Stop Shopping!

give pause

if you can’t avoid shopping at the box stores and malls at least use up those unspent gift cards and points and remember don’t buy any more gift cards.

A few ideas…
Stop looking at tomorrow’s ads and spend this time with the kids or loved ones.
Read or watch  something Interesting
Join a Cult
Start a Blog
Write on Your Blog
Write Congress
Get Involved!

An Alternative
I believe in justice and like to be fair,  since Black Friday gets more than enough free advertising by the news media and so little for Buy Nothing Day, I’d like to add another alternative approach into the mix called, Steal Something Day. Personally, I’m more interested in supporting small local merchants and stealing does have its risks, not to mention allows tax write offs for the big box stores which we, the consuming public, eventually pay for in higher prices, however, the idea behind Steal Something Day certainly gives pause and responds to the injustices supported by large corporations.


How to make some simple, useful, creative and inexpensive stuff and Buy Local Buy American!
scarf 1 scarfs 2
everything origami
handmade paper

Send your suggestions, I’ll add them here or link to your site.

From Chris: Patchwork Shirt: buy several shirts at a thrift stores, cut them up, sew them together to make a new shirt.

From Macki: Write a haiku that sums up the person you’re giving it to, use a fancy font type or write it on 120lb water color or handmade paper. some examples

From Dave: Take the label off an Old English 800 40 oz bottle, make a new label artistically drawn and dedicate it to the person you’re giving it to.

From Greg: Pick up one or several mini bread pans or a fancy pan from a craft or kitchen store,  make a variety of sweet breads; cranberry, banana, apple,  pear, etc… wrap them up in wax paper dress them up with a ribbon and give them away as gifts.

From Angela: Give the gift of service; pet care, home cleaning, wash their car, computer services, etc…  If you clean someone’s toilet they will certainly remember that gift! Combine this with Macki’s idea.


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