ahSomeone asked me for a different word to describe bankers and the corporate super rich. Many words and phrases were offered, but after thinking about this for a number of weeks I arrived at the conclusion that bankers and the corporate super rich are sadists.

Sadism is a behavioral disorder characterized by callous, vicious, manipulative, and degrading behavior expressed towards other people.

Gandhi once said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence.”

When you have a small group of people who hold so much wealth, not two or three times more wealth, but thousands of times more wealth, wealth given by the earth for free, transformed and manipulated, and when that wealth isn’t put to good and moral use spread amongst the people through raised living standards, education, good nutrition and accumulated health care from thousands of years of history and public research that makes you a fucking sadist.

If you are a moral human being you know there are absolutely no excuses in this age with all the knowledge and wealth we have accumulated throughout the whole of human history that can not be efficiently dispersed for the betterment of all humans beings on this planet. There are absolutely no excuses unless, you are a sadist.

And if you think these sadist have earned and deserve every penny of their wealth and opportunity; whether by the luck of a sperm, a large collection of suckers or just plan dumb luck, that makes you their degenerate sycophant (ds).

It’s time to play your part, without any doubt in your words and with every gesture it’s time to decide where and with whom you stand.



note to self –
Hypotheses: The super rich control and own everything.
Observations: 2014 – The Bundy ranch made headway with the perceived threat of violence. 1968 – After the death of MLK black communities across the US made headway by rising up with outbursts of violence, unity under one cause. Numbers matter, Organization Skills Required, Leadership Skills Needed, United Philosophy/Cause, Doing The Right and Just Thing, Giving Up Is Not An Option.
Theory: When standing up to sadists and their boot licking toadies they will cower.
Test: TBA

What to do with these sadists and their ds, thoughts?

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