JPMorgan Bets On Food Stamps

Engineering Poverty
(Bloomberg has since made this video private)

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JPMorgan makes profits on Food Stamps

Food stamp programs in the US have been outsourced to a JPMorgan operation in India.

They are making a profit off poverty with working people’s money and to make matters worse they outsource jobs that could help American off of food stamps.

All these Banks see are profits, it’s greed run a muck.

more on the topic

There are three major companies that provide debit cards to food stamp recipients: JP Morgan Chase; eFunds, which is now part of Fidelity National Information Services; and Affiliated Computer Services or ACS.

J.P. Morgan is the leading provider of EBT and debit card solutions with more than 70 million benefit and payment transactions each month, across the U.S. and internationally.

Max Keiser sums up these Financial Terrorist




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