I AM BRADLEY MANNING http://wp.me/p30mf-43F

Who Is Pvt. Bradley Manning?

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Roughly 75% of the American Public (probably more) have no idea who Bradley Manning is – Let’s change that, shall we?

Throughout the length of the trial I will answer the phone and sign all e-mails thusly, “Hello, Bradley Manning Speaking.” and “Sincerely yours, Bradley Manning.”

Please join me, won’t you?

When you are at the airport, the grocery store or the mall; any place with an intercom system in your travels, page Bradley Manning.

Put a notice on craigslist or in your local paper – “Looking for Bradley Manning – come home quick, it’s important!” Sign it, Concerned Citizen.
(be clever)

Most of this costs you no money – just a little energy and memorization – spending a few dollars to put a personal ad in the paper will make many people smile and get them thinking, remind others…

The war criminals continue to run free – like you, someone who couldn’t believe his eyes stood up and exposed them, now he faces life in prison or worse, the death penalty – this should bother you – change it – flex your citizenship muscles now.

Yes, Now you should use it.


The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning



Stop Eating MSM GMOs


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