Donald J. Trump – The Genius

Part I.
Bernie Sander, 45th President of these United States of America.
Oops! Sorry, that’s taking place in the parallel universe.

First, I want to take a giant step back to 2015, when Bernie Sanders announced his bid to run for President of the United States.

Just before Bernie jumped in and Trump made his way down the escalator there was a real feeling growing on the left that this could be the year of a solid third party Populist run and win.  Even the media was going on the year before how this could be the end of the two party system.  After all, Obama proved to be a shill for Wall Street, a War Monger, not to mention the expanding NSA under his regime, record lock up of whistle-blowers by all presidents combined, and the end of the 4th Amendment via his signing of the NDAA.  The energy for a real 3rd party nominee was palpable, ‘Jill Stein or better!’sky’s the limit.  And though the campaign season seemed a long way off you just felt progressives were going to come together and really turn this into a Green year. This was it, a real third party candidate would step forward because between Clinton and Bush, “Wars & Banks Я Us!” there was absolutely no difference.

Then in May Bernie jumped into the race and that literally pulled the rug out from under a strong Green Party run. Suffice it to say, people who were on top of the issues were super pissed, they felt lost, almost betrayer, not because of Bernie’s decision to run, but that he decided to run as a Democrat.

Bernie’s appeal at the time was also pretty low among many progressives, not because of his age, but because of this town hall video – [ ]

I’m sure many remember.

soapboxEven though Bernie was still better than most democrats, even those who leaned left, he had this somewhat hidden and convoluted hard line pro-Israel narrative going on. He was wishy-washy on the settlements, looked the other way over the abuse of Palestinians, he never mentioned Israel’s rush towards an Apartheid state with all the atrocities, the abusive border crossings and patrols in Gaza. Further, even though he had this wise and great history of standing against the war, he voted to fund them all; wars can’t happen without money, not to mention the deals he made with Lockheed Martin in his home state of Vermont. Lastly, for all his left leaning and pro-justice views on the House and Senate Floors Bernie, as an Independent and the lone voice of the far liberal left had a history of building no more than a soapbox to stand on.

Progressives were suspicious, letting a life long Independent Bernie run as a Democrat made people think this might be a ruse by the war mongering banker bought and sold DNC now interjecting their will in order to take the wind out of the Green Party sails and rob them of their numbers. ‘Offer them Bernie and then we’ll pull in all the anti-war, anti-big-banks, anti-etceteras… we lost, all those who once hastened Obama to the front of the line and into the white house back in to the Democratic Party they left over the endless disappointments of his policies. Yat ah ahhh!’

No well informed and thinking progressive for a minute believed the DNC would let Bernie win.

Of course, in the end we were correct.

However, the big mistake the DNC made is they thought just reeling Bernie in was enough. His platform, though sketchy to most, didn’t matter, it was apparently good-nuff and as history now recalls his campaign took off and skyrocketed by October.  As they say, To The Moon! Doge! Even Bernie was amazed.


That, was the energy we knew was out there and apparently so did the DNC.

The DNC thought, ‘now that Bernie has brought the lambs back into the fold we have to get rid of Bernie.’

And they did.

But Karma’s a bitch and the way the DNC went about cheating Bernie and his voters destroyed the DNC instead. So yeah, there’s an up side to everything. The DNC is now The RIP.

Since then, as you know,  Trump won, and that was way better than Jeb and of course way better than Hillary.


No More Bush, No More Clinton, a Trump win will finally make it clear to all, the banks own the two parties, the more uncertain question was, do they also own the outside candidate? Just how f#$%ed are we? Let’s measure.

Looking at the Trump Administration the answer seems simple, but is it?

Maybe Trump is a genius (don’t laugh) or is he just another corporate owned shill?

We are about to find out.



Part II.
The art of trickle down political spacing.

So, is Trump a genius?

Did Donald John Trump hire all these diabolical corporate professional who mercilessly worked the system for their own yugely-bigly financial gain in order to make these scoundrels dismantle the whole rotten system? (Oh, what a movie that would make, eh?).

If so, then YES, it would be affirmative, he would be a genius!

The only question then is how much will Trump get done and if he will be above board or slick and secretive like Obama and Clinton?

If he choses the latter, if he’s pulled the wool over the eyes of the American People, like Obama and Bush did, this time on the Independents; the swingers, then there are few options left. You can leave, secede or pray for a meteor to hit the planet cause at that point, the people who keep the system running; until replaced by robots, are working for a zero sum gain, or unless you get off the grid and find your inner Amish you could live right well off the land, newcomer.

Regardless, the working class is going to figure all this out faster than you might think. Those making bank, the upper middle class; ze bourgeoisie, will find themselves addicted to watching Dr. Zhivago or hoping for a Brave New World.

Right now, each day that goes by it looks as if Trump is less and less of a genius, though on some things he is able to cover his tracks, a dangling carrot here, a dangling carrot there.

His hard core supporters of course are blind to his actions and if he does lean away from the promised original task, ruffling their feather’s a bit, they are willing to cut him a break and qualify any one specific action with, “He’s trying to maintain the peace working for ALL Americans, what a guy!”

Some think it’s enough that he stop immigration from terrorist nations, (today’s results look very selective), put up the wall, bring jobs back and cut taxes. Those people say in the end Trump won’t be great, but above mediocre.

One question few have asked is, what does Trump really think?


Personally, right now, I’m trying to decide how I feel about long beards, brims, bonnets and buggies.


If I think of anything else I’ll add it as we continue over his first 100 days to test this hypothesis,  Is Trump a Genius?

Great quote by Lee Fang, who I still think is a bit of a shill for the DNC, and how would he make a living if not for the endless conflicts he writes about? I wonder…  but maybe he’s waking up, a little? – “To win in the midterm elections all GOP has to do is deploy right wing podcasters & message board trolls to campuses, left easily distracted”

I don’t think Trump is Hitler, nor do I believe he will become Hitler or Stalin for that matter- but the two parties have acted like Hitler and Stalin for decades – just count the global dead by their corporate deeds, but there is a 4th Reich and a new Stalinism taking hold, where this is happening and by who, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
btw – I’ve been pondering this topic for a while, voicing many of the words here and elsewhere, but what helped me toss this into one semi-cohesive context was this


Keystone Pipeline

In Process
Bring Back Jobs
Controlling Middle East Immigration
Improve Russia Relationships
Deregulate Banks
Appoint SCOTUS

Build Wall
Cut Environmental Regulation
Defeat ISIS
Deport Illegal Immigrants
End Common Core
End Obamacare – Health Care Reform
Lower Taxes Business and Personal
Move Israel Embassy
Rebuild Infrastructure
Renegotiate Iran Deal
Renegotiate NAFTA
Withdraw Paris Climate Change

Goldman Sachs Appointed
Big Oil Appointed
Too Much Foreign Aid
Ending all banking regulation



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