Bob Dylan Sings O’Romneybama

is our candidate
each half representin’ what
the other half hates.

One half blames the rich and
would even the score
while the other denies this
and is blamin’ the poor

One’s a radical Muslim
his critics contend
and one must win votes from
the 47 percent

Both promise no taxes
in every news clip
at least they learned not to ask us
to please read their lips

One desires a promotion
while one seeks re-election
neither one of their virtues
could stand much inspection

Will they serve as defenders
of our glorious shores?
Or will the Constitution
Just get shredded some more?

(Harmonica break)

you’re two peas in a pod
two men who love power
and just wanna play God.

Now it’s up to the voters
and the doctors of spin
all that I can say is
may the best loser win.

You look good on the screen
But will you help us, or hang us
in Two Thousand Thirteen?

Will you help us or hang us
In Two Thousand Thirteen?

Jim Meskimen as Bob Dylan. Music produced and performed by Geoff Levin.
© 2012 by Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc.


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