The Basics

Americans really need to get it together and stop hating each other.

The media doesn’t help by focusing on the far reaching fringe.

We need a People’s Network by charging commercial enterprise rent for the use of the public’s air waves and wires.

Corporations need to start working for the people.

We need to put an end to Corporate Personhood.

Patriotic duty isn’t just about guns and stock holder dividends.

It’s also about basic human needs:
health care
affordable housing
healthy clean food, air and water
living wage jobs

This is what a civilized society must have to function. This is our legacy, what we will leave to the future, to our children.

– Canada, The European Union, Australia and Israel understand this-

natural ambition and curiosity will supply the rest.

If a country’s people are always living or raised in survival mode regardless, of what they have or earn, they will succumb to acts of animal behavior.
Survival of the fittest, Lord of the flies.
Is this what we want as a nation, what our children inherit?

There are no excuses for the richest nation in the world not to take better care of their citizens. We are the model for the world. Supplying basic human necessities isn’t that hard. It’s only a matter of political desire and will.

We as a people can have anything we want, look at all this nation has created and given to the world, we must show our elected leaders we want the basics needs as rights, what all human beings require to function well in order to create, produce and progress.

Unbridled greed is a predator, in a nation that has defeated and over come many tyrants we can defeat this marauding vulture.


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