Cirque du distraction – Bundy Ranch

In this ring we have the infamous team of Hannity and Stewart
Both Stewart and Hannity skipped, dodged and flipped over a lot of details that essentially makes them both political hacks – plenty of twisting and turning ensues.

You’ll need to catch up on this one…
Stewart: Apocalypse Cow!
Hannity: “He’s Obsessed with Me”

just a few obvious points:bundy-ranch-cow-facebook
Hannity made it sound like the BLM created a mass grave of cows – it was 6 – hardly a slaughter, and under the circumstances the BLM disposed of them properly. If you saw how your burgers are made this was not that big a deal; unless you’re a vegetarian then you already know and it’s probably why you’re a vegetarian. Then he presents more spin by showing pictures of a giant backhoe digging up the cows using just the right camera angle making the viewer think some hidden genocidal slaughter took place.

Stewart on the other hand refused to address that Bundy’s family herds have been grazing on the land for several generations, he then makes it sound like our benevolent government let him continue on for 20 years more – PURE SPIN – the question should have been, why the hell did this ineffective Federal Government drag its feet for 20 years helping to put an American Citizens in this horrible position? Talk about passive aggressive. That’s no way to run a government.

side note: Here’s another example of ineffective passive aggressive government.

This whole thing is a bullshit distraction from some very important issues, what should be or rather our lack of priorities: US sending troops into Poland, interfering in the Ukraine, droning people all over the middle east; including Americans, sending military into Africa, the NSA lies about spying on Americans; which makes Richard Nixon look like a saint, Israel/Palestine (stop laughing), allowing the continued torture of human beings whilst war criminals roam free, and the endless bailing out of crooked banks with no jail time for the crimes they committed.

All of the above reaffirms that the US is too big to fail and needs to be broken up – but be aware – there’s a push to unite the US and Canada (Russiaphobia) making the upper half of the continent  one country hovering in the background, (more on that conversation here).

Bottom line is this whole Bundy thing is a big Cirque du distraction.

okay then, so whatever – if this is how it’s going to go down, if this is part of a color or heifer revolution I guess as they say, let the games begin!

Steps in, Sean Shealy of Burning Man, he wants an after-party over at the Bundy Ranch where you can run naked, enter a contest to measure your penis and shit in the water – click

and things get ugly

Here’s something Stewart’s writers could have reported on – bringing some very needed attention, exposure and could have created a sense of comradery amongst us all through this man, 84 year old Shoshone Chief Raymond Yowell – an opportunity missed by the pretend left .

In this episode of Divide and Conquer the agenda continues as we gear up again for the no choices no voices 2016 right left campaigns.

Aren’t y’all tired of this crap, yet?

How about walking away from this beast and forming an alternative self-sustaining organic community?

– anyone want to get back to the basics?
you are what you think

a little update:
I think Bundy is an old man and a bigot- so what? I don’t want to live near the guy. As far as I’m concerned he and his ilk should be allowed to secede, as I believe me and my ilk should have that same right.

I also think the MSM is tripping on this guy – they should pity him and say good riddance to a dying breed, but they are using this old man to divide and conquer the nation and for profit.

If they weren’t they would be talking about more important issues (see above).

So the MSM told us something we already knew, every extreme group has their morons, but this is something the corporate MSM feels they can showcase to keep the majority divided. To all those who fall for this shit, I don’t want to live near you either, if you’re falling for this crap you’re about as stupid as this old man.



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