Not Everything Has to Make a Profit

“If conservatives get to call universal health care ‘socialized medicine,’ I get to call private health care ‘soulless vampires making money off human pain.” Bill Maher

healthcareusWashington D.C. hates the American People – they line their pockets, steal to create wars and give our hard earned savings to wealthy banks. They rush bills through to spy on us and laugh as they jump on every opportunity to take away more of the rights our predecessors fought and died for.

The banking crisis was considered a dire emergency by Congress and banker were bailed out in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Americans losing jobs, health and home, reconciled to living in tent cities have been treated as a mere passing phase.

To add insult to injury they kicked the most vulnerable of our citizens down while allowing banks, the very people who created the financial crisis to shell out$750 Billion+ in bonuses, and reap benefits on foreclosures. This is not only immoral this is criminal, larceny, grand theft!

They see us all as chattel only to produce riches in order to amass more power. They regard us not as public servants to the will of the people, but as their slaves.

They utter glorious words such as, Human Dignity, Human Rights and Christian Values, words used only as tools, psychological weapons to corral our trust, give us pause, regard better angels, hope, and to level uprisings.

Now they want to hand all matters of life and death to for profit Insurance Companies whose sole purpose is to maximize income, not provide health.

The only thing missing in this scenario are the factories that produce Soylent Green. Conspirators may say smirkingly, “Why do you think they incorporated the word “Green” into our modern lexicon?” A poor reflection on human dignity.

Questions Unanswered
If Universal Health Care is so terrible why do Republican and Blue Dogs subject our Veterans and Elderly to such a system?

Do they hate or think less of our Vets and their Grandparents?

If Government Health Care is so awful why does Congress use a Government System of Health Care that is said to be the best in the world, the best the Tax Payer’s money can buy?

Let’s be honest, the American People want reform, reform of Private Health Care if not its elimination.

Private Insurance has bled us dry.

Private Health Care is the failed system, it is a structure based on benefiting itself while destroying the host. That friends,  is the description of a parasite.

A citizen’s health should never be bargained for.

It was in the spirit and advancements of medicine that health care would not be just for the few, but that all would benefit from the discoveries made which have always been funded though tax payer dollars.

What Congress and Insurance Companies have made clear to the American People for well over fifty years, and being felt more now during this human crisis, is that some people are more equal than others.

This must stop and the opportunity to change this particular mind-set has been placed at the feet of a man who has read the history books and experienced what equality means, along with a Congress that revels in the glory days, wearing proudly the patch while patting them selves on the back of civil rights.

Not just for the few, but for All the People.

This Bill delay for Health Care reform is nothing, but a move by politicians who receive monetary rewards from Insurance Lobbyists.

Republicans and Blue Dogs Democrats are pawns working to get the best deal for their true employer, the Insurance Companies.

It’s foolhardy to think they work for the American People – who, by the way, pay them a generous salary and benefits amounting to over $250,000 a year.

How can anyone, even the American People compete with the perks and millions doled out by Insurance Lobbyists?

Republicans and Blue Dogs are playing the system. With the power to manipulate the laws morality, trustworthiness and statesmanship are only a means to satisfy the hunger of the demon that really lives in their hearts, greed.

We know that the simplest solution is always the best – Single Payer Non-For-Profit Health Care is that Solution.


The Health Care Cartel

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