ISIS as Art

Catchy title, eh?

If you thought this was about the goddess of Egypt please catch up here.

If you thought it was about establishing the “new” Caliphate – you’re pretty much on the right track, maybe, sorta, well, we’re all a bit unsure right now.

I haven’t quite decided if ISIS is a religion on steroids or some strange art project put together by a bunch of nihilists working at the CIA or some other covert world government group – take your pick.

Regardless, they have my attention.

So here’s the latest video by the kidnapped journalist/hostage John Cantlie.

youtube keeps taking these down so copy/paste this in ⸮GOOGLE⸮ if the video doesn’t work John Cantlie Lend Me Your Ears
I’ll add them all here as they are published.

Is life stranger than fiction?

So before I get into this video a few preliminary notes:
The one thing I’ve picked up on regarding this particular group – isis the beatles – is that I feel like I’ve just tuned into watching a new series on HBO; like Game of Thrones – though this is supposed to be real life with real people suffering and dying. But, it’s so hard to tell: Experts say Foley ISIS beheading video likely “staged”. Do I cower in fear, raise my fist in anger, or get the popcorn?

Welcome to the Game of ISIS.

I’m convinced what is causing this confusion is the huge mistrust we have in our own governments. I don’t know exactly what straws of lies broke the camel’s back over the years, but there’ s no way to restore trust in our governments; not in the US ever again, not without a clean and thorough sweeping and prosecution of just about everything walking on two feet in DC and Wall Street. I think for that to happen the capitalistic system that has been set up and we have allowed to flourish must collapse in and on itself, or concerned and dedicated citizens must gather in one state and secede.

In the mean time, slaves are back in fashion, slaves are the new black and what makes the best slaves are slaves who don’t know they’re slaves.

Two questions I have for ISIS/ISIL, is it your intention to crush that system, and if so how?

I guess we will find out as these videos unfold…

What do I know?

The first thing I noticed about this video and the preceding ISIS videos is these men approach what they are about to say with an atmosphere of resigned personal doom and gloom – they are covered in a veil of nihilism. Putting that aside, we believe they are being told what to say or forced to present their words in a certain manner, they convey, “I am going to die, you are going to die, we are all going to die anyway, so who cares!” attitude. Then it’s topped with this Elliot Rogers arrogance of, “and it’s all your fault!”

I don’t know if this is a brainwashing technique, one person talking or editing their writing, but I get the urge to slap whatever being this attitude is coming from; and that’s where is stops for most of us and that’s where your government and the corporations say, “We’ve had enough of that.”

Perhaps, years of watching the US/EU/IS slaughter children makes a body jaded in this particular manner, it certainly is a form of mental illness and understandably so, but I can’t seem to identify what this illness is and that makes what is being said hard to trust; more fantasy than injury.

That’s not to dismiss the elephant in the room, that the men behind all this are killers. Whether they are Islamic Jihadist or if they are working for the CIA/Mossad/MI5 or other.

The one thing I have learned from life, the movies and history books is never trust a killer or anyone who’s worked on Wall Street. EVER.

One small sidenote, and perhaps I can expand more on this later, I see Jihad John in this show as the Doppelganger of Russel Brand. If not in a real sense certainly in a literary sense.

I’d like to expand on other aspects of these videos as time goes on.

The close ups in HD of Cantlie face which are disturbing, but seem to mean something. The whole reason why they fake the beheadings, or perhaps there are many video takes before they perform the actual deed, and the gruesomeness of that back story when they get their final take, or to commit these videos to some of the worst propaganda inflicted upon the human psyche in the history of humanity. Why is our government subjecting us to such horror; they have been told over and over by experts that what we are doing to these people in the middle east will result in exactly this behavior, and finally, when and how does one walk away from all of this; is it even possible?



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