The U.S. Is Having A Nervous Breakdown


Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result” – Albert Einstein (att)

It’s insanity, an endless war, torture, double digit job loss, homelessness, record incarcerations, food shortages at pantries, request for food-stamps at record highs, crime rising, people fearing for their health and quality of life , education languishing, infrastructure deteriorating, laws safeguarding our water and air diminishing, roads and bridges in decay,  while the Wall Street Robber Barons suck what is left of our savings dry.

The country is having a nervous breakdown and what encircles this disorder, this growing malady are vultures scavenging and pecking at its vulnerabilities – a neurotic nervousness engulfs many Americans as they fall further and further into isolation, unaware how to speak and greet a stranger or even a neighbor; if they even know who their neighbors are.  To boost their self-esteem, lack of creativity and imagination many now require a plethora of medications; the new self-mixture, a fashionable cocktail, in order to cope or express the simplest of pleasantries and cordiality – these are just a few of the wasting and tattered signs of a mounting uncivilized, barbaric and criminal nation.

Amidst all this neurosis we are loosing justice, tossing the rule of law out the window and what is always bound to follow justice is mercy.

Next to the Civil War, we are fast approaching a very low point in US history, we, not unlike Abraham Lincoln have come face to face with a grave financial dilemma, only Lincoln refused the banks and created the Greenback, unlike us, we are looking head on at a financial coup.

How did we get here?
Actually, quite simply, we’ve lost the most important thing any great nation could acquire, trust. Trust from other nations, but most importantly the trust we have towards and in each other. This is why our streets remain empty of protest and the cries of justice for those treated unjustly fall on deaf ears and in those not too distant cries for inequities we experience now only whispers, the real battle coming from both sides of the current political spectrum has taken place in the land of the Birthers, where Conservatives and their coffers steal away into the shadows, where the every transparent Commander-in-chief remains stoically silent, and the Americans People go to crack up, publicly and on-line.

In our peregrination to the bottom we are embracing the phase I  like to call,  ‘As long as it’s not me.’ It’s a selfish and unyielding path and serves as a clear marker of where we are as a society and where we are headed. As self-esteem falls further to the weigh-side expect less understanding, curiosity, talent and more random acts of bullying by complete and utter strangers.

Obama promised hope and change, looking at the people who surround him, I just don’t see it.



As the singer and  songwriter Bob Dylan once said, “Good Luck”

Update: I took a little time today; cleaned the closet, pantry and did the dishes for a neighbor. Now I’m off to take what I found in my cleaning over to the shelter. I’m going to try and incorporate at least one good and intentioned act every day for the month of August (announcement here) I want to see if I can develop a brand new habit of real life community building. Will report on these results as they occur.

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3 responses to “The U.S. Is Having A Nervous Breakdown

  1. No more shopping, what will people do?!

    You’re right, we’re all cracking up!

    Very nice post 🙂
    Great blog!

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