The Road To Recovery – or the dead end

The state of the nation  is going to be hard if not impossible to fix due to the lack of justice.

Without the Rule of Law we are sunk, not only financially, but morally.

Both Private and Public Sectors are riddled with waste, fraud and abuse.

I’m for hitting the reset button or secession, but looking at these charts either of those ideas would be a long way off.

From the looks of things it seems that the American People are poised for more suffering and corruption.

What we really have here are philosophical differences; even with a break up of the nation or hitting the reset button there’s plenty of compromise to come.

Cutting the domestic budget would put the country in peril; more job loss, crime, protests, uprisings, disease, death – Detroit for example would turn into a police state, a grave yard or both.

Cutting defense would make more sense; we need to end the policing of the world. However, the US is in a war economy, unemployment would sky rocket and we would be faced with the same social unrest.

The development of a Green Jobs Economy would be quite a commitment and with massive lobbying, PR campaigns and endless legal battles from the coal and oil industries this would most certainly be a tough uphill climb.

We can look back at all the money we spent and all the debt we incurred at the expense and gambling risks the  Wall Street Banks took and continue to take on the American People’s and their children’s credit card, money that could have been used for jobs training or retraining and for supporting Main Street, but what fields and criteria would we have supported?

Cutting taxes sounds like a great idea, but that benefit’s businesses already in place, big business. It doesn’t discern who is moral or immoral. We’ve already been down the road to big chain stores vs mom and pop establishments.

Same for an unregulated free market, without revamping out court system the BP oil spill, or worse, could be in your back yard with decades of court battles and little to no restitution; not unlike the Exxon Valdez or Dow Chemical in Bhopal, India.

Regardless, there are many battles yet to be fought on all fronts.

We know human beings and civilized societies need some basic necessities – shelter, clean food and water, health care, education and jobs. And we know in order to support and make progress in all these areas we need communication and transportation.

We have the basics down, how we use and support these needs is what we constantly battle. The outcome is a philosophy that engages the political will.

We are at a crossroad.

I’m a people before profits kind of person, I believe in social uplift, but I also know many are gaming the system. In order to manage these areas states will have to deal with their budgets and that means either two things – we become moral people again or we spy and police each other.

Trust is vital and there’s little of that to go around, so how much freedom are we willing to expend and how equal will our justice system be?

The private sector is also riddled with waste, fraud and corruption and in the largest sectors morally bankrupt. Big business has plenty of lobbyists and lawyers to change the laws or bend the rules to their liking that doesn’t make them any better then someone who is gaming the domestic system. Big fish, little fish, both are fish. The more harm you cause the more time in prison you should do.

When it comes to Wall Street Banks this is one area where I agree with Max Keiser, the banks are poised to blow up the system regardless of what we do. Currently, they are the nation’s biggest enemy. To date, they have posed more terror upon the American people than Al-Qaeda.

We also know there is an underground economy that collects billions of dollars in tax free money; from banks, to drug lords, to off shore accounts, to the guy who fixes your front porch, cash only.

So what do we do?

Religion for most Americans doesn’t mean what it used to in the 50’s and 60’s, so there’s little to no moral compass to fill our cups; thanks in great part to TV Evangelists and the Catholic Church.

Though the Humanist Movement is growing there is still great stigma attached, most see this philosophy as being a vessel for atheism or socialism. This frightens a good number of Americans.

The easy path would be two scenarios; joining another existing country as Igor Panarin predicts

or state/region secession as Thomas Naylor writes in his book Secession.

The third option is where we are headed now, a stagnant economy similar to Japan. This, however, would be difficult to maintain since our social make up is so culturally diverse.

We have allowed our system to get out of control and therefore we have a tough road ahead.

Regardless, without real justice, restitution and punishment for those who gamed and used the system through immoral and deceptive means there is little footing to begin any kind of recovery.

Once the wheels of justice begin to turn that is when and only when we will be able to pick up the pieces and move forward.


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