BP vs US Government

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Napolitano is right, HOWEVER, he disregards the fact that BP lobbied the government to its advantage, and our corrupt politicians allowed them to do so. Industry dictates and writes the bills, they have great influence over our representatives in office.

Corporations and insurance companies in the US are both morally bankrupt. They look only at the numbers, not people.

People considered as a statistic is dangerous, it regards the human experience and condition as exiguous product . Insurance companies will weigh the risks and take the gamble if the profits outweigh the losses. They don’t care who gets hurt because the pool is so big. It is the law of supply and demand at work and the world has a surplus of people.

What is needed in the US are a number of consumer protection agencies that represent people, that without question put people before profits.

For that to happen the American People will have to rise up and make demands. It will require a massive cultural shift. The first order of business will have to be an end to fearing the US Government and Wall Street. We will have to become more like the French. For you freedom fries conservative, let me reminded you who helped to fund the U.S. Revolution.

Needless to say, I’m not very hopeful.

The psychology and statistics favor corporations and insurance companies, they have spent billions learning how to push our buttons and are very good at what they do, they have it down to a science.

Further, they control two areas that are vital to the developmental growth and cultural change required in any civilization: Communication and Transportation.

As long as they are in charge of those two entities we are indentured to their will and at their service.

It’s time to re-think where we are headed and what we want to leave behind.

Most of all, we need to develop the will to stand up and fight for a change.

Make a commitment to get involved, there are dozens of organizations begging for your friendship.

It’s relatively easy type, http:// your favorite word or cause . org

click the header look in the side bar to see a list of suggestions.

For your consideration


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