US Senate GOP Want 80 Votes

To pass Health Care

The Senate GOP wants 80 Votes to pass a Reform Bill

It should be 51
60 with a filibusterer
now they want 80 votes

What is WRONG with these Democrats?

If Obama and the Democrats allow this there will be riots in the streets



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4 responses to “US Senate GOP Want 80 Votes

  1. The whole episode is a red herring. There is no way that the Senate Republicans can impose an 80 vote criteria to pass legislation and Rachel Maddow knows it. This is a blatant attempt to demonize the Republicans and Blue Dog Dems for not falling into lockstep on healthcare reform. I’ll say it again, those groups are powerless to stop a supermajority vote from passing the bill.

    And by the way.

    I believe that the real filibuster should be returned to the rules of the Senate. Right now the mere threat of a “Filibuster” is enough to tank any legislation. In 1975 the Senate instituted rule 22 which allows for the super-majority to be used as a STANDARD. This is wrong. Before 1975 a single Senator or a group of senators used the filibuster to monopolize the floor in an attempt to physically block the majority from bringing a vote. It was a last ditch tactic. They could succeed as long as they could camp out and keep talking. Senators would stand in the well of the Senate and read Shakespeare or The Bible or whatever they wanted to read. They would speechify or rant and rave or talk in shifts.


    This crap of the ‘Mere’ threat is exactly that! Crap! So there’s a threat! Bring it to a vote! That stopped the last congress from even attempting any legislation. At ALL! And then they sat back and complained about how the RE-pub-licans won’t let them vote because they MIGHT filibuster! Vote damn it! Of all the things that I have seen in politics in the last 10 years this gutless whiny spineless rolling over and then blaming it on the other guy PISSES me off the most. We sent you there to work. Not whine!

    Now the Dems have 60 votes! A super-majority! The Republicans can do nothing more than stare! So what does MSNBC do? They try to empower them beyond any reason. Bullcrap!

  2. Oh and another thing. Since the Dems have the super-majority they are also able to overturn rule 22 if they so pleased.

    Gutless jerks.

    • Gutless jerk I believe translates to politician

      I’m all for the Filibuster so bring it on, I want to see them wrinkled their $1000 suits – let them do it for a couple of months, I’ll wait. Have them earn a little of what we pay them.

      In regards to Maddow and the GOP 80 Votes- why on earth were these high ranking Republicans stupid enough to bring something like this up in the first place? Hatch for God’s sake!

      Maddow has her leanings and this was a nice illustration of the ridiculous, but you have to admit if they did and the democrats rolled over that would be something.
      This story was almost as much folly as bringing a gun to a presidential town hall meeting 😉

  3. Yeah, the idiots that are doing that have to know that they are in the crosshairs of some pretty accurate snipers. Dude! You have the right. But do you have the good sense?

    The Republicans are doing the only thing that they can at this point. They lost their credibility with the last administration. Their game is “.. we should really, really, really, really want to do this”. Rather than “..really, really”. 😉

    And it’s all lip service..

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