Democrats Put On Notice

It’s feet to the fire time for Democrats.

Pass a Single Payer Public Option and you have the White House and Congress for at least the next three terms.

Pass nothing or bits and pieces to please the Insurance Industry and expect to lose in 2010 and 2012.

If the latter, a majority of the people who mobilized in 2008 will either stay home or work for a third party.

I went to the Obama House Parties before and after and to the resent Health Care Meetings, the people at these meetings, across all economic classes, want a Pubic Option.

They don’t want any more confusion and lies from the Private Health Industry or their Government.

They want it simple and they want it now.

There were some very vocal people at the last few meetings and a lot of head shaking in agreement from familiar faces who gave a lot of time to the 2008 campaign.

These were the pavement pounders, the people who mobilize others to come out and vote and gathered the volunteers. If the Democrats do not pass a pubic options these people will stay home next time.

They want this for themselves and their children and they are willing to send a message if they don’t get what they feel was promised.

So crunch the numbers away Democrats, you woke and registered a sleeping giant and you connected them not only by community, city and state, but nation wide, now these folks feel empowered and will hold you to your words.

The first weapon of choice will be to mobilize a boycott during your campaign.


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One response to “Democrats Put On Notice

  1. I agree with you.

    This whole drama is a classic example of a grassroots groundswell that ends up disillusioning its followers. It seems that about once a generation there is a movement to change the status quo in Washington. 1968 was the Anti-War Movement, 1980 the First Conservative Backlash against the nanny state, 1992 Conservative Backlash Redux and now 2009 “Change”. The timing is off because of that distasteful stolen election.

    People who are most likely not to care enough to vote for a new dog catcher are swept up in the message of change. People who feel alienated and that their vote means nothing are inspired to join the march. Only to be stymied by the only “real” truth. Your congressperson has to start re-running for office as soon as he or she raises their hands to take the oath.

    And heck! Now they get a pension and a really great healthcare package! And money? All they have to do is vote this way on that bill and that way on this bill!?!? Ppffff! What could be easier?

    I miss the do nothing stalemated congresses of the 80’s and 90’s! At least with them I had a known quantity.

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