Ralph Nader & Ron Paul Interviewed Together




Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’
Ralph Nader and Ron Paul on The SITUATION ROOM 2008

Ron Paul: “We Have Only One Party in Washington!”

Is it a wonder that Wall Street Banks and Corporations have such a stronghold on our country and political systems that forming an alliance between a Libertarian and a Progressive candidate is now the right perhaps, the only thing to do?

We are long past party affiliation, it is about our core values and finding common ground in our philosophy.

What Unites Libertarians and Progressive?
Both Against the War.
Both Against Corporate Subsidizes.
Both Against Bank Bailouts.
Both For Auditing the Federal Reserve.
Both For Liberty.

Implementation may be different, but the following concerns are the same?
Affordable Health Care.
Better Educational System.
Good Living Wage Jobs.

How do we bridge the gaps?
I believe where we agree most; the end of war, corporate subsidies, bailout, central bank and protecting our liberties will guide us to sound resolutions on health care, education and jobs.

What the two party duopoly has to offer us, in fact what they have only offered us for more than 30 years are endless wars, corporate subsidies, more corporate bailout, hidden bank books, less liberty, gifts to a faltering corporate health care system, an unequal, failing and unaffordable educational system, low wages, meaningless and redundant jobs.

It’s a no brainer.

The World is waking up.

Nader Paul 2012
Paul Nader 2012

think about it

Third Party News Conference 2008

Third Party Presidential Debate 2008

information is the currency of democracy

a campaign for reform



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