The Crisis

Please listen and think.

The Government took our money out of the economy and gave it to the banks.

The banks are hoarding this money and giving themselves bonuses, gambling in more risky ventures, and finding ways to scam the consumer. We are in a state of moral hazard; no penalties for banks and politicians that commit crimes.

This hording of money  and their irresponsi­bility has cut the flow – liquidity – into the economy forcing you to drain your savings and pension just to survive.

The banks are cutting credit, they are squeezing business to cut back employees, make those who are left work harder and longer for less and forcing all of us to fall deeper and deeper in debt to them. This is eroding our standard of living and pointing us as a nation and people towards the direction of a 2nd and 3rd world economy. A sharp divide between the rich and the poor. A place where the middle-class can not survive.

Austerity is being forced upon the American people against their will.

This austerity is not your responsibi­lity.

Debt is not a crime, Foreclosur­e is not a crime, Bankruptcy is not a crime.

Fraud, Larceny and Theft are crimes. The FED, the Big Banks on Wall Street and the politician­s are committing crimes.

Until these banks and politician­s are stopped your future, all our futures will consist of endless chaos, poverty and debt.

Take action now – get loud!

These guys mean business and they are NEVER going to come around in your favor, you can bank on that.

This system has to end. All the quantitati­ve easing and bank bailouts only maintain this corrupt system. It is keeping fraud alive.

The wealthy and the corrupt political powers bought and in charge have to fall. Their present debt, hidden by an Act of Congress, surpasses the world’s economy.

We have to close these banks and arrest the crooks.

We are being held hostage and will never free ourselves from the shackles of these banks until we put an end to them.

We can start over, history is proof.


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