End of YouTube

Google YouTube’s Lawyer

Copyright Laws Threaten Our Online Freedom

Pirate My Film

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement



Allowance Proposal: Every citizen is allowed a certain amount of copyright infringement – a.k.a.  allowance – each year. The work must be self-published. In other words, you must support it on your own site or through advertisement you personally pay for.

If you step outside those bounds, for example, display the portions of this allowance on YouTube or another profit making site, half of any funds made will go directly to the attributed artist(s).

If an artist has passed away no profits can be made by the original artist under the allowance, however, the working artists can continue to make profits from the material, as long as s/he stays within the allocated allowance.

Credit must be given to all parts of the material. The amount of copyright allowance will be determined by a board of representatives consisting of working artists, professional artists, government officials and the business community. Once a working artist goes beyond their allocated allowance fees to the artist and if necessary, after 2 warnings, fines will be introduced and must be paid, no exceptions. All unpaid fines will jeopardize  future allowance allocations.

Once the year is over the working artist keeps the previous years allowance allocations, a new year begins. working artists can not accumulate allowance time.

Any profits made from past allocations will be split between the artists only, corporations can not claim any rewards or profits from the working or original artists with the final product

This is a broad outline, but I think it’s a good place to start.

How much of an artist’s work can be used will be determined by the board of representatives. It is suggested that the Rule of Duchamp be kept in the minds of those making these decision as a point of reference.

Let’s encourage creativity, not crush it.

I encourage you to leave your comments with any changes you’d make or any suggestions you have to deal with the problems we face concerning copyright.

Thanks for reading!


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