Bowe Bergdahl

Here are the video interview from July 14, 2009
Taliban Video Shows Captive US Soldier In Afghanistan

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

This is a very complex situation – I have not studied it at any great length.

I have listen to this interview several times and of course there is no way for me to know if this is real, staged, intentionally set up or all of the above.

Is this man a traitor, a military spy, a CIA agent, or a foolish young kid stuck in the cross-hairs of a bad situation?

The circumstances and details of his release are also unknown to me.

My opinions are therefore based on more or less “gut feelings” which is not a basis for facts nor should it be regarded as the truth.

However, now that he is released we will have the opportunity for better insight and perhaps better able to judge for ourselves what really took place in 2009.

As for the exchange – my gut feeling is that the administration and military will find his actions as treasonous and they will lock him up for life in order to send a message to all those who join and express any descent.

My advice if he did walk off either by intent or by accident, keep your mouth shut and get out of this country, find a better place to live that will grant you protection and immunity, ASAP.

To Bowe’s parents, get your son a very good lawyer and psychologist who is well known and on the cutting edge of science to protect his civil rights.

I got a gut feeling your real nightmare has just begun.



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