shaky

boomers turned out to be greedy, pedos and perverts
Gen X & Y Nihilists YOLOs
Millennial self absorbed n bat-shit crazy
Gen Z the new commies and nazis


Day 51.
got to be hard to always hate half of who you are and to admit that genetics and race are real.

with all the differences between alt-right n alt-left; including blm/antifa, one topic they have in common is Israel, funding and favor.

still, one needs to ask, if the white race, is so gullible, so uncaring for their own people, are they worth bothering over?


Faith is believing in something you know to be untrue



Day 52.


Day 53.


some game toons

Day 54.


Day 55.
Monday – chicken curry special or masala dosa, muttar paneer & salade
Tuesday – carrot miso and grinder
Wednesday – red chicken ench cilantro
Thursday – string pot roast whole carrots and oven baked russet potatoe
Friday – swordfish asparagus capers
Saturday – chicken chili fresh whole grain bread irish butter
Sunday – salmon strawberry cucumber

always on hand:
eggs all ways
home frys with farmer cheese and pepper (hot sauce)
crapes and swedish pancakes with lingering
carrot orange juice
beet wheat grass w/ pineapple or grapefruit
mixed berry cream custard smoothie
homemade cherry, chunk apple pie
apple pudding bread
cranberry quick bread w/ sunflower seeds or walnut
one seasonal: pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, blueberry
cold gazpacho, tomato soup and cheese sandwich (seasonal)

cinnamon stick coffee
drosty cocoa
real whipped cram
hot chai black tea
sleepy time

Day 56.

Oswald and Warren Commission – Live In Dallas



Day 57.



white genocide

Today’s Visualization
christ on a cracker

Day 58.
looking for the light in 1000 metaphors


Day 59.

the only good time to be a centrist is when someone asks you, what’s for dinner?

spring ahead fall behind now it’s back to real time

Missing for over 7 months long lost hour finally returns home.

a man is wakened, startled
he sits up in bed
he squints, rubs his his eyes
struggles in the dark peering down a windowless hallway
he sees a familiar shadow
he struggles to look, acclimate
a stark realization comes over him
he leans forward and cries, “Come to me Sunny Boy!”
he knows, he is now certain
he sits upright, extends his hands upwards, the creature flies into his open arms, they embraces, they hug tightly for a moment then fall away into sleep, united and happy once again for that long lost hour.

the biggest bubble in the US is the one you’re living in your head
hedge funds and big banks have managed to steal almost every penny off boomers
they are now dying in debt average is $63k

Day 60.
A Short Story
It was a dark and stormy night and then there was this little old lady who every Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning would take a bath though she was partial to showers, and on Sundays she would wash her hair (description). She would tidy up around the place a little, make ready the trash, check clothes, air the place out, do the dishes and make a healthy lunch or sup. Usually a salad (description) [more on the ritual of making ready for the event]. The event was – wtl/ctn – tbc.

Day 61.

… last words were, “Leaving now, goodbye.” Yet, in those three words lay so much, a whole life of things said and unsaid.Yet, even though they held immediate relief, there was a guilt and regret that would haunt and linger until his death, and they came in the quiet moments, the moments that gave excuse to self-medicate, remain in a now vanquished and hopeless relationship. Regrets do that, they travel in packs and attack when sullen and alone. Some reach out to animated spirits while other look to the grave and into the dark unknown.


Day 62.

Big Foot

How is it that one can be the nicest, most pleasant person in the world and yet, be completely unaware of the way in which one takes their stride? Like an approaching train full of iron and heavy coal, a cyclone swirling fast as it draws near, a truck on a road full of exploded land mines, 21 consecutive pianos falling from the roof of a 5 floor walk up… add at will…


A Happy Tragic Tale

There was a man, poor in purse, who inherited his father’s bad luck, [the logic], one day he realized that regardless of all his efforts he could not move forward in life so he decided to give it up. He sold all his possession, cashed in what little pension he had, maxed out all his credit cards; which was harder to do that one would think, then took off to see the world.  -[ the world  ]- The plan in the end was to jump off the highest cliff and plunge to his death [the death].


