Make Up Your Mind!


a little history:

muslims hate commies, but some did help the nazis, and nazis hate the muslims and the commies and the pacifist. the commies hate the nazis and the muslims and they don’t know what a pacifist is. the pacifist sorta like the commie, but commies don’t believe everything has spirit so pacifist only like the sharing part of the commies and pacifists don’t like the nazi’s, cause a lot of pacifist are jews, pacifist like the muslims but not the ones who blow things up, as i said, the muslims hate the commies and most don’t remember the nazis unless you bring up the jews and muslims are completely confused by pacifist, but all in all there is good, bad and mislead among all ideologies, so to the loonie-toon republicans, please make up your mind.

I think that covers it



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23 responses to “Make Up Your Mind!

  1. Josh

    I think it’s safe to say that Obama is definitely not a pacifist. The escalation of war in Afghanistan and the use of 250,000 mercenaries in the middle east makes this point clearly.

    Nor is he a communist. He does not support outright control of the entire private economy by the government.

    Obama is also not a Nazi. He is not a member of the National Socialist Party, nor does he have any known hatred toward Jews.

    Obama is also not a muslim. Although he may have had muslim ancestors, Islam is a religion, not a a race. And at least ostensibly, Obama claims to be a Christian…. Most politicians make this claim.

    Although I’m not a republican, I am probably what you consider a loonie-toon considering that I deny any right of government to use force to confiscate wealth, time, or the actual lives of the people who happen to live within its Mafioso territory.

    Like Bush, and most of those before him, Obama is a fascist. He is an enabler of the iron triangles which have formed around several of the country’s largest industries. He enables the warfare state by financing the escalation of military spending – even after running a campaign based upon the end of the Iraqi war. He has shown Wall Street massive returns on their campaign donation investments by bailing out the most sickly and entrenched barons of money and banking. He has appointed several of the most nefarious individuals to high places in the treasury and the Fed to assure the continuation of the fascistic nature of our corporatist environment.

    To be short, the US has become one giant corporation, and since Abraham Lincoln, all of our presidents have been marching down the road to fascism with a wide smiles and pockets full of bribes.
    If you still trust the American system or the hopeful faces of whatever salesmen they happen to foist in front of you as salvation, you must be in a fucking coma…. not to worry though America, sometimes people do wake up.

    • Hard to disagree with most of your complaints, but the last part is the real heart of the matter, it’s our country and as a collective, as citizens we have been poor stewards of the land and electing our government.

      There are reasons for that and it starts with indoor plumbing.

  2. j beez


  3. johnnymags

    OK Josh I was with you up until you used the “F” word. Mussolini would beg to differ ( from the grave.) You might as well call all of them Fascists going back to Nixon because they each had carryover issues in their administration, and by your lack of citeable evidence – they all must fit the mold. Yes, I agree that enabling corporations to have “citizen” status has been our undoing- look at the mess they’ve made in the past 10-15 years. Is that fascism or Corporatism, I think you might be confusing the two.

    There is a point where Govt oversteps it’s bounds and, had Bush known about checks and balances ( instead of just tax rebate checks) it might be a different story. Anyone trying to gin up armed insurrection on false pretenses can be executed for treason, just remember that. The founding fathers were smart enough to realize that mob rule is not Democracy, and giving the minute few total power is dangerous as well. I urge people to re-read the Federalist papers ( a reasoning for a Federal “umbrella”)

    • some good points, but after you memorize the Federalist Papers can I direct you to reading the history of Rome?

      • johnnymags

        actually, it is interesting if you look at the differences between Western Romae and Constantinople you could perhaps parallel it to our current social topography, in some ways.

        And yes, ironic in that our Capitalist society, capitalism has overtaken government insomuch as it has become the dominant weed in the garden. Special Interests, APCS, Lobbyists circle the Beltway like vultures with checkbook in hand ready to curry favor with whatever power. We disenfranchised middle class, who yet aspire to rise higher still yet are flumoxed by larger interests who get special breaks, incentives based upon empty promises and potential trickle-down( read the Walmartization of America ) can’t help but wonder every time we go to the polls whether it means a damn or not. The only thing we can do is act locally, think nationally. I am constantly emailling, calling my Congress people about issues that are important to me.

