To All Republicans and Conservatives

Organizing for America’s National Health Care Forum


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Obama is finally sounding a little more like he did on the campaign trail.

In this forum Obama made it as clear as possible what he wants in regards to Health Care and he negated the lies that have been expressed by the opposition.

Obama in this particular forum is a bit  repetitive, however,  Americans seem to need that.

but we’ll see... still being very cautious

If the Republicans in the Senate want to force an 80 member majority vote I say to them, just try it. I dare you.

I encourage all thinking people to read the text and use it to dispel the lies being put forth by agents of the Private Insurance Industry and the bought and sold members of Congress by the Industry Lobbyists; last count six for every member on the hill

If need be present the facts in the President’s own words and once you have dismissed all the myths be very firm and as politely as you can tell these people to STFU.

pssssst.. least we forget



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2 responses to “To All Republicans and Conservatives

  1. The facts as I see ’em — there’s no WAY we’ll be able to pay for all this… Government involvement in yet another aspect of my life can’t possibly be good… Sure, they SAY we can keep pvt insurance, but if there’s a public option, what incentive is there for businesses to keep insuring their employees at whatever cost, especially when they’ll have to re-allocate those monies to paying taxes… And come on — he’s a politician… from CHICAGO… Ya think this is all being done “for us?”

    To get to the root of any decision made in Washington, one must always ask, “Who benefits?” Probably not you and me:

    • so many good points Slater, which is why I added “still being very cautious”

      It’s a toss up for me, we’re already bankrupt thanks to the big banks, the Feds and Wall St.

      I am suspicious of the ties Obama and Democrats have to big pharam and the Insurance Industry.

      But we’re stuck because as citizens we haven’t done enough. We could start just by looking at this last election with the presidential debates and the lack of campaign finance reform, heck even the lies that led to the War in Iraq we could have done more to prevent that mess.

      We’ve helped to make this bed or at least stood idle as it was made for us.

      We’re a divided nation and that won’t be fixed overnight, thanks in large part to the media and as I said in the article “To Cowardly Democrats and Wrongheaded Republicans” on this blog the public option is a small way, but the only way we will get back what the Big Banks have stolen.

      Essentially,until we come together as Americans and demand justice for the thievery and larceny on Wall street still going on we’re pretty much grabbing at what we can get.

      In regards to your link it’s not just Obama, have you looked at the money the members of the GOP have received from the Insurance Industry and the grass roots organizations they have set up?

      We’re screwed coming and going and we have a lot of work to do. The only question is when do we start?

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