Day 63.
I have a dream where I am lost in an alien land. We are surrounded by foreign faces. We are strangers in a land tamed by our ancestors. Our numbers continue to decline. Our hopes continue to fade. I am afraid. I am afraid.

I live in the 21st century. Here, at the end of western civilization. I’m so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes completely wrong. There is no escape from this hole here. I feel drained. So far I still haven’t found a real purpose in life. Sometimes I’m afraid to get out of bed in the morning, and there’s noting to get up for.

But, I begin to see reality for what it is, rather than what I wanted it to be…  but then everything changes. Apathy becomes idealism. Cynicism gives way to stoicism. A generation of men find their purpose to proudly carry the flame of their ancestors into a new century.

I begin to change. I harden myself for what it come. I learn to steady my rifle. Yet, I have not discarded my compassion. Once a man is robbed of everything, when is destiny is no longer his own, then, when he has nothing left, he is free.

I still have that dream where I am lost in an alien land. We are still surrounded by foreign faces. We are still strangers in a land tamed by our ancestors. Our numbers still continue to decline. Our hopes still continue to fade, but I am not afraid. I am not afraid. – anonymous

What the heck were you thinking? There are no excuses, how could you not know better. How could you let this happen? There’s no rhyme or reason. There are not enough words regarding the outcome, no explanations that could suffice. I’ve seen some ill-gotten behaviors in my day, but this is beyond all comprehension. How on earth could you just up and die?

  Sacred Flame – Lagerlöf [pg 221]
Day 64.

An Ongoing Conversation – Overheard:
Two people who do not know each other, but know of each other at opposite ends of a cafe.

N: “What makes this person think I’d be interested in any of this drivel?”
S: “His last work really sucked, guy’s a narcissist. Why do I bother to help?.”

E: “You do know the faults we see in others is what we hate most in ourselves?”
S: “He wishes she were dead so he wouldn’t have to think or worry.”
E: “Fucking karma,eh?”
S: “You don’t believe in that shit, do you?
E: “I don’t know, sometimes I do.”
S: “What did she do?”
E: “Not sure, he won’t talk about it, acts like nothing’s wrong.”
S: “Weird. When I ask how’s she doing, he always says she’s fine.”
E: “Yeah, but he hasn’t seen her in 10 years.”
S: “Really weird!”
E: “Yeah, fucked up.”
E: “Ya know, someone said something nice about her to him a couple times and he said, “Thank you,” like nothing was wrong, but he hasn’t even talked to her in 10 years? Well not 10 years, but almost.”
S: “Still.”
E: “Yeah, still, that’s fucked up.”
S: “Yeah, that’s fucked up.”
E: “Now I’m curious.”
S: “Hmm?”
E: “Why?”
S: “Why what?”
E: “Why, what happen? How can he be that way?”
S: “I don’t know. I think I want some cocoa. With whipped cream!”
E: “I’m thinking I’ll have the Mexican coffee.”
S: “Mmmm, that sounds yummy, what is it?
E: “It’s the house blend with a cinnamon stick soaking in the pot and real whipped cream, a little sugar or honey.”
S: “Wow that sounds good. Now I don’t know what I want.”
[they settle on the coffee]
S: “Still, To produce a kid who hates his mother that much, she must have sold him into slavery.”
E: “Or spoiled him rotten.”
S: “You think so?”
E: “Yeah, did you ever meet her?”
S: “Once, maybe twice.”
E: “He was always so rude to her.”
S: “Really, I never noticed. She was pretty quiet, didn’t stick around long, but now that you mention it…”
E: “You couldn’t be too nice to him or he would talk to you like, like, like…”
S: “Like you were putting him out?”
E: “Exactly! And he knew he was doing it too.”
S: “I wonder what makes people the way they are? I hope I don’t do that.”
E: “Nah, you’re a good egg.”
S: “What caused the fall out?”
E: “Well the way SW tells it, he helped her move and then never called her again. Then when she’d call him he sounded like she was putting him out. That was that.”
SW: “Hey guys!”
S & E: “Well speak of the devil!”
SW: “I am what I am!”
SW: “What did I do to speak of?”
E: “Oh, not you, we were talking about NW”
S: “Well, about him and his mother.”
SW: “Yeah was tragic, I guess.”
E: “Tragic?”
SW: “Yeah she’s dead, they found her about a month ago.”
E: “Holy shit, that’s just so weird, what happen?!”
SW: “Man, I don’t know if I can say it without crying, she left this really long letter. He let me read it. Fucking breaks your heart. I don’t think anyone can feel that deep and live very long in this world.”
E: “Whoa! Shit! I don’t want to know.”
N: “I do.”
SW: “We’ll not here, let’s go someplace else, but I gotta eat first I’m starving!”

N: “Oh hey,”
W: “Hey.”
W: “Well?”
N: “Well What?”
W: “Did you get them?”
N: “Yes.”
W: “When will they arrive?”
N: “One year.”
W: “A year?!”
N: “Yep.”
W: “Why a year?”
N: “That’s actually pretty fast, they have to build them and program them.”
W: “How does that all work?”
N: “There was a long questionnaire and I had to send a bunch of photos.”
W: “Are you sure you want to do this.”
N: “Too late now, and yes, I thought about it a long time.”
W: “How are you going to explain all this to everyone?”
N: “I was thinking I’d move. I’ve got a year, so it wouldn’t look suspicious. Some place no one will knows us.”
W: “That’s pretty smart.”
N: “I thought so.”

Day 65.



Day 66.
Recipe for Rage
Imagine if you will holding a smart phone in your hand and through some strange transference you could actually feel and see the lives, the pain, the anguish of the people who work to put it all together. You walk in their shoes, you see their lives, feel the endless hours, the boring days doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, reaching the point and understanding how death would bring peace to an imprisoned life with no end. Follow as they lead you through these empty lives all so you can waste away time using some clever ap, a trivial game, send a pointless text message, ignoring what is really important and worthwhile all by choosing to remain ignorant of their suffering. Then imagine there is someone looking into you who is now holding and feeling all the sorrow, pain, and future regrets you’ve set aside and like those workers choose to ignore. Bake for 30 minutes.

Could it go there? Does that question even matter?

the rise of AI
To produce a kid who hates his mother than much, she must have sold him into slavery or spoiled him rotten.

“Knowledge is knowing what to gather, wisdom is knowing what to leave out” -ish

“An absolute truth, no matter where you go on this planet, in this dimension, in our time, the only place you are truly free, is in your mind.” -ish

I am the archetypal unperson
the one who bowls alone
nihilism is my middle name
cynicism my bread and butter
apathy is what I long for at the end of the day

I am told I have inherited nothing from my ancestor
I am told not to carry anything with pride
I am told it is all my fault
I am told I should die alone

then let me go
no more shall I count the hour
no more prayers for the swift end
no ashes no dust no element shall be saved
no compassion for those who will remain.

Day 67.
new side little project – #swpl

Day 68.
Day 69.

“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.” -Shakespeare
can you hear me now?

we gone from howdy neighbor, to who is my neighbor? to as long as it’s not me, now we’ve crossed into every man for himself. I can understand now why people get religion. every decade, every year, every month, week, day and hour it all gets more and more convoluted. Lies do that.
how many people each year die of a broken heart?

Day 70.
Oppenheimer’s bomb was really just a fancy intellectual box once owned by Pandora.

well I’ll be! Manson wasn’t guilty of hypnotizing those girls, it was all a terrible corrupt, drug deal gone wrong, propaganda of lies. The DA, the judge, the lawyers, the police, the prisons, even the media, they all lied to cover their asses, make money or gain status and power, and who cares about a depression era jailbird, mentally ill, con-artists drifter from the mid-west? Some Humans really suck!



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