        As far as a Third Party goes- Im all for it. The only problem is that it needs to be as strong as the other two, or it just becomes a spoiler party. The candidate needs to also have a ton of money at their disposal, which leads back into the circular trap of being either a billionaire, or beholden to special interests. So what needs to be done is campaign finance reform. Cap donations from Med-Large Corporations to 10k- or allow private donations from the employees and not the corporate body. Other countries have fair elections with more than two parties, why can’t we?

  4. Ed

    Ha ha ha! This is awesome! I am so sick of “conservatives” and “republicans” misusing these terms. Even my 8 year old nephew knows how to use a dictionary and Wiki.

    But the thing that is evidenced by Josh’s post is that these people lack the most basic understanding of how the democratic process works in the United States.

    Take the money out of politics. Outlaw all corporate and business sector donations. Level the playing field and give the elderly widower in Deruyder, NY the same power to lobby on the issues that are important to her as the banks and the insurance companies.

    When the Supreme Court said that campaign contributions are equal to free speech, the part they ignored is that the more money you have, the more speech you get. “F-ing coma”? Try learning how your government actually works before you go trying to fix it. When you tinker around with things and you don’t know how they work, it just makes the situation worse.

    All of the power in this nation lies in the hands of the people, but the people have given it all away. There’s nothing going on in the US government that “We the people” lack the ability to stop. Most people just don’t care, or they were asleep in their government classes.

    • again, it all started with indoor plumbing.

      man was finally able to sit back in his most venerable state and take a shite without worry or fear for the first time in his existence…

      …and it was good and he loved it so much he called it his convenience. “I’m off for a convenience dear!” he would shout to his wif, but she paid him no mind and followed him there, then scolded him for the odor he expelled while she discussed the evening menu.

      On occasion, he would visit his convenience when she was at the market and there he would dream of an exclusive room for his convenience, with a door, a lock and a small window that no one could see through and he was inspired and built an exclusive room for his convenience.

      He noticed that when he went to this exclusive room those who demanded his immediate attention would wait until he stepped away from his convenience. He quickly used this to his advantage.

      Alas, there were times he found himself bored and lonely in his convenience room so he decided to develop and build a rack and there he filled it with books and in our modern age, magazines. Knowledge began to fill his mind in this room, it was indeed magical.

      He discovered that some of his best ideas came from visiting the convenience room. He also pondered his trials and tribulation, his planes and his future and he grew wealthy because of it, but he never forgot his convenience and when he made his mark in the world he declared and dubbed it his throne.

      Man will never part with his throne of convenience, not for any length of time, that is why he goes into the woods every cold and frosty November to hunt so that he can once again shite in the bushes and remember in appreciation and gratitude his convenience, his throne.

      With the help of government subsidies, regulations and laws every American in the United States, regardless of income, must be given a convenience.

      This is progress.
      It is the only place a man is truly free.

      Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, try and take away a man’s convenience and you’ll spark a revolution.

  5. Josh

    Well I’m glad to see there are a few more comments, and with them, the opportunity for more discussion.

    First of all, I apologize for offending anyone with the F word. My profanity was insensitive.

    Johnnymag.. what particular part of my comment would mussolini contest? Ed, although I”m not surprised at your attempt to pigeonhole me as a republican or conservative, I will be more than willing to listen to your explanation of exactly how my comment led you to believe that I “don’t understand the democratic process”. For clarification, I consider myself an anarchist.

    Perhaps my use of the word fascism was unclear. Corporatism is a significant part of any fascist system. As an economist I am especially intrigued by this specific aspect of fascism, and although I do believe that several other aspects of a fascist system (i.e. an authoritarian nationalist poltical ideology, a warfare state, racial prejudices, etc) are all present to a certain degree in our country, I do not really want to take the time to write an essay.

    From Wikipedia: In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a “Third Way” in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism.

    Sound familiar? This is the most obvious fascistic element of our country. Trying to find that mythical happy medium between communism and laisseiz faire we have ended up creating a system by which elites in the business world manipulate the political process with lobbyists and bribes with an end goal of creating government protected monopolies or oligopolies. Examples include the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, the banking cartel, etc….

