Our Heath-Care System Is Just Fine As Is!

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Jonathan Alter – What’s Not to Like?

sickpeopleI’m with Alter!

Why should I or anyone else workin’ hard have to pay for sick people?

Why when you get sick should insurance companies have to pay for your care?

That’s exactly what your savings and house are for, to pay medical bills in case you ever get sick.

It’s not the insurances companies’ fault you got sick.

The reason you shell out so much every month is for piece of mind.

You really can’t buy enough of that especially, these days. Imagine if you had to think about getting sick all the time – insurance is freaking priceless!

I’m not heartless tho, take my new neighbor living in the basement – her husband died of some kind of cancer, guess it was his time to go. Anyways he worked 30 years in a can factory under what she said were “unusual circumstances,” some kind of toxic poisonous filler or plastic whatever, she’s old.

Anyways right…  so right after he got sick and the company moved to China he lost his insurance and they “cheated” him out of his pension and health care. Feh, like a company in the US owes you or somethin’!?

Anyways, when he got sick they cashed in all their savings and sold the house to pay the medical bills like they were supposed to.

So like I was sayin’, she gives me coupons and I pick up the seven cans of cat food when I go to the store and I don’t even charge her for gas.



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2 responses to “Our Heath-Care System Is Just Fine As Is!

  1. I’m so happy I live in a Country that still takes care of it’s sick and elderly. A society based on greed, and selfishness is a fucking disaster of a society.
    I give it one comment before you start telling me how dreadful our NHS (despite the fact that you ask any Brit, and they’ll tell you that the NHS is a national treasure).

    • you have to read the article I’m responding to – and you have to understand whatJohnathan Alter is actually saying. It’s a humours piece on how ridiculous health care is ion the US. If you read the rest of my blog you’ll see I’m all for NHS

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