Truman Capote created the nonfictional novel – I’m working on creating the nonfictional fictional comment or blog or something half as clever.


Someone purposed the idea that Blythe Masters  (a.k.a. Hela, daughter of Angrboda and Loki),  may take the fall for JPMorgan.

The idea that anyone would think Blythe would fall on her sword for JPM isn’t playing with a full deck.

Even if this women had a come-Jesus-moment and became a tell-all whistle blower within a fortnight they’d find her bloated polluted soaked body floating in the East River, or a couple of her cocktail rings scattered in the muck on some New Jersey pig farm.

When you’re up that high in a corrupt organization you play for keeps.

The best you’ll get is knowing she may lay awake nights wondering if they will take her or a loved one out by “accident,” or worse, “Madoff Jr. Style.” Current trends say the latter is very possible.

Common Sense says you can’t screw that many people over and not think about it.

She may even break out in hives over such worries. For the cynic I guess there is some solace in that.

But, propheting they may lock her up in a federal institution is giving way to false hope.

In ten years time, when all the books have been written and the part she played exposed, people will gaze upon her with contempt and mistrust; she’ll feel their stares like a chill passing through her brittle and splintered old bones. Her life will then be a prison of her own construct, and one day when some lowly naive borderline psychotic young banker who ended up doing time for the ground she laid steals up in the middle of the night and whacks her across the head with an ax none will be surprised, and every hipster will think, “um… yeah, karma.”


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