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all kinds of currencies

Examples of alternative currencies

Barter clubs or corporate barter organizations are an example of alternative currency systems.
Calgary Dollars
Community Exchange System (CES) global exchange network
Electronic money
Fourth Corner Exchange
Ithaca Hours, Ithaca, NY
Kelantan dinar (gold) and dirham (silver) in Malaysia
Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), an example of mutual credit, is a type of local currency used in a number of small communities worldwide.
Liberty Dollar is a private currency backed by silver, designed to be a nationwide alternative currency in the United States.
Ripple monetary system
Stroud Pound
Time Dollar is a state-sponsored alternative currency in the U.S, designed to encourage the independence and productivity of welfare recipients.
Toronto Dollar is another example of a backed local currency.
Valun System proposed by E.C. Riegel
Ven is a social currency used in Hub Culture, a private social network that operates a network of Pavilions which accept the currency for products and services. Ven is traded among members and is one of the most advanced alternative currencies in existence, with live market pricing derived from a basket of commodities and currencies that make up the value of Ven.[1]
WIR Bank – One of the oldest and most successful complementary currencies, founded in 1934, oriented towards small and mid-sized corporations, with 62,000 members.
Alternative Currency


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