the banks own us

bankI plane to write about this extensively over the next few weeks, and of course it’s all very simple and something we all know, deeply suspect or feel in our bones, but we keep trying to fight it in the same old fashion way.

In short, and in the fewest words possible, the banks own us.

Sure there are some who can skate for a while on top, but in the end they will find a way to crush even the skeeters.

I submit that there is enough historical evidence and documents to come to this conclusion. However, facing this grim truth is a whole other can of worms.

There are three immediate solutions:
1. Buy your freedom for as long as it lasts.
2. Form an autonomous community of trusted and like mine, become self-sustaining.
3. Revolution.

Regardless, no matter which way you go the banks will always get their cut on the front, the middle or the back end of things.

And though it may seem like many are waking up, don’t be fooled. Complaining is not action, and be assured the indoctrination runs deep.

What I hope to do over the next few weeks is post links to solidify my conclusion for public consumption.

If you are aware of what I am  working towards and wish to share your findings through links or documents that BRIEFLY explain this observation and  conclusion please feel free to post them in the reply.

I’m not looking for conspiracy theories; the Jesuits or Illuminati, I’m looking for documented  direct observations over the past two centuries from people who have experienced this same revelation. have written about this  and the solutions they drew upon.


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