    Regardless, johnnymag, I truly apologize for the foul language, and I concede that corporatist would be a better word. I would also suggest, that although Nixon is an important benchmark in our history (moving to a completely fiat currency which enables further corporatism), the corporatist go much further back, starting with Lincoln. This is another essay in and of itself, however, following Lincoln’s war of Northern Aggression (which had nothing to do with slavery – see Douglas-Lincoln debates if you don’t believe me), the country has developed into a cess pool of crony capitalism.

    Additionally, I like the point you make about the nature of a corporation johnnymag. I always find it interesting to hear individuals bemoaning the greedy corporations and blaming the free market for causing this mess. Rarely do they talk about the fact that a “corporation” is a government created legal entity – not a product of laissez faire.

    Ed, your suggestion that you can simply remove money from politics is just plain naive. Money is power is politics. This is obviously something I can’t convince you of, but I think this statement by Lord Acton says it best: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I do understand how our government works… to a degree, and contrary to your assumption Ed, I am not trying to fix it. I am willfully removing myself from it’s authority. And to respond to johnnymag’s insinuations about potentially committing treason… I do not advocate violence in any situation. I am a pacifist, and that’s why I do not support any war, any type of coercive taxation, or any type of forced participation in any government or private program.

    Ed. your naked assertion at the end of your comment is bewildering… “the power lies in the hands of the people, but the people have given it away.” ??

    Of course people have the power… Governments, companies, corporations, are all made up of people. There is no “we the people”. There are 6.5 billion individuals each with unique desires, demands, needs, and abilities. Each individual can measure his own needs and resources best. What I believe the world needs is empowerment of individuals, not collectives. First and foremost I am a human being. The fact that I was born on real estate that was conquered by people who called themselves American is irrelevant to how I will lead my life and interact with the individuals I encounter.

    • here’s the rub, you are surrounded by people, to quote John Donne, “No man is an island…” people are bound to get in your way, you are not alone.

      How best then through progress, science, technology and even psychology to cover the basic needs of the people so all can excel into the future.

      The question we are living in is, will it be through:
      1. war or revolution?

      2. boot straps or everyman for himself?

      3. good old common sense or to quote the Bible, Acts 4:32-35, “…and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” and Karl Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”?

  6. interesting discussion –

    What Obama has done was nullify the anti-war left
    and shielded Bush/Cheney against war crimes.

    but the real problem doesn’t lie with Obama it lies with the American People, the majority who are either mentally unstable or just too damn lazy to get out and organize.

    The worst part is on both sides we have no real leaders.

    The republicans and democrats, or maybe it’s the greater money powers, vilify anyone who stands up against their sins – Ron Paul on the right Ralph Nader on the left.

    We are quickly heading towards an everyman for himself scenario – the US may just be too big to fail and perhaps should

  7. johnnymags

    I was listening to a local radio morning crew when Obama got elected, and they made a funny point- ” So Obama gets in the White House and is being given the tour, and then they say “Mr. President, we have to show you something come with us. So they take him down to the basement and show him the “museum”- Jimmy Hoffa’s body, the gun from the Grassy Gnoll, the real UFO’s from A 51 etc. and then they say to him- Welcome to the Club”, now here’s teh secret handshake, and please sign theis Non-Disclosure State Secrecy agreement”. Funny, but probably not too far from the truth.

  8. johnnymags

    and btw the whole Hitler thing offends me greatly. People who sling this kind of rhetoric have no idea what kind of ridiculous hyperbole they are engendering and tacitly condoning. Had they known anyone with a tattoo on their arm, or knew people who lived under teh occupation they would think very differently and be aware that to this day it still evokes horrors.

    / gets off soapbox.

  9. Sofia

    This is another essay in and of itself, however, following Lincoln’s war of Northern Aggression (which had nothing to do with slavery – see Douglas-Lincoln debates if you don’t believe me), the country has developed into a cess pool of crony capitalism…Thanks Nice Post ..johs

    • johnnymags

      “Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression”

      tens of millions of African Americans would disagree.

      Had the South Succeeded in their seccesion, I think they would have ended up a nafta-ised Mexico II. The PLantation agrarian mentality would have ended in entropic failure.
      Industrial America was north of the MD line for quite a while, for a reason. But that’s just my hypothesis/speculation.

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