Bundy Ranch and State Secession

Prediction & Harolds


Briefly: A friend made the argument that folks showing up with guns at the Bundy Ranch was a good idea, unlike #OWS where people showed up with cardboard, sharpies and their good will.

The observation he put forth was, which group made more progress?

He argued that for the FEDs if anyone ended up dead it would have been a nightmare. If Bundy died he would have been made a martyr, not to mention a lot of really really bad PR for the FEDs – and I say PR because Washington DC is nothing, but a big giant lying get-rich-quick ad campaign commercial. Most thinking people already know this and even the dim now suspect it –

The last thing Obama needs after the Big Insurance Gift of failed Health Care, torture, undeclared wars, droning Americans Citizens (albeit brown people), Benghazi, NSA Spying, NDAA, arming Al Qaeda in Syria, and the on going energy economic mess in the Ukraine, not to mention the endless bank bailouts – still going on – and this low wage bullshit economy is another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

So the BLM retreating was not only the wise thing to do it was a very smart thing to do.

BUT, I’m about to go Casandra on your ass – this, dear reader is in no way the end to the Bundy Ranchgate Bunkerville Standoffish Harassment.

Yeah, militia, Oath Keepers and 2nd Amendment Liberty Minded folk are feelin’ pretty damn good right now – they’ve been basking in the sunny Nevada sun and whooping it up, they are #WINNING!

However, most are bout ready to head on home after this glorious battle against armed and canine protected brown shirt bureaucrats. Woo Hoo!

But a lot of these old world Constitutionalists type protectors aren’t living in what 21st century thinkers would call ‘the modern world,’ or if you’re a Terry Gilliam fan, Brazil.

They don’t understand that the Corporate owned FED is forever, like Wall Street Banks they can wait you out on anything – they control the courts, the money, communication and all the red-tape, not to mention if needs be all the guns and weapons they have at their disposal.

In short, Bundy will lose in the end. The Fed will wait for him to die, meanwhile running up his fees and penalties. They will put a lean on his property; if they haven’t already, so he can’t sell unless he or someone else evens up his accounts with the government – Death And Taxes.

It get’s even sadder.

When he dies the FED, through the courts and IRS, will claim it all at the reading of his will and saddle his wife with the rest – she’ll lose everything and then some.

In this modern world there’s no hiding any digit – the best he could do is take what cash he has, buy some gold and silver and bury it somewhere no one would know except his wife. Yet, in this modern world she’d still have a hard time spending any of it, for the banks can easily monitor her buying habits and for everything else, there’s the NSA. Even if the guy took any treasure and socked it away for his grand kids – well… you’re not going to believe this.

So the militias left too soon, but they couldn’t help it, they have families to feed as well. You know it, I know it, and the government knows it.

So what’s the next step?

How many of these kinds of encroachments will Liberty Minded Folk keep dropping their lives for in order to defend the just over the unjust, until it becomes as feckless as #OWS?

There’s only one way out, and the Liberty Minded Folk may like the sound of this word; if it hasn’t been brewing since they became Liberty Minded – they will do what their forefather’s did, SECEDE from the “Empyre.”

Think about it: If Ron Paul ran for Governor of New Hampshire (pop 1.3M) the transformation of that state would be phenomenal. What if Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, or heck, even Michael Moore ran for Governor of Vermont (pop 600k). The city of Chicago has twice that population combined. Thinking people from all over the country would flock to those states if only they had moral and just leadership.

But, time is ticking, they need to start organizing and get moving now.

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