You’ve Got The Power

here’s a few tips
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some suggestions
switch banks – join a credit union – as the big banks raise their rate upwards to 30% on credit cards you can find some great rates at a credit union – most hover around 6% and 8%. If you’re credit isn’t so great you can find a rate around 13%. better than double that to the big banks – remember you are shelling out interest and fees right into the pockets of these crooked thieving CEOs. Why not pay yourself instead? There are no CEOs and wasteful connected crooked board members to deal with at a credit union – the people who work at these institutions are part owners, when you join you also become part owner. Everyone is watching out for each other. You also gain at the end of the year – instead of bonuses going to people who use hard sell tactic to unsuspecting and naive consumers you gain honest money because everyone is watching each other. You split the profits and share the wealth. You can also attend the open meetings where decision are made and you get to have your say, speak up or get educated on finance. No one is out to stomp on anyone to get ahead at a credit union. It’s a civilized business, but you have to take the first step. You Got The Power!

Stop buying products Made in China. Yes, it’s tough, we’ve lost so many of our jobs to China, there are so many of their products you think they owned the stores we shop in, but make an effort, try and find products made in America or at least in a democratic nation, not a communist nation that treats it’s people like chattel, your purchase encourages only bad behavior in their government. I found socks today actually made in the USA the cost compared to the one’s made in China .49 more and they were better made. Worth it! You Got The Power!

Stop shopping at box stores, I know this is tough, but if you have no choice ask to speak to the manager, then ask him or her where they keep the product made in the USA. If they hear those words enough they will make their way up the food chain. Remember business wants to sell to the demand not leave stock sitting on the floor. You Have The Power!

Also, try resale shops, even ebay, support each other. It takes a little more effort to do, but we have to start somewhere, we have to dig or build our way out of this mess together. The little things add up – ask any person of wealth how they got or stay wealthy.

Support the local grocer and co-op. It costs a bit more, but give it a go, bring it into your consciousness when making a list or thinking about dinner. Start by trying to waste less food. Hook up with friends by having a pot luck instead of eating out several times during the week, then take what you saved and give it to a food bank, or add it to you credit union savings account, even if it’s only a few dollars. You’ve Got The Power!

If you choose to donate most churches will provide you with an envelop where you can write on the front, For Food Bank Only. Did you know that many Catholic Parishes in urban areas have come together and offer breakfast, lunch and dinner for the homeless?

If you have any more saving or sharing tips to help dig us out and unite US citizens against the crooks and corruption please leave them in the comments. Let’s spread these things around.

more tips
Catherine Austin 2
stop watching MSM
move corruptions out of your life
know there is no privacy, be careful who you share your details with
do not break the law
simplify your life

Get Smart
ask what’s really going on
pull family closer, organize
network with like minds
read history
build equity including; healthy and knowledge
buy commodities – think long term and sound investments

How they did it and what they are doing to you
How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

foreclosure frets?
walk away, but keep the credit card alive

By God It’s Utter Fraud!


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    Nice article. Thanks for share.

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    Your blog is awesome! I found it on Yahoo and couldnt resist reading it. You have some good tips here. Thanks for posting!

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