my banter my blog – help wanted

carwelp, ran into some mechanical trouble with my car; which I can ill afford since I’m still paying for the brakes that needed repairs last July – the latest is a new belt, etc… cause the air conditioner I haven’t used in 5 years just happens to be hooked up to the rest of the gizmos that makes the car go is grinding metal and if it freezes up while driving… well that’s the end of that. So tomorrow my car will be having a bypass operation, and it’s setting me back $319.49. If you’ve followed my banter and blog all these years, or perhaps on twitter and facebook and want to lend a hand I would greatly appreciate anything you can spare. I’ve never done this before – pride and fear mostly – but I was thinking perhaps this is the new economy, I give to others all the time and never think twice about it, but it’s still hard for me to ask, but I’m willing to try – anyway here’s my paypal and bitcoin addys if you so desire.

paypal –
bitcoin – btc 1G1W36McVZdJN8tRsBKtRpWB2sC8ajT7ct

if you do contribute or even if you don’t, just reading this might help send good thoughts my way so let me know and I will send you something I made.

thank you


p.s. bought a lottery ticket – hope springs eternal


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