How To Fix A You Tube Problem

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…along with the lecture by Aaron Swartz this made me think, there doesn’t seem to be any real way for the common people to communicate with You Tube – I’m hoping there are people out there who are familiar with everything You Tube who are willing to share.

I’m going to start a list of complaints and hopefully solutions on this thread. Please share yours in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. If you respond add the number of the topic, I suspect the list will be long.

1.You Tube will allows corporations to claim false copyright infringement: thys often do this against their own users, thus not only sharing ad revenue with this corporations, but not compensating the user for doing the research that proves the claim wrong. Let me paint that picture for you.
a. you upload public domain content.
b. some corporation claims copyright.
c. it is now your responsibility to prove and dispute that claim.
d. that involves your time, unpaid.
e. once proven, there is no penalty against the corporation for their false claim, however, if you were to do what the corporation did you could lose your you tube channel and all your work.
f. further, once proven that the corporation does not have the rights to the content do they still reap the ad revenue? no one seems to know, there isn’t any transparency from you tube or the company making a false claim, how come?

2. Contacting You Tube Google via e-mail reply – your message has been sent to our spam folder. How it that this company can not tell the difference between the email addresses they require you to have in order to sign up and spam? In many cases Google You Tube email requires you to give them your phone number. Are they unable to communicate like the FBI an CIA c. 2001?

3. You Tube Contact Numbers:

4. The Orchard:

5. Organizing:

6. Copyright:


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