Brief 10 September 2012

What the Hell Happen to the Democratic Party?

Democrat Obama gave us:
-He ended Due Process for all American Citizens.
-He extended the Patriot Act when he had an opportunity to end it.
-He added four more wars on top of Afghanistan not to mention all the troops and contractors STILL in Iraq (and Obama didn’t end Iraq, Bush set the withdrawal date).
-The drones oh, the drones, he vastly expanded that war machine and has slaughtered hundreds of innocent women and children in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia. He’s even invaded sovereign country’s air space with these things, that’s an act of war!
-Now he’s lining troops up on the Syrian border.
-There’s been no investigation for the Bush/Cheney war crimes, he called it moving forward. Forward? Towards what?! He is now guilty of at least 27 of the 35 Acts of Impeachment purposed by Representative Dennis Kucinich.
-And killing OBL… the Saudi Royals gave more money to terrorists organizations and al-qaeda and he didn’t even initiate any investigation.
-Gitmo is still open and he just sunk $40M for an upgrade, not to mention the 15 year old who has been sitting and rotting in Gitmo for 10 years.
-The torture of American Citizen Bradley Manning.
-He’s put more whistle-blowers in jail than all the president in US history.
-He extended the Bush tax cuts.
-He approved the Colombian free trade agreement which destroys US wages.
-He hired Jeffery Immelt of GE as his job czar who outsourced, under his direction as CEO, more American Jobs than any other company.
-He put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.
-He continues to allow endless corporate welfare and tax evasion, along with letting crooked banks off the hook for violating mortgage laws through foreclosures with barely a slap on the wrist.
-He’s allowed the trading of Wall Street Banker’s toxic waste, including GM Financial, for pensions and savings.
-BP is still allowed to drill!

the list goes on and on…

and still you support what you perceive as the lesser evil?
how do you even agree with any of the above?
when do you stop supporting that?
when is enough enough?!
how can any progressive, liberal or any thinking empathetic person support Obama?

you’re voting for more of the same.

you are being forced into this situation and both parties know it.

I can’t, and I wont.


Green 2012


Big Coal or Big Coal?

Joe Rogan & David Seaman: Trapwire, Wikileaks, and the NDAA

Scahill: Tour of Yemen

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“The only way to win a race to the bottom is to refuse to race.”

Bill Black: Even though many on Wall Street understand need for regulation, most want a free-for-all and damn the consequences.


what are you to me?


WASHINGTON – The Federal Reserve’s record-low interest rates have shrunk income for savers but cut costs for borrowers. Chairman Ben Bernanke is among the beneficiaries.

Bernanke’s latest financial disclosure form, released Thursday, shows he refinanced his Washington home in 2011. He took out a 30-year mortgage with a fixed 4.25 percent rate, replacing one taken out in 2009 that carried a 5.375 percent rate.



a fantasy fairy tale from a satirical news outlet, just like the FED

ECONOPOLIS—As part of an effort to consolidate ties with the sovereign fiscal nation, U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke visited the cloud city-state of Econopolis on Friday to participate in ongoing diplomatic talks.

Bernanke, who traveled in a luxury cable car to the opulent capital floating 20,000 feet above the earth’s surface, was greeted upon arrival by President Cash Moneyton III, as well as a delegation of Econopolis representatives from the Ministry of Supply, the Bureau of Demand, the Agency of Goods, the Department of Services, and the Office of Consumption.

“Econopolis is the world leader in the exchange of currency and a shining beacon of commerce,” said Bernanke, admiring the hundreds of glass skyscrapers and the 125-story golden dollar-sign-shaped tower that dominate the skyline of the Ka-Ching financial district. “This great monetary nation is a key strategic partner for the United States and crucial to its fiscal well-being.”

“America treasures this relationship and greatly benefits from its alliance with the world’s No. 1 supplier of commodity, value, and profit,” Bernanke added. read more


ceci n’est pas une économiste

Big Brother is WWWatching You

anonymous go daddy


a little lighter
Terry Talk



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  1. Darrell

    Awesome list and great find, thanks for sharing this. Really is a goldmine.

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