Santa Barbara – Middle East

sbIt’s all over the news this Memorial Weekend.

Some guy, the perfect gentlemen, started the long holiday weekend by killing his two roommates and their guest with a hammer and some butcher knives – blood was oozing out from under the door.

Then after uploading a youtube video and his 141 page manifesto went off on a rampage with three guns and over 400 bullets.

Three guns, he said, because in the end he was going to use two of them to shoot himself in the head and wanted three just in case one jammed.

Setting aside that this guy was a complete mental case covered in a nut job; which unfortunately ended up being the page 8 story in this more than bizarre doom video game tragedy — If given a time machine I’d go back 23 years, have a sit down with his mum and highly encourage her to go ahead and have the abortion. I’d gently put my hand on her shoulder and tell her knowingly, it’s not worth it, it’s really not worth it, allow this seed to die.

In the end, and I feel relatively sure that if this strange creature could not get his hands on a gun I reckon he would have used that beautiful band new shiny black BMW to mow down a lot more pretty blondes and poor-assholes-not-even-half-white-slobs thus causing way more damage than he actually did.

Now, I also understand why the father of victim Christopher Martinez is angry, and I took special note that he was very concerned about the little children at Sandyhook, he said after all, he had a whole 20 years with his son.

Course that’s not what I would have said (knock on wood) in his position, but I understand that people react in different ways when under unimaginable stress and grief.

Quite honestly, I really don’t know what to say or think about this whole event cause every time I try and wrap my head around it I keep thinking of all the little kids we [the good ol’ USA] are droning and slaughtering everyday around the world in the name of freedom, and I know that unless we really really dig deep we will never ever hear their names uttered across our TV screens, like, Christopher, Katherine, Veronica or Elliot.

Ya know, they tell you in the military that if you ever get caught by the enemy keep saying your name so the person(s) who captured you will regard you as a human being. “Hi, my name is JOE, my MOTHER named me JOE after my FATHER JOE. Do you have a MOTHER and a FATHER? What are their NAMES? Mine is JOE. Tell me YOUR NAME,” You get the idea.

When I think about this whole Santa Barbara scenario and then think about the drones in the middle east I just go numb.


Then after a while my mind drifts off and I begin to wonder, what were the names of the three Asian kids?


Weihan Wang, Cheng Yuan Hong, George Chen


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