Obama – In The Pockets Of Big Corporate Insurance

Let’s Start With His Own Doctor

Dr. David Scheiner

14,000 Americans are losing their Health Care Every Day.

50 million are without, 90 million are under insured and more are one pre-existing condition away from losing everything.

As President Obama panders to the Centrist Democrats and Republicans the American People are subjected to being dehumanized, humiliated and impoverish.

Prison inmates fair better when it comes to Health Care in the US.

Every Centrist Democrat and Republican, by the grace of the American Tax Payer, have the best Health Care in the world. Meanwhile, millions go without so Members of Congress and their families can feel safe and secure in their well being.

Each month the American Tax Payer is charged $1000 per member for Heath Care, even if they decide not to run or are voted out of office after 6 years of service they still receive their Tax Payer Health Care for life, this is more than any average American could ever hope for.

But it’s no wonder these politicians don’t understand the plight of the American People in this regards, they have no idea what it is like to lose or be without that health safety net. They have theirs and the system is set up so We The People can not take this privilege away from them without some long and arduous legal process or by revolution. We are forced to pay for their care or face the courts, bankruptcy and prison if we refuse to pay the taxes that supports their lavish benefits.

They have become essentially Lords of the manner and we mere peasants.

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe.

This year 18,000 of us will die for lack of heath care – do you feel lucky enough that you, a loved one or a neighbor will not be in that statistic?

Do you feel confident that you will be able to afford your care if you lose your job?

Are you certain that if you need care your insurance company won’t find something in the fine print that excludes treatment or if you are lucky enough to use it once then be assured they won’t view you as a high risk and cancel your policy?

Do you feel safe enough that with the lack of health care for so many diseases won’t spread faster because people who are not covered have no mean to pay for care or cure and will not seek medical attention?

Are the Free Market Profits of the Insurance Companies worth your life or suffering?

Health Care today should be a human right. Those who came before us would wonder if we are all lunatics for denying citizens this vital necessity. It was the lack of health care that ended many of our predecessor’s lives prematurely. Why haven’t we progressed?

This current Health Care debate has gone on for over 50 years, it is time we implement Universal Health Care for All American Citizens. Regardless of circumstance and age it is what every parent wants for their children.

President Obama has met with the big insurance companies 27 times he has not met once with Single Payer Universal Health Care Advocates and neither has Congress. What else are we to believe other than President Obama and Congress are in the pockets of Big Corporate Insurance.

There Was A Time…


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