Say No To The Banks

I am profoundly pessimistic about the US recovery and here’s why.  At this late date, and looking at all those who surround Obama; the very same people who surrounded Bush and Clinton btw, we are being sucked dry by a massive parasite.

Not only does this parasite deprive the host, us, from nourishment, but in order to survive the parasite takes over the host’s brain, ours, to make the host think the parasite is important to the host’s, our, survival. Even to the detriment of the host itself, us.

I know, sounds like something out of Star Trek or Red Dwarf, I know

In order to get rid of the parasite we will have to undergo a painful procedure, the hard work of organizing and stocking the operating room. The only tools that will work to rid us of this parasite are our feet, a pitch forks, some rope and constant vigilance. However, there is only a small window of opportunity and it’s closing fast.

Sure, we can keep this parasite under control for a little while with a short term relief made of some fancy words, but keep in mind that this possible cure is also being distributed by the parasite. Maybe the cure has good intentions, but maybe it has been convinced like the host.

Regardless,  if we wait much longer the parasite will destroy the host, us, and from the looks of these big wide, open and empty streets it might be time to get used to the charms of the local peasantry and put on your feudalism.

This is what the banks are trying to do in the US


more info
Why Iceland and Latvia Won’t (and Can’t) Pay the EU for the Kleptocrats’ Ripoffs
By Prof. Michael Hudson – Krugmen pails in comparison to this man

2008 interview THEFT!

More on Latvia



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