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Win Cash from Google by suing a Youtubers for video taping in PUBLIC.

court document

“YouTube and I are getting sued for the “creepy ice cream man,” video I made. The ice cream man, I just learned is Sam Hubi from PA (this is public now that he’s sued me, but I otherwise wouldn’t list his name). The video was meant to parody my fear of ice-cream trucks — kinda like Clown Phobia video, which Stinky The Clown loved).

The Ice Cream Man was aware I was videotaping him and didn’t object, but he went to police when he saw it. Of course when the police called me, I pulled down the videos immediately. I later uploaded one where he wasn’t identifiable, but apparently Sam was still bothered by it.

Anyway I’ve been sitting on this for a week, because I didn’t want to make it worse… but I am suspending The YouTube Orbit for a bit, because it’s a bit hard to get excited about making videos right now. THANKS for your support. I feel really bad for the guy- I don’t like humor at someone’s expense, and I intended the video to be more self deprecating… a dad is creeped out by happy things like ice cream and clowns, and passes on his mock phobias to his children.

Anyway I wish this was a prank, but it’s real. I called Sam and asked him what he wanted… He said it wasn’t about the money. But then I discovered on the public document a page that was missing from the ones the sheriff hand delivered. He’s after an excess of $500K for violating his civil rights and defaming him. I’ve spoken with an attorney, and it appears he doesn’t have a legitimate case. But I’ve still gotta deal with this, and it’s sucking my video mojo away.

Many of you thought the song reminded you of The Doors “Riders On the Storm.” Do you suppose the Doors will sue me next? Heck my little video of TreeTrunks from my beloved Adventure Time got copyright flagged by Cartoon Networks… and it was a free promotion for the adorable show by Fred Siebert. 😦

And the Geek Squad incident? Really I gotta go reread The Secret or check out the new Power Byrne book because I’m attracting some weird stuff. Or maybe I’ll go on one of those retreats and hang out in a hot hut. ”

Ice Cream Man SUES: Hubi vs. Nalty

Kevin’s Blog



What this ice cream man has done is put an American Family under pressure. More pressure, especially financial pressure is something Americans do not need.

If one is discontent with their image being taken in a public place on a public thoroughfare the polite thing to do is say, please remove my image. If you are out in public you risk having your picture or video of your actions taken. This is what happens in public places and why we call them public.

You don’t sue people over such a triviality, then lie and say it’s not about the money while declaring  $500,000 for the infraction.

In my book that’s nothing short of extortion.

The idea of such a frivolous law suit will make most American angry. When confronted by such incredulity people find themselves forced to use the law to its full extent and by any legal means possible. It is not a matter of pride it is a matter of survival.

This will not be a free ride to riches. What the law allows the law will endure.


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