Taliban trying to turn US troops into heroin addicts

Insurgents in Afghanistan are using heroin as a tactical weapon against US forces, hoping to emulate the drug problems that plagued US troops in Vietnam and Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s, says a new investigative report.

In a report at the Daily Beast, author Gerald Posner cites “an internal US intelligence report” that “concluded [insurgents] are targeting American troops in an effort to undermine their effectiveness, while raising cash to pay for new recruits and weaponry.”

The report brings up inevitable comparisons to the Vietnam War of the 1960s and 1970s and the Soviet war in Afghanistan that ended two decades ago. It also raises the possibility that the conflict in Afghanistan will spill over into the streets of America as returning troops bring their addictions home with them.

The Taliban’s Heroin Ploy

Another Doom Loop
Afghan Heroin part 1
Afghan Heroin part 2

Pot Plantations in Afghanistan
a lot of sticky
weed grows like weeds
high and fighting

Are Americans Fighting and Dying in Afghanistan for Chinese Profits?
China’s Winning Bid For Copper Rights Includes Power Plant, Railroad
China Metallurgical Group agreed to invest billions of dollars in the project and related infrastructure development — including the construction of a coal-fired electrical power plant and what would be Afghanistan’s first freight railway.

By the estimates of some geologists, deposits at Afghanistan’s Aynak copper field in Logar Province make it the world’s largest undeveloped copper field.

The deal gives China Metallurgical Group the right to extract high-quality copper from the area south of Kabul. China gains with US Military protection

Copper deposits worth $88 billion

20 Million Bribe?

why are we still there?
Voice of Reason pt1
Voice of Reason pt2


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