Charlie Sheen Is Art


art imitating art imitating art

more art imitating art imitating art


Sheen is after poetry
so the question to ask then is…




or more to the point, what is a poet?

a poet is a dreamer

the poet is neither on the eArth nor in the heAvens
the poet is stuck in the in-between

it is a painful existence
few survive

most, burst into the eternal flame of creativity
from the inside out
becoming the smoke of
the ether

i know what this looks like
i have seen this before

truth seekers
those who come armed with the skeleton made of titanium must travel to the bowels of the eArth to retrieve it

it is a long journey;the mundane is always lurking
the spark of pure innocence must always be present; the tetrahedron in the heart

it is the only way back
it is a fool’s errand

warlocks & wizards



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2 responses to “Charlie Sheen Is Art

  1. Not Bob

    Charlie Sheen is a legend. One small part of the global revolution.

    btw – light grey text on a white background doesn’t read very well (using Firefox).

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