The Banks

bankerrorxObama to name Bernanke to 2nd term as Fed chief

The banks are happy

We should have seen the irony coming – Bernanke an expert on the great depression has help to caused another great depression. The past  seems to follow him like a dark cloud.

Best thing to do is stop doing business with banks. Switch over to a credit union, but if you can’t then use cash instead of credit – banks charge stores (3%) when you use your credit card and that’s reflected in the price of goods.  Stare asking stores to offer a lower price on items if you pay for them with cash.

If you’re really stuck and have to use the banks use as many free services as you can.

Since Congress is bought and sold by the banks and are doing little to nothing  to curb their greed do what you can and spread the following 5  ideas:

1. use cash not credit

2. start asking for cash discounts at stores

3. join a credit union

4. buy local money (with cash) where available

5. use free bank service not paid ones

spread some or all

Then sit back and wait to  see if the dollar  collapses.
In the mean time we can cut into their profits.



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One response to “The Banks

  1. Heck might as well. The damage is already done, what else could happen? I mean it’s not like he moved to slowly too head off a progressively worsening crisis or anything…right?

    May I have more please